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  • 25th November Marvel Comic Releases
    Another week, another new comic book day! This week is a little thin on single issues, but there’s plenty of bind ups to go around! Single Issues Power Pack is back! Katie, Julie, Jack and Alex Power have been super-heroing since they were learning to tie their own shoes. It’s been ages since they fought […]
  • A Guide To Skottie Young Marvel Comics
    If you’ve been reading comics for a while, then the chances are, you’ve probably hurt of Skottie Young. He’s mainly known as an illustrator, who’s distinctive style can be seen on many variant covers across many comic runs. Here’s a few examples: But, you may have also heard of Skottie’s written work, he’s written things […]
  • 18th November Marvel Comic Releases
    This New Comic Book Day is light on the first issues, but heavy on the bind ups, and there’s several that I cannot wait for! Single issues: Devin Grayson, one of the creators of Yelena Belova – the Red Room recruit who once nearly killed Natasha Romanoff – returns with a brand-new story drawn by […]

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