Moon Girl Character Profile

Name: Lunella Lafayette

Superhero Name: Moon Girl

Created By: Brandon Montclare, Amy Reeder and Natacha Bustos

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #12 cover (2016) by Amy Reeder

Played By: Diamond White

Powers: Mental transferability between herself and Devil Dinosaur (meaning that they can swap bodies) super-genius intellect, skilled inventor and hacker.

Mini Bio: Lunella Lafayette is a nine year old girl from Manhatten, who has a super-genius intellect, and is already an accomplished engineer and hacker. Her classmates mock her frequently and call her Moon Girl, due to her thick glasses lenses and her tendency to daydream.

Her story started when she found an Omni-Wave Projector, after studying the Kree and becoming obsessed with finding Kree technology. This projector connected to another Omni-Wave Projector from Earth-78411, which opened a portal between the worlds, letting through Devil Dinosaur (a bright red T-Rex with above-usual intelligence, thanks to its own mutation).

Lunella managed to explain to Devil Dinosaur that she needed the Omni-Wave Projector to keep her safe from Terrigen Mist, which would activate her latent Inhuman DNA, something she was terrified of happening. Unfortunately, the projector was taken from her by the people from Devil Dinosaur’s world, and she never managed to recover it, instead being caught by a Terrigen Cloud during a fight near her school.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #13 (2016) by Larry Stroman

It took over four weeks for Lunella to figure out what her new powers were, as she hadn’t changed form, and nothing really seemed different about her. It was only when she got angry in science class that she suddenly swapped bodies with Devil Dinosaur, who had a small rampage in class, while she caused havoc in her secret lab under her school. The two managed to switch back eventually, and slowly managed to control their switching, realising that it only happened when Lunella got angry, or really hungry.

Now the pair work together to fight crime and sometimes team up with other Marvel heroes, such as Ms Marvel and the X-Men.

Interesting trivia: Lunella is canonically the smartest person in the Marvel universe, and that includes people like Shuri and Tony Stark. She has used this intelligence to create a sort of battle suit, which includes roller skates with springs that bring her height up to 20 feet tall, a sneezer powder gun, and a spring-loaded boxing glove.

First Comic Appearance: Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur (2005) issue 1

Most Common Team Ups: Champions, Inhumans, Secret Warriors

Comic Recommendations: Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur (2005) by Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare, Secret Warriors: The Begin The World Over (2017, also this is a tie-in to the Secret Empire storyline, so be warned of that), and her most recent set of team ups by Mohale Mashigo.

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