25th May Marvel Comic Releases

A bit of a small New Comic Book Day this week! Single Issues: In the wake of one of the most visceral DAREDEVIL, nay, MARVEL stories EVER, the Marvel Universe’s New York City stands remade and reforged – if not in Wilson Fisk’s image, then at the very least in his spirit! After a battle […]

Three AAPI Marvel Heroes To Check Out

This month marks AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islanders) Heritage Month, so I wanted to take some time to highlight three AAPI heroes from Marvel Comics! But before I go into it, I want to link to a website called Stop AAPI Hate, which has more information on the racism the AAPI community face, as […]

18th May Marvel Comic Releases

It’s Sunday, so it’s time to go through this week’s New Comic Book Day releases! Single Issues: THE GREATEST ASIAN SUPER HEROES AND CREATORS RETURN!Just in time for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, comes a new spotlight on the best Asian super heroes in comics! Ms. Marvel! Shang-Chi! Wong! Mantis! Plus, more surprises […]

11th May Marvel Comic Releases

Only seven new releases this week! Single Issues: Sam Wilson picks up the shield once more – and enters a world of trouble! Following a lead from Misty Knight, Sam intercepts a mysterious group hijacking what appears to be an empty train. As he digs deeper, he discovers that the plot may be connected to […]

What Is Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme?

This is a SPOILER FREE post, in relation to Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, so if you haven’t seen the film, you will be safe to read this post! We’ve heard the term Sorcerer Supreme throughout Doctor Strange one and its sequel, Multiverse Of Madness, in Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, and in […]

Who Is Marvel’s Illuminati?

SPOILERS FOR DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS ARE BELOW. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE, READ THIS POST LATER!! SPOILERS INCOMING IN 3 2 1 The Illuminati have made it to the MCU, in the form of Mordo, Captain Carter, Captain Marvel (Maria Rambeau edition), Reed Richards, Charles Xavier and Black Bolt! […]

Comic Book Easter Eggs In Moon Knight Part Two

MOON KNIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD, DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THE MOON KNIGHT SERIES! Disney Plus’ Moon Knight series is still a little thin on the ground in terms of easter eggs to the comic books, but there are a few things to point out! Episode 4 The third Sarcophagus Not entirely […]

Christine Palmer Character Profile

We’ve done Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch and America Chavez, it’s time to get to know Christine Palmer! Now, there isn’t much to be said about Christine, as she’s a more minor character in Marvel Comics, but there’s enough for a small character profile! Name: Christine Palmer Superhero Name: Christine Palmer, sometimes Night Nurse Created By: Jean Thomas and […]

America Chavez Character Profile

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is coming out this week, so it’s time to get to know a few characters better and the comic influences! We’ve already covered Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch, so today we’re going with America Chavez! Name: America Chavez Superhero Name: America Chavez (sometimes Miss America) Created By: Joe Cassey and Nick […]


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