What Is Knowhere In Marvel Comics?

Knowhere is one of the major locations for the Guardians Of The Galaxy, in the comics and in the MCU, but exactly is Knowhere? Is it really the decapitated head of a Celestial? And who lives there?

This post is going to cover all those questions and more!

What Is Knowhere?

Knowhere is a base for various cosmic Marvel characters. It has served as a base of operations for Knull and his army, the Guardians Of The Galaxy, Cosmo The Space Dog, and later Hela during a battle against Eros. It has also been used as a base of operations for scientific research into the universe.

Is Knowhere Really The Head Of Celestial?

It is! At the beginning of time, Knull decapitated a Celestial using a symbiotic sword and then used the head as a base of operations as he refined his sword into All Black.

What Happened To The Celestial’s Body?

It was trapped in the Realm Inbetween, which is essentially Purgatory. The body actually stayed connected to the sword and Knull, absorbing the souls of those killed by the sword until it manifested a world of the dead within itself.

Nova issue 9 (2007) panel by Wellinton Alves

Who Lives On Knowhere?

The Annihilators (a team created by Cosmo), Cosmo himself, The Knowhere Corps (those who keep the peace on Knowhere) and the Luminals (think of them like the Avengers but on a galactic scale). The Guardians Of The Galaxy used to live there, as did Knull at the beginning of the universe.

Where Does Knowhere Appear In Marvel Comics?

Knowhere’s first appearance was in Nova issue 8 (2007) by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (it also features heavily in their Guardians Of The Galaxy run). But, if you want to go chronologically, then look at Venom issue 4 (2018) by Donny Cates.

If you want to go for something based entirely on a multiversal version of Knowhere, check out Guardians Of Knowhere (2015) by Brian Michael Bendis.

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