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  • Who Is Marvel’s The Spot?
    The Spot has made his debut in Across The Spider-Verse (no spoilers here!), but who is he, what happened to him, and is he a villain of the week, or something more? I’m covering all those questions and more in this guide! Who Is The Spot And How Did He Get His Powers? The Spot […]
  • Spider-Verse Team Up Recommendations
    I’ve covered a lot of Spider-Verse characters this week, but it’s all (mostly) been their solo adventures, I haven’t covered their team ups with each other. This post is going to fix that, by giving you some great recommendations for Spider-Verse team up comics, to celebrate the release of Across The Spider-Verse! Spider-Geddon SPIDER-VERSE united […]
  • Ben Reilly (Scarlet Spider) Character Profile
    Name: Ben Reilly Superhero Name: Scarlet Spider/Spider-Man/Chasm Created By: Gerry Conway Played By: Andy Samberg (voice only) Powers: The exact same powers as Peter Parker. Mini Bio: Ben Reilly was cloned from Peter Parker’s DNA by a villain named the Jackal, and was made specifically to torment Peter. The two fought, each believing themselves to be the real Peter Parker, which […]

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