What’s Is Marvel’s Krakoa?

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the Krakoan era of the X-Men, but what exactly is Krakoa? How did it come into being? Is it sentient? And why are the X-Men living on it?

I’ve got all the answers in this blog post!

What Is Krakoa?

Krakoa is an island in the Pacific Ocean in the Marvel Comic Universe. Originally, it was thought to have been located near a nuclear bomb testing sight, and the radiation from it caused the ecosystem of the island to become a sentient hivemind, which was later proved to be false.

Who Created Krakoa?

Krakoa actually started out life as a bigger island, known as Okkara, which was attacked centuries ago by hoards of daemons, brought forth by an enemy wielding the Twilight Sword (first mentioned in Dawn of X). The mutant Apocalypse and his original Horsemen fought off these daemons, but it proved impossible to defeat them. Instead, Apocalypse sealed the breach created by the Twilight Sword by cutting the island in two.

One part remained in the Marvel main dimension and was renamed Krakoa, the other half was sealed in the daemon’s dimension, Amenth by Apocalypse’s Horseman, leaving them trapped with the daemon hoards.

Wolverine issue 6 (2020) by Viktor Bogdanović

Is Krakoa Sentient?

Krakoa is a sentient being, as its original form of Okkara was. The island has its own language and communicates solely through the mutant Cypher, who can understand any language instinctively.

Does Krakoa Have Powers?

Of a kind, yes, Krakoa has powers. All the lifeforms that form Krakoa are all parts of its hivemind, it can also create all sorts of animal and semi-humanoid forms using its own earth. It can also block all psychic communication trying to break through its barriers, as well as block access to anyone who is not a mutant from breaking in.

It also contains a lot of magic according to Doctor Strange.

House Of X Issue 1 (2019) panel by Tom Muller

How Was Krakoa Discovered?

Nicky Fury and his Howling Commandos discovered Krakoa during World War II, after seeing a bomb drop on it. They later landed on the island and had to swear to keep the island’s existence a secret to be allowed off again.

The mutants then discovered Krakoa several years later, when Krakoa became hungry for the unique life energy mutants give off and lured Moira McTaggert’s team in. It successfully captured and killed Petra and Sway, and trapped Darwin and Kid Vulcan inside itself. When Cebrebro detected a mutant on Krakoa, it then managed to capture Cyclops, Havoc, Angel, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Polaris and Iceman.

Another X-Men team came and attempted rescue, but Krakoa fought back by turning itself into a humanoid entity. It took psychic interference from Professor X, energy blasts from Cyclops and Havoc, and Storm supercharging Polaris’ powers to send Krakoa into space.

Later, Krakoa was found back on Earth again, and nobody is really sure how it made it back.

Why Are The X-Men Living On Krakoa?

Professor X, with the help of Cypher and Warlock, negotiated with Krakoa to become the sovereign state for mutants. Together, they expanded Krakoa’s consciousness and cultivated its flora and fauna to create flowers for various purposes.

House Of X issue 1 (2019) panel by Pepe Larraz

Some were made to create the Krakoan gates, which allow mutants to teleport from Krakoa to anywhere in the universe where there is a corresponding flower planted. More were used to create self-sufficient habitats which were used as embassies around the world. Yet more were used to create antibiotics, and other medical cures, which were sold to any nation who recognised Krakoa as the mutant sovereign state.

What Kind Of Things Are Now On Krakoa?

The mutants have built a lot onto Krakoa now, including homes for themselves, there are places for training, as well as bars, ports and such. Some of the most interesting places though are:

The Hatchery, where the mutants can resurrect their dead.

The Boneyard, where X-Factor Investigations runs.

The House Of M and House Of X – the homes of Magneto and Professor X.

The Five Cradels, which hold the back-ups for all the mutants.

The Singing Falls, where mutants can go to relax and meditate.

Who Lives On Krakoa?

Every mutant born has automatic citizenship to Krakoa, and at last count there were over 200,000 inhabitants, so I won’t be going through all of them here. But, chances are, if you can think of a mutant, they are living on Krakoa.

House Of X issue 1 (2019) panel by Pepe Larraz

Some have turned down citizenship though, for whatever reason. One of those is Namor, who chose to stay in Atlantis.

What about Anyone Who Isn’t A Mutant, But Is Related To One?

Partners, children and allies are also granted citizenship to Krakoa, and interestingly, this list includes Wilson Fisk and Deadpool.

Where Can I Read More About Krakoa?

Krakoa first appeared in Giant Sized X-Men issue 1 (1975) by Len Wein, after that you can read Journey Into Mystery: Birth Of Krakoa (2018) by Dennis Hallum, and then obviously, there is all the entire Krakoan era of the X-Men to read!

I have guides so far for:

Dawn Of X Part One

Dawn Of X Part Two

Reign Of X

And am working on Trials Of X, I’m just waiting on a few more parts to be put into bind ups and then I’ll have that guide up too!

And that’s really everything you need to know about Krakoa, if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them!


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