Who Is Marvel’s White Vision?

SPOILERS AHEAD FOR WANDAVISION EPISODE 8. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE EPISODE, DO NOT READ THIS WandaVision episode 8 was proven to be another shocking, plot twisting, episode. We had our first use of the name ‘Scarlet Witch’, the introduction to Chaos Magic, and, in the end, we saw what Hayward was up to: […]

23rd February Marvel Comic Releases

This New Comic Book Day is a little short on releases, but there’s several things to get excited about! Single Issues: A team of heroes fights a stirring battle for the safety of the planet. A young woman struggles with desperation and despair, trying to cope in the modern world. But that’s only the beginning. […]

What Is A Nexus In The Marvel Universe?

WANDAVISION SPOILERS, LOOK AWAY IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN EPISODE 7 OF WANDAVISION WandaVision episode 7 came with some big surprises (Monica character profile here and Agatha Harkness profile here), but there’s something that’s slipping under a lot of people’s radars: the Nexus advert. What does nexus mean? To put it simply, a Nexus is […]

Agatha Harkness Character Profile

WANDAVISION SPOILERS AHEAD. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN EPISODE 7 OF WANDAVISION!!! Name: Agatha Harkness Superhero Name: Agatha Harkness Created By: Stan Lee Played By: Kathryn Hahn Powers: Teleportation, energy projection, mesmerism, thought-casting, illusion-casting, highly intelligent. Mini Bio: Not a lot is known about Agatha Harkness, but this is what is known. Agatha first turned up as […]

17th February Marvel Comic Releases

There’s only two single issues being released today, but there are LOADS of new bind ups! Single Issues: ONE CREATOR. ONE HULK. ONE SUPERSTAR STORY!Declan Shalvey writes and draws an IMMORTAL HULK tale that gets to the heart of gamma! Every morning, Bruce Banner wakes up in a new place. The Hulk is trying to […]

All The Comic Easter Eggs In WandaVision Part Two

WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR WANDAVISION EPISODES 4-6. ONLY READ THIS IF YOU HAVE WATCHED UP TO EPISODE 6. Three weeks ago, I made a post all about the comic easter eggs in episode 1-3 of WandaVision, now that episodes 4-6 have aired, it’s time for another! Episode 4 Monica Rambeau Monica Rambeau is […]

10th February Marvel Comic Releases

It’s another short week for Marvel Comics, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a few gems in the mix! Single Issues: SYMBIOTES INVADE THE UNCONQUERABLE COUNTRY OF WAKANDA!T’Challa’s most treasured allies are lost in a storm of Knull’s making in this wild one-shot! Critically acclaimed writer, actor and producer Geoffrey Thorne explores a Wakanda […]

My WandaVision Predictions Based On The Comics

SPOILER WARNING FOR WANDAVISION EPISODE 1-5, DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED ALL AVAILABLE EPISODES OF WANDAVISION Reverse House Of M Alright, alright, I know I talk a lot about House Of M, but I’m still utterly convinced that a reverse House Of M is coming. As I mentioned in my Three […]

Quicksilver Character Profile

WANDAVISION SPOILERS AHEAD, DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN EPISODE 5 OF WANDAVISION Name: Pietro Maximoff Superhero Name: Quicksilver Created By: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby Played By: Aaron Taylor Johnson (Age Of Ultron), Evan Peters (X-Men films and WandaVision) Powers: Superhuman speed, advanced healing Mini Bio: Pietro is best known as the twin brother of Wanda Maximoff, […]

3rd February Marvel Comic Releases

This new Comic Book Day has a lot of new releases, so let’s get going with it: Single Issues: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES!The Avengers are confronted with an unstoppable new menace, one that is seemingly impervious to their every strength! But the Avengers aren’t so easily beaten, and when new threats arise, powerful new tools must […]


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