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  • She-Hulk And Daredevil Team Up Comic Recommendation
    SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 8 OF DAREDEVIL, SAVE THIS POST AND COME BACK AFTER YOU HAVE WATCHED EPISODE 8, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! We saw Matt Murdock the really good lawyer in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but in She-Hulk, we see the return of his superhero side, Daredevil, the Devil Of Hell’s Kitchen himself! And, surprising […]
  • She-Hulk’s Most Famous Flings
    SPOILERS FOR SHE-HULK EPISODE 7 BELOW, IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED EPISODE 7 SAVE THIS POST AND COME BACK LATER! Episode 7 proved several fans right, and disappointed a lot of others – Jen’s new crush, Josh, is working with Intelligencia and never actually liked Jen at all – he was using her romantic attraction […]
  • 28th September Marvel Comic Releases
    It’s Sunday, and it’s also national comic book day today, so it’s time to get into what’s coming on this week’s new comic book day! Single Issues: THE FIRST OF THREE STORY-ESSENTIAL JUDGMENT DAY ONE-SHOTS!Tony Stark has spent his life building suits to protect him. Now he has to enter a suit of armor that […]

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