8th March Marvel Comic Releases

There are only a couple of new single issues, but a fair amount of new bind ups this week!

Single Issues:

New mutants: Lethal Legion by Charlie Jane Anders

THE NEW, NEW MUTANTS – WITH ALL THE CLASSIC THRILLS! Best-selling, multiple-award-winning, generally bedazzling writer Charlie Jane Anders launches a fresh take on the beloved team, with rising star Enid Balm behind the illustrious pencils! The Shadow King. U-Men. Demon Bear. Themselves. The New Mutants have faced some of the most cunning minds in the Marvel Universe – and survived. But when someone starts building a new Lethal Legion, will Krakoa’s youngest class finally be outmatched? Featuring fan-favorites like Wolfsbane and Karma alongside explosive newcomers like Escapade, this is a series you can’t miss! Everything leads to the Fall of X – don’t sleep on the start.

The next part in the New Mutants story in the Krakoan era – make sure you’re caught up with Dawn Of X (part two), Reign Of X and Trials Of X before reading this!

X-23 Facsimile Edition by Christopher Yost

The full truth behind the young woman known as X-23 – who she is, where she came from and the exact nature of her relationship to Wolverine – is revealed! You think you know the story of X-23, but you have no idea! Expert geneticist Dr. Sarah Kinney has been tasked with creating a viable clone from DNA retrieved from the Weapon X project – but there’s a problem, and the damage to the sample requires a creative solution. Against the express orders of her superiors, Kinney takes matters into her own hands. One way or another, subject X-23 will be brought into this world! The story of a modern-day icon begins here! It’s one of the all-time great Marvel comic books, boldly re-presented in its original form, ads and all!

Basically a reprint of the original X-23 comic, so if you own that, feel free to completely ignore this.

X-23 Deadly Regenesis by Erica Schultz

ASSASSIN OR X-MAN? THE DEADLY DAYS OF X-23! LAURA KINNEY, A.K.A. X-23, was cloned from LOGAN and trained by the Facility to be a deadly assassin. Even as she tries to put that life behind her, forces will try to drag her back – and she’ll fight them tooth and claw! Beset by NEW ENEMIES – as well as OLD FAVORITES! – and set during X-23’s days as a member of X-MEN and X-FORCE, when she walked away from the island of UTOPIA to find where she truly belongs, join us for an ALL-NEW story in the fan-favorite saga of Laura Kinney!

Set during Laura’s past, so you don’t have to be entirely caught up with Krakoa to read this – you just need to have a basic idea of Laura and her story!

Bind Ups:

Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: The Goblin Lives by Stan Lee and others

It’s horror on the home front when Peter Parker becomes the third wheel to comics’ oddest couple! Yes, Aunt May has found a new special friend: Dr. Otto Octavius! While a klonk on the head may help Spidey forget that one, teaming up with Doc Ock isn’t going to improve his image as Public Enemy No. 1! Spidey battles his way through Ka-Zar, the Vulture and Mysterio, but his deadliest battle is yet to come: Norman Osborn has regained his memory, and the Green Goblin has returned! Spider-Man’s most dangerous foe, the only villain to uncover his identity as Peter Parker, is back with a vengeance – and the two will face off in a gigantic, 58-page magazine masterpiece!

The fourth volume in the Spider-Man Epic Collection – the first three being called: Great Power, Great Responsibility and Spider-Man No More.

Gambit: Thick As Thieves by Chris Claremont

An all-new adventure of everyone’s favorite thief! You think you know all there is to know about Remy LeBeau, the mutant called Gambit – but there’s still plenty up this ragin’ Cajun’s sleeves! Before he joined the X-Men, Gambit encountered a mysterious girl named ‘Ro – the mutant Storm, regressed to childhood by the nefarious Nanny z- and the two went up against the forces of the Shadow King! Now more of their story is revealed for the first time! Gambit finds his path to becoming a heroic X-Man as co-creator and legendary X-scribe Chris Claremont weaves a story of action, intrigue and revenge! But as Remy and ‘Ro become a thorn in the side of mogul Solarz, the mercenary Warhawk is unleashed on our heroes! You’ll get a charge out of this one, mon ami! 

I’d recommend knowing a bit about everything mentioned in the synopsis here, or you might be a bit confused!

Mighty Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil, The Man Without Fear by Stan Lee and others

debut, and he’s taking Daredevil straight into the heart of the Savage Land! There, DD will battle the Plunderer – and meet none other than Ka-Zar! Then, it’s a Daredevil/Spider-Man team-up featuring Romita’s first-ever Spidey art! The adventure pits the two high-flying heroes against the Masked Marauder – but only after they duke it out themselves! Next comes the debut of Daredevil’s classic nemesis the Gladiator – and before you know it, another amazing artist debuts: the unforgettable Gene Colan! Just in time to close out our volume, the Dean of Delineation lends his pencil to the first of what would become a nearly uninterrupted seven-year tenure on the Man Without Fear!

The first volume is While The City Sleeps.

Silver Surfer by Dan Slott Omnibus

Anywhere and everywhere – hang on! Dan Slott and Michael Allred take the Sentinel of the Spaceways on his wildest ride yet – with a very special companion! Meet Dawn Greenwood, the Earth girl who’s enabled the Silver Surfer to see the universe with all-new eyes – and push its boundaries like never before! But that way leads to incredible dangers – like the Never Queen, Warrior One and Jumbonox the Giganormous! From perfect planets to wrathful warriors, from the end of reality to an all-new beginning, they’ll travel the length and breadth of space and time – and beyond! But what could ever make Norrin Radd willing to once again serve Galactus? Slott and Allred weave a cosmic-powered story of triumph, tragedy and boundless imagination – including the 2016 Eisner Award-winning story “Never After”!

I’d recommend having some knowledge of the Silver Surfer before reading this.

Spider-Man Vs Venom Omnibus by Tom DeFalco and others

Spider-Man meets his deadliest foe as a rivalry for the ages is born! When Spidey’s symbiotic alien black costume takes a new host – Eddie Brock, who hates Spider-Man – together, they become the lethal Venom! They’ll stop at nothing to take their revenge on Peter Parker – and when Venom sires an even more psychopathic offspring, the result is Maximum Carnage! Plus: The sinister symbiote sinks his teeth into Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Quasar, Darkhawk and the Avengers in this complete compendium of Venom’s earliest appearances! 

If you’re looking for Venom‘s earliest appearances, then this is the bind up for you!

Trials Of X volume 6 by Tini Howard and others

Dangers multiply in the Trials of X! The bosses of X-Corp know it’s impossible to succeed in business without making a few enemies – but Noblesse Pharmaceuticals has sent their most cutthroat team to complete a very hostile takeover! The Marauders point their bow to the stars – but what awaits Captain Kate Pryde’s crew, and why has it sworn vengeance?! Beast’s best-laid plans invite an enemy close to the heart as Mikhail Rasputin’s secret works are at last revealed! And the ten kingdoms of Otherworld must decide: Are the members of Excalibur heroes of the realm or witchbreed to be put to the stake?

The previous volumes are numbered 1-5, and the reading guides for the previous parts, Dawn Of X and Reign Of X, are linked above – the reading guide for Trials will be up soon.

And that’s everything coming out this week! What’s going on your pull list? I’m looking at Trials Of X and X-23 Deadly Regenesis! Tell me your choices down below!

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