Who Is Marvel’s Adam Warlock?

Adam Warlock may have had a small part in Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3, but his character will undoubtedly become a huge character to the MCU as a whole!

But, just who is he? Who created him in the comics, and for what purpose? And which comics feature him as a character?

I have all those answers and more coming right up!

Who Is Adam Warlock?

Adam Warlock is a genetically engineered man, in an attempt to create the perfect human. It was hoped that he would represent the pinnacle of humanity’s future evolution, hence the golden skin and the powers he possesses.

Who Created Adam Warlock?

A group of scientists on Earth called the Enclave created Adam, though at the time he was only known as ‘Him’.

Why Did They Create Adam Warlock?

The Enclave wanted to create the perfect human, as I said above. Luckily for humanity, upon Adam’s ‘birth’, he sensed that his creators had evil in mind for him and escaped their clutches.

Infinity Countdown issue 5 (2018) cover by Ron Lim and Israel Silva

What Are Adam Warlock’s Powers?

Adam has a symbiotic relationship with the Soul Stone, meaning that he can sense it across the universe, and he is immune to the effects of the Soul Stone if it is used against him. He can also see auras, locate black holes, and sense the souls of other beings.

He is also considered the Avatar of Life, who opposes the Avatar of Death (who at one point was Thanos), and keeps the cosmic balance between life and death.

Outside of this, Adam also can absorb energy and use it to sustain himself, he also has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes. He can also fly up to speeds of 770 miles per hour (the speed of sound) on Earth, while in space that speed increases to velocities faster than light.

Adam is also functionally immortal – he can be killed, but Death herself cannot reap his soul, meaning he can be reborn over and over again. To protect himself, Adam can also create a cocoon around his body, which helps him regenerate and heal himself – protecting him from death.

He is also resistant to reality warping, and time freezes from the Time Stone, is telepathic, can see through time itself, can manipulate all matters of energy, including magic, and can resurrect people.

He is also supposed to have a genius level intellect, is fluent in an untold amount of languages, is a skilled hacker (up to and including hacking into the Avengers villain files), and is an expert martial artist.

Is Adam Warlock A Hero Or A Villain?

Adam was created for evil but is a hero through and through. He has been the protector of the Soul Stone, lead the Infinity Watch alongside Gamora and Drax, and has fought against many a villain, including Thanos.

But, in saying that, there is a dark side to him… Magus.

Guardians Of The Galaxy issue 19 (2009) panel by Wesley Craig

Who Is Magus, And What’s He Got To Do With Adam Warlock?

Adam does have a darkside, in the form of Magus – an evil alternate future version of himself. Magus is an incredibly powerful entity who had billions of lifeforms under his rule, and Adam could not defeat him by himself. He had to call in Gamora, Pip The Troll and Thanos to help. Magus as a threat has been neutralised, but there is always a chance he could come back again, should the timelines become fractured and overlap each other.

And then there is also The Goddess.

Aho Is The Goddess, And What’s She Got To Do With Adam Warlock?

The Goddess is the representitive of Adam Warlock’s goodness. She was created when Adam used the Infinity Gauntlet to remove that part of himself, and she soon became the central character of the Infinity Crusade run.

The Goddess was attempting to rid the universe of sin itself – using her mind control powers to bring spiritual beings to her cause, with her ultimate goal of destroying anything capable of sin.

So while her nature is of goodness, she is also a villainous version of Adam.

Which Adam Warlock Comics Should I Read?

The Adam Warlock Omnibus Edition (2023) by Stan Lee gives you Adam’s earliest origins, as well as his key early stories, so you cannot start at a better place. Then, there is Warlock (1998) by Tom Lyle that sees him team up with Gamora and Pip The Troll to hunt down Drax. Or, if you want to see him really come into his own, then you should read the Infinity Saga, which includes: Infinity Gauntlet (1991), Infinity War (1992) and Infinity Crusade (1993), all by Jim Starlin.

If you enjoy all of that, then there’s The Infinity Abyss (2002) and Infinity Entity (2016), both also by Jim Starlin.


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