8th December Marvel Comic Releases

There’s a bumper crop of new releases coming out this week, so let’s get down to it! Single Issues: A government agent turned Hydra provocateur stages a daring breakout on her way to prison, attracting the attention of both Iron Man and Captain America. When Steve and Tony realize they both have a connection to […]

All The Comic Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Part One

WARNING: HAWKEYE SPOILERS BELOW. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED HAWKEYE EPISODE 1-3 YET! We are three episodes into Hawkeye, and they’ve been packed with Easter Eggs to Marvel Comics! Here’s a rundown of what I’ve spotted so far: Episode 1 Kate’s Password Kate‘s password to Bishop Security is BISHOP112012, which is a […]

Maya Lopez (Echo) Character Profile

Name: Maya Lopez Superhero Name: Echo/Ronin Created By: David Mack and Joe Quesada Played By: Alaqua Cox Powers: photographic reflexes (essentially Maya can copy any movement she sees. If it helps, think of her like Taskmaster), acrobat, martial artist, expert marksman, multilingual. Mini Bio: Maya is a Deaf, Native American of the Cheyenne Nation, and from an early age she displayed […]

1st December Marvel Comic Releases

Apologies for skipping a few weeks of release updates – my website sources stopped working! But, it’s time to get back to it, so here’s everything releasing this week! Single Issues: Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic team, creator Rob Liefeld returns to the characters he introduced three decades ago to tell a brand-new […]

Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) Character Profile

Name: Kate Bishop Superhero Name: Hawkeye Created By: Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung Played By: Hailee Steinfeld Powers: highly skilled archer, fencer, martial artist, trick arrows Mini Bio: Kate grew up in New York, the daughter of a rich publishing magnate, but she had a lonely childhood. Her father was emotionally distant, her mother estranged until she died, her sister did […]

Hawkeye (Clint Barton) Character Profile

Name: Clint Barton Superhero Name: Hawkeye Created By: Stan Lee and Don Heck Played By: Jeremy Renner Powers: Master marksman and archer, expert at hand-to-hand combat, trick arrows Mini Bio: Clint was born in Iowa and spent six years in foster care after a car accident killed his parents. After these six years, Clint and his brother Barney ran away and […]

Four Best Starting Points For Spider-Man Comics

Everyone and their dog is talking about Spider-Man, and while I’m saving all my best posts for the release of No Way Home, but I wanted to give you a quick guide to get you started! And what better way to start, than to give you the four best places to start Spider-Man comics? Amazing […]

Who Is Marvel’s Eros?

SPOILERS FOR ETERNALS BELOW. LIKE THIS AND COME BACK LIKE IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE ETERNALS YET The Eternals didn’t just bring us a whole new superhero team, a whole new look at the creation of the Marvel Universe, and a brand new couple to ship (who else can’t stop thinking about Druig and […]

Marvel’s Dane Whitman Character Profile

Name: Dane Whitman Superhero Name: Black Knight Created By: Roy Thomas and John Buscema Played By: Kit Harrington Powers: None – all of his powers come from his sword. But, he is a gifted scientist, an expert swordsman, a skilled martial artist, and has a fair amount of knowledge of magic. While armed with his sword, he is also immune […]

Marvel’s Makkari Character Profile

Name: Makkari Superhero Name: Makkari Created By: Jack Kirby Played By: Lauren Ridloff Powers: near-immortality, immunity to all known diseases, superhuman strength, stamina and speed, flight, limited illusion casting, cosmic energy manipulation, teleportation Mini Bio: Makkari is another Eternals who spent a lot of time in Greece and Eygpt in ancient times, and has also been mistaken for other gods. For […]


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