What Is Marvel’s What If…?

Marvel’s new TV show drops on Disney+ in exactly week, but what exactly is What If? Where did it come from? And are there any comics about it? In today’s blog post, I’m answering those questions and more! What Is What If? What If is a series of Marvel comics where they ask one question: […]

4th August Marvel Comic Releases

This New Comic Book Day is giving us a bumper crop of new releases, let’s get right into it! Single Issues LIKE A CLASSIC BLACK & WHITE MOVIE, BUT WITH WAY MORE BLOOD!What’s black, white, and red all over? Three blood-drenched tales of violence and mayhem led by Marvel’s Mirthful Mercenary himself, Deadpool! You want […]

Fear Itself/Journey Into Mystery Reading Guide

So, I’ve covered Dark Reign part one and part two, and I’ve covered Siege, so it’s time to get stuck into the final part of this reading guide – Fear Itself and Journey Into Mystery! Fear Itself covers Thor and the Asgardians, and specifically the mistakes of Odin’s past, while Journey Into Mystery focuses in […]

Seige Reading Guide

With Loki’s tv show airing, I’ve been mentioning Journey Into Mystery a lot, but I haven’t really gone into what it’s about, or even how Loki is a child in this series! But before I can talk about Journey Into Mystery and Fear Itself, I need to talk about Siege first, as that sets the […]

Dark Reign Reading Order Part Two

Yesterday I went through part one of my Dark Reign reading guide, today I’m going to be focusing on part two. There is pre-reading for a lot of these, but it’s basically just the previous volumes in each of these character’s previous series/Secret Invasion/previous comics in the Dark Reign event. I’ll list which is which […]

Dark Reign Reading Order Part One

Dark Reign is a slightly unusual event for Marvel Comics, in the sense that it doesn’t have a ‘main run.’ Instead, it sprawled across the Marvel universe, affecting nearly every comic run and nearly every character. Basically, it means that it’s a slightly confusing run with a lot of tie-ins and no core event run. […]

What Is Marvel Voices?

Recently, I’ve been highlighting in my new release posts a series called Marvel Voices, but I’ve never really done a fully post on exactly what it is or how it came about, and it’s about time I rectified that! What Is Marvel Voices? Marvel Voices is the name of a podcast and a series of […]

All The Comic Easter Eggs In Loki Part Two

LOKI SPOILERS BELOW. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN LOKI EPISODE 4-6! The other day, I posted part one of my Loki easter eggs, so it’s time for part 2, and this one is a lot more full than the previous post! Episode Four Kree, Titans, Vampires We already know about the Kree […]

28th July Marvel Comic Releases

We’re a little low on single issues this week, but there’s a bumper crop of bind ups! Single Issues: EXPERIENCE THESE HEROES LIKE NEVER BEFORE!Red Room Black Widow, teenage Spider-Man, World War II Captain America – the most iconic versions of your favorite Marvel characters from across time and space all wake up on an […]

All The Hints At Kang The Conquerer In Loki

LOKI SPOILERS AHEAD DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED LOKI The Loki season finale finally revealed who was behind the TVA – He Who Remains, aka Kang The Conquerer! Some people were convinced it was Miss Minutes, some others were convinced another Loki was the man behind the curtain. But some guessed right […]


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