10th May Marvel Comic Releases

There’s only eight new releases this week, but it’s still more than enough to be getting on with!

Single Issues:

Extreme Venomverse by Ryan North and various

Face front, Venomaniacs – to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the creation of VENOM, the SUMMER OF SYMBIOTES IS UNDERWAY! And it all starts with EXTREME VENOMVERSE, a landmark series that’s going to take Mighty Marveldom to corners of the hive never seen before in three titanic tales!
FIRST! Comics superstars RYAN NORTH AND PAULO SIQUEIRA put a fresh and exciting spin on a story you may be familiar with… starring Eddie Brock as… SPIDER-MAN?!
THEN! Your new favorite comics writer, MIRKA ANDOLFO, shows you a side of the whole Brock family you NEVER thought you’d see!
AND FINALLY! One of the best writer/artists in comics today, LEONARDO ROMERO, reimagines Venom as a SAMURAI!
But whether all of your new favorite symbiotes will survive this summertime saga remains to be seen?

I’d recommend being familiar with Venom and Eddie Brock, but otherwise, you should be fine to read this.

Silk by Emily Kim

Cindy Moon returns as the web-spinning Spider-Hero SILK in an all-new, all-star series! As Silk gains popularity in the public eye, Cindy is questioning her place in the world. But existentialism will have to wait when a powerful new villain is turned loose! In a race against the clock, Silk discovers the dangers of ancient Korean magic – and social media. 

You should definitely know about Silk before reading this – I’ll be highlighting a lot of the Spider-Verse next month so watch this space for a guide to this Spider hero!

Bind Ups:

Avengers by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus volume 2

Jonathan Hickman’s epic Avengers run builds to the end of all things! A runaway planet is on a collision course with Earth. A.I.M. brings a corrupt version of the Avengers into the Marvel Universe. And the collision of the Avengers and the Illuminati is imminent! But as teammate faces teammate, the Time Gem takes the Avengers on a peril-filled journey into days to come – ultimately sending Captain America fifty thousand years into the future to witness a true Avengers world! Meanwhile, as the Incursion crisis worsens, the Illuminati struggle with the weight of the burden they have shouldered. Their desperate, world-shattering actions will leave the Avengers at each other’s throats – and give rise to the Cabal! And as the realities of the Multiverse collide, time runs out for everyone!

The first volume is just called Volume 1.

Captain America Epic Collection: Fighting Chance by Mark Gruenwald and various

Captain America fights for his life! Cap is on the hunt for the Skull – the Blazing Skull, that is! Then, Doctor Faustus’ mental machinations pit Steve Rogers against his old pal Nomad! But when the Sentinel of Liberty learns that his enhanced physique is shutting down on him, his choice is simple: retire from being a hero?or die in action! But with evil masterminds plotting and dead villains rising, that’s no choice at all for Captain America! Can Cap’s friends dissuade him from setting the world’s safety above his own? Plus: Wartime adventures with the Invaders, Bucky and the Howling Commandos! And Cap unites with Nick Fury to expose a rogue faction of S.H.I.E.L.D.! 

This is volume 20 of Cap’s Epic Collection, the first volumes that have already been released are: Captain America Lives, The Coming Of… The Falcon, Bucky Reborn, Hero Or Hoax?, The Secret Empire, Dawn’s Early Light, Monsters And Men, Sturm Und Drang, Society of Serpents, Justice Is Served, The Captain, The Bloodstone Hunt, Streets Of Poison, The Superia Stratagem, Blood And Glory and Arena Of Death. Volumes 6-8 are currently unpublished, so be prepared to have a large chunk of Captain America stories missing, but hopefully these will be filled in soon.

Namor The Sub-Mariner: Conquered Shores by Christopher Cantwell

A century into the future, not much land remains on Earth. A combination of a worsening climate and a devastating war with the Kree has left the plant’s surface mostly inhospitable, with an ever-dwindling population of air-breathers and a profound lack of superheroes to protect them. Enter Namor, the Sub-Mariner, who is no longer King of Atlantis but ruler of the entire world! He may only have few friends left – but does Jim Hammond, the original 1940s Human Torch, yet live? Could Hammond hold the key to the salvation of Earth’s human refugees? King Namor seeks to find out. Accompanied by Luke Cage, the Sub-Mariner sets off across what little devastated surface of Earth remains, following traces of his oldest adversary-turned-fellow Invader – and looking for answers to save his adopted subjects!

While this is a limited series, so doesn’t tie into anything else, but I would still recommend knowing a bit about Namor and his history with the Human Torch, as well as knowing a bit about Luke Cage too.

Savage Avengers volume 2: Escape From Nueva York by David Pepose

Ultron rules! Following their harrowing journey to the Hyborian Age, the Savage Avengers have learned that no good deed goes unpunished – not when they’re stranded in the dystopia of 2099! As our shell-shocked heroes are swarmed by cybernetic soldiers, will the Punisher of 2099 prove to be the Savage Avengers’ salvation – or their ultimate downfall? Trapped in a futuristic war zone ruled by the iron fist of Ultron, the Savage Avengers must embark on a high-stakes jailbreak to free the one man who could possibly bring them home. Can our time-lost heroes survive the dangers of this bold new 2099 and stop Ultron from reshaping the future in his terrifying image, or will this Deathlok-filled apocalypse prove to be the Savage Avengers’ end?

The first volume is called Time Is The Sharpest Edge, and also follows on from David Finch’s 2019 Savage Avengers.

Trials Of X volume 9 by Al Ewing and various

The Trials of X are more massive than ever! As Storm battles the Lethal Legion on Mars, there are explosive problems on the Peak – and the mole inside S.W.O.R.D. stands revealed! Wolverine hunts the leviathan that lurks off the shores of Krakoa, but can even he take down a hidden creature of the deep that’s bigger and stronger and older than math can figure? The Marauders have their hands full too – with Fin Fang Foom! And the Hellions might all hate one another, but Nanny loves her latest addition! Orphan-Maker, though, has other feelings – and dangerous ideas!

The latest in the Trials Of X run, which is part of the Krakoan era of the X-Men. I’ll have a reading guide for Trials up soon, when we start getting bind ups for the Fall Of X!

X-Men Epic Collection: Second Genesis by Chris Claremont and various

With the original X-Men captured, Professor X recruits an all-new, all-different team to take on the mantle of the Uncanny X-Men! Including Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Banshee, Sunfire and Thunderbird, this new international cast redefined super hero teams forever. The transition from old team to new won’t come easy, though: Wolverine and Cyclops clash! X-Man battles X-Man! Death and rebirth visit the team! And an old nemesis returns! Plus: the first hints of Alpha Flight and the Weapon X program, the first outer space saga with the Starjammers, and rare early X-Men adventures! With comic book titans Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum and John Byrne at the helm, the X-Men’s rise to the peak of popularity starts here!

Previous X-Men Epic Collection volumes are: Children Of The Atom, Lonely Are The Hunted, The Sentinels Live and It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn. These actually form the first five volumes of this series, so there isn’t anything missing up until this point!

And that’s everything coming out this week! What’s going on your pull list? I’m looking at Trials Of X, Silk and Namor – tell me yours in the comments below!

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