Doctor Strange Epic Collection Reading Order

I’ve covered the Avengers and Iron Man’s Epic Collections, and today I’m covering the other half of the Awesome Facial Hair Bros – Doctor Strange!

Volumes 1-5

Master Of The Mystic Arts

I, Dormammu has been announced, but has not yet been released, I’ll update this guide as soon as it’s out.

A Separate Reality

Alone Against Eternity

The Reality War

Volumes 6 and 7 have not been announced yet. The first five volumes will take you through Strange Tales issues 110-183 and Doctor Strange issue 1-51.

Volumes 8-12

Triumph And Torment

The Vampiric Verses

Infinity War

Nightmare On Bleeker Street

Volume 12 is also not announced yet. Volumes 8-11 cover Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme issues 1-61.

Volume 13


This volume covers 76-90.

As of right now, that’s everything announced/already released, I’ll be updating this as more comes out!

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