25th January Marvel Comic Releases

Just two new single issues, but a fair few bind up volumes are being released this week!

Single Issues:

Murderworld: Wolverine by Jim Zub and Ray Fawkes

Wolverine is “the best he is at what he does,” and what he does is hunt victims in Murderworld! Our contestants are about to feel the SNIKT! Will anyone survive Arcade’s deadliest game? Arcade and his schemes have been a punchline in the past, but this game is no joke. Each issue ups the ante and will keep readers guessing right up until the end. Don’t miss it!

A part of a new Murderworld run that is going to cross multiple comic runs, so I’d recommend knowing, at the very least, a bit about Wolverine and his various offspring/clones, Murderworld and Arcade before reading this specific issue.

Sins Of Sinsister by Kieron Gillen

POWERS OF ESSEX! It’s the end of the world as we know it, and at least Sinister feels fine. For now. Can that last? Especially when we discover that he really is his own worst enemy… The universe-melting X-event begins here, in a horror timeline that makes Age of Apocalypse look like the X-Men Swimsuit Special. Join Kieron Gillen (IMMORTAL X-MEN, AXE: JUDGMENT DAY) as he kicks off the X-Men crossover Sinister has been planning since the beginning and is going to have to see through to the bitter end.

You’ll definitely need to be up to date with Dawn Of X (part one and part two), Reign Of X and Trials Of X before reading this. I’ll be putting up a Trials reading guide in the coming months, once more volumes have been released in this title.

Bind Ups:

Ant Man Giant Man Epic Collection: Ant Man No More by Stan Lee and others

Progenitor of the famous Pym Particle, biochemist Dr. Henry Pym started off his super-heroing career as the tiny Ant-Man, but he soon burst into a new role as Giant-Man! The Avengers co-founder’s adventures with the Wasp continue here as the two heroes beat back the Beast of Berlin and battle other adversaries big and small! Then, there’s a new Giant-Man on the block when Pym’s friend and lab partner, Bill Foster, becomes the Black Goliath in a series all his own! Last, but far from least, thrill to the debut of Scott Lang as Ant-Man, the small hero who’s made it big both in Marvel’s comics and on the silver screen! 

This is the second one in this Epic Collection series, so you just need to have The Man In The Ant Hill first. You won’t need anything else, because this series collects Henry Pym’s earliest stories.

Demon Days by Peach Momoko

Acclaimed artist Peach Momoko reimagines the Marvel Universe! A wandering swordswoman with a psychic blade arrives at a village targeted by demons. One is black-and-white with a horrifying tongue, and another may be the strongest demon there is! Mariko Yashida hears mysterious voices and has strange dreams that feel real. Maybe her redheaded maid who dresses all in black might know more than she lets on? But as Mariko embarks on a wondrous journey, deadly creatures lurk in the woods – including a mysterious blue-skinned woman and a giant with super-strength and claws! Enter a creative and mysterious new world of demons, monsters, mutants and magic!

Basically a reprint of the Demon Days volume released in May last year, just with extras in the form of parts of King In Black issue 4 and Elektra: Black, White And Blood issue 4.

Elektra Black, White And Blood Treasury Edition by Charles Soule and others

Elektra walks the line between good and evil – with style! It’s an undisputed fact: Trained by both the vicious Hand and the benevolent Chaste, Elektra Natchios is the best assassin in the Marvel Universe! And a murderers’ row of all-star Marvel creators are here to present the proof, in glorious black and white…with lashings of blood! A dozen astonishing tales set throughout her long and lethal life illustrate her fighting skills, ninja training and sheer determination! From the mean streets of Hell’s Kitchen to the seedy back alleys of Madripoor – and even farther afield – prepare to see Elektra in a whole new light…taking on ninjas, vampires and worse on the larger-than-life pages of a Treasury Edition! 

Speaking of Elektra: Black, White And Blood, this week is also seeing the release of the Treasury Edition of the run – it doesn’t contain anything new really, it’s just made in a bigger size.

Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus Volume 2

Superstar John Byrne’s legendary run concludes with one of the most innovative periods in FANTASTIC FOUR history! The sensational She-Hulk replaces the Thing, Sue Richards becomes the Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic is tried for crimes against the universe! Also featuring the return of Doctor Doom, the fate of Reed and Sue’s unborn child, the resurrection of Jean Grey and more as the FF confront deadly foes including the Mole Man, Doctor Octopus, Terminus, the Beyonder, Mephisto, Psycho-Man and Annihilus! Plus: the unfinished classic “The Last Galactus Story.”

The first volume is just called Volume 1.

Incredible Hulk by Peter David Omnibus Volume 2

Peter David’s groundbreaking run continues! The Hulk is finally getting his head together, with Doc Samson’s help – but will the dominant personality end up being gray, green or something new? Either way, he’ll need both brains and brawn when the mysterious Pantheon comes calling with an offer of recruitment! The gray Hulk battles Freedom Force, the Super-Skrull and the Rhino – while the Green Goliath takes on the Abomination, the U-Foes and X-Factor! Meanwhile, Rick Jones falls in love – but will tragedy strike when a face from his past surfaces? The Hulk revisits his origins in an anniversary psychodrama and teams with the Punisher for a Las Vegas homecoming. But events build to a (great big) head when the Leader returns!

The first volume, again, is just called Volume 1.

Iron Cat by Jed MacKay

Iron Man and Black Cat both thought they’d seen the last of the Iron Cat armour! If Felicia Hardy is surprised to see the suit again, you can imagine how furious Tony Stark is! But there’s someone new in the Iron Cat armour – and this mysterious figure has a plan that will soon put them in the crosshairs of nearly all the heroes in the Marvel Universe! Both Iron Man and Black Cat’s secrets and mistakes are about to come back to haunt them! But Tony and Felicia aren’t going to let this new Iron Cat have all the fun. Tony has done his own fresh spin on the feline armour, and Felicia may like some of his innovations! 

You will definitely want to be caught up on Black Cat by Jed MacKay before reading this, as it is technically part of that series.

Kang: Safa Of The Once And Future Conqueror by Stan Lee and others

A timeless threat! Kang the Conqueror, the time-traveling despot determined to rule the timestream, has menaced the Avengers and Fantastic Four for years. But when the Vision tries a new strategy against their longtime nemesis, he ignites a temporal war – and Kang’s first strike is a killer! Can a team of Avengers gathered from across time save history? Plus: Kang sends Kamala Khan back to the Avengers’ earliest days; battles symbiotic threats with Spider-Man, Rocket Raccoon, the Black Knight and Monica Rambeau; and targets Moon Knight’s patron, Khonshu! And can the FF survive when Kang’s many personas – from Rama-Tut to Immortus – unite against them? 

A collection of Kang stories, including Avengers: Back To Basics from 2018, to get you ready for Ant Man And The Wasp: Quantumania next month!

Strange Academy: Year One by Skottie Young

The Marvel Universe’s first school for sorcerers throws open its doors! Doctor Strange has finally established an academy for the mystic arts, bringing together young people from across the cosmos with an aptitude for magic to study under tutors including Doctor Voodoo, the Ancient One, the Scarlet Witch, Magik, Daimon Hellstrom and all your favorite Marvel mages! From mindful Mindless Ones to pan-dimensional games of tag, the Strange Academy definitely lives up to its name – but the students’ first field trip lights a fuse that will blow up in a big way! Tragedy strikes, hearts are broken, uncanny new abilities manifest and a huge secret is revealed! The Academy’s extraordinary curriculum will take the class from outer space to Asgard – and if a shocking murder mystery isn’t traumatic enough, Parents’ Day sure will be!

The first twelve issues of Strange Academy, collected in one big volume!

And that’s everything coming out this week! What’s going on your pull list? I’m looking at Sins Of Sinister and Murderworld: Wolverine!

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