Avengers Epic Collection Reading Order

I’ve done an Epic Collection reading order for Iron Man, and I spent most of last month talking about Ant Man and The Wasp, so let’s bring them together, along with a few other heroes, and go way back to the beginning of the Avengers with an Avengers Epic Collection Reading Order!

This Epic Collection covers the Avenger’s first meeting and goes through their earliest battles together, so if you are looking for a place to start with Avengers comics, this could not be more perfect.

My only piece of warning is this: Marvel is not releasing these collections in order, so there are a few missing volumes – which means that when you read this series, be prepared for a massive time jump in the middle/a long search to find the missing issues/a long wait for the other volumes to be released.

With that out of the way though, it’s time to talk Avengers Epic Collections!

Volumes 1-10

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Once An Avenger

Masters Of Evil

Behold… The Vision

This Beachhead Earth

A Traitor Stalks Among Us

The Avengers/Defenders War

Kang War

The Final Threat

The Yesterday Quest

These first ten volumes will cover issues 1-188 of the original Avengers run.

Volumes 11-15 are currently missing.

Volumes 16-26

Under Siege

Judgement Day

Heavy Metal

Acts Of Vengeance

The Crossing Line

The Collection Obsession

Operation Galatic Storm

Fear The Reaper

The Gatherers Strike!

The Gathering

Taking A.I.M.

These will cover issues 264-388.

And that’s everything in terms of the Avengers Epic Collections so far – I’ll be updating this list as time goes on and more (hopefully volumes 11-15) are released!

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