Iron Man Epic Collection Reading Order

Marvel Comics are always releasing new Epic Collections but I’ve never actually made a reading order for them!

Epic Collections are Marvel’s collected editions of their heroes earliest stories – starting from the debut. Essentially, they are the best place to start when looking into a character, as you get their original origin story, meet their first villains and watch as they expand to become the characters we love today.

So, here’s the start of a new series, going through each Epic Collection and giving you a run down of what’s been released and what’s yet to come – starting with everyone’s favourite Avengers – Iron Man!

But, as a warning before I start: there are still some volumes missing from every Epic Collection, as Marvel are not releasing them in order. I will mark where there are missing volumes and fill them in as they are released.

With that, let’s get into Iron Man’s Epic Collection:

Volumes 1-5:

The Golden Avenger

By Force Of Arms

The Man Who Killed Tony Stark

The Fury Of The Firebrand

Battle Royal

This will take you through the first appearances of Tony Stark in Tales To Astonish, through to issue 67 of his first solo run.

Then volumes 6-9 are currently missing.

Volumes 10-21

The Enemy Within

Duel Of Iron

Volume 12 is currently available, as it hasn’t been published yet. For reference, this volume would cover issue 196-214.

Stark Wars

Return Of The Ghost


War Games

War Machine

The Return Of Tony Stark

Volume 19 is also missing currently, but will cover issues 298-309.

In The Hands Of Evil

The Crossing

This will take you all the way to issue 324, which was released in 1996 – admittedly, The Crossing is not out yet, but is due in May, after that I’m hoping some of those missing volumes are filled in!

But that is essentially Iron Man’s Epic Collection, so if you’ve been unsure about where to start with Tony’s comics, or just want to read some original Stan Lee work, then this is the perfect series to start!

If you have any questions, or have any characters you want me to cover specifically, let me know in the comments and I’ll get right on it!


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