Three Asian Marvel Comic Writers To Read

Chinese New Year was last Sunday, so this week I thought I’d highlight some Asian Marvel Comic writers for you all to check out!

But before I do, in light of the recent violence against AAPI people, please do educate on racism against Asian people/how you can help prevent it here, and if you can, donate to the victims of the recent attacks here.

Now, onto highlighting some fantastic Asian authors!

Gene Luen Yang

Gene Luen Yang has worked for multiple comic book publishers on a number of titles, including Avatar The Last Airbender (2012) for Dark Horse Comics and New Super-Man (2016) for DC.

For Marvel, he has written the three latest Shang-Chi (2020) volumes (Brothers And Sisters, Shang-Chi Vs The Marvel Universe and Family Of Origin), which centres around Shang-Chi and his complicated family. He has also been featured in Strange Tales (2010), which re-imagines Marvel’s best heroes.

Maurene Goo

Maurene Goo is mostly known for her YA novels, such as Since You Asked, I Believe In A Thing Called Love and Somewhere Only We Know, but she has also had a brief stint as a Marvel writer too.

Specifically, she wrote the 2021 miniseries on Silk – a Korean American superhero from the Spider-Verse. She has also contributed to the Marvel Voices miniseries, specifically in Marvel Voices: Identity (2021).

Marjorie Liu

If you’ve been around people who like graphic novels, you’ll almost certainly have heard of Marjorie Liu – she’s the author of the hit fantasy horror series Monstress. She’s also published novels such as Tiger Eye and A Taste Of Crimson.

Her first work for Marvel was also in novel format. She wrote the X-Men tie-in novel Dark Mirror, where Jean Grey, Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue and Nightcrawler all wake up in different bodies and with no powers.

Three years later, she started work on NYX: No Way Home (2009) – a spin-off to the original, cancelled NYX run, following a group of teenage mutants in New York City (including Wolverine clone X-23!). She continued on with the mutants by co-writing Daken: Dark Wolverine (2010) with Daniel Way, which followed X-23 and Daken (Wolverine’s son), while also writing X-23’s solo run at the same time.

After those runs, she moved onto Astonishing X-Men (2012), which features the first male/male wedding in Marvel Comics between Northstar and his long-time partner, Kyle.

Outside of writing the X-Men, Marjorie Liu has also written Black Widow (2010), Han Solo (2016) and has had issues featured in Marvel Voices: Pride (2022) and The World Outside Your Window (2019)

And that’s three Asian Marvel Comic authors for you to check out! There’s a lot more out there as well, so if you want another round up, please do let me know and I’ll get on it!

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