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  • Three Asian Marvel Comic Writers To Read
    Chinese New Year was last Sunday, so this week I thought I’d highlight some Asian Marvel Comic writers for you all to check out! But before I do, in light of the recent violence against AAPI people, please do educate on racism against Asian people/how you can help prevent it here, and if you can, […]
  • 25th January Marvel Comic Releases
    Just two new single issues, but a fair few bind up volumes are being released this week! Single Issues: Wolverine is “the best he is at what he does,” and what he does is hunt victims in Murderworld! Our contestants are about to feel the SNIKT! Will anyone survive Arcade’s deadliest game? Arcade and his […]
  • Iron Man Epic Collection Reading Order
    Marvel Comics are always releasing new Epic Collections but I’ve never actually made a reading order for them! Epic Collections are Marvel’s collected editions of their heroes earliest stories – starting from the debut. Essentially, they are the best place to start when looking into a character, as you get their original origin story, meet […]

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