Two Best Starting Points For Guardians Of The Galaxy Comics

The Guardians Of The Galaxy holiday special is officially on Disney+ and it’s full of the fun and family joy the Guardians always represent!

So today I’m giving you the two best starting points for Guardians Of The Galaxy comics, to keep that joy coming!

Guardians Of The Galaxy (2013) by Brian Michael Bendis

Why has Earth suddenly become the most important planet in the galaxy? The Guardians of the Galaxy plan to find out! Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot – and the invincible Iron Man – embark on an explosive adventure! The secrets they discover will rattle readers for years to come! But while Earth deals with a brutal Badoon invasion, the Guardians’ fate has been decided millions of miles away! Then, Heaven’s most fearsome angel comes for the Guardians! And when Gamora battles the mysterious Angela, the universe hangs in the balance! The Guardians find themselves at a crossroads when Thanos’ master plan takes shape. Can Angela’s power help combat INFINITY? And will Star-Lord betray the entire universe? The cosmic blockbuster hit begins here!

Possibly one of the best jumping-off points going, as this run was part of the Marvel Now! relaunch, which was designed for new comic readers.

This run specifically gives a little introduction to each character (we get a lot on Star Lord, as his father is entirely different in the comics – I’ll be going into more detail on that when GOTG Vol 3 comes out next year!), and we also see Tony Stark come along for the ride!

Though, a quick word of warning – this does eventually go into the Original Sin event, as well as the Black Vortex. Original Sin was a part of the Jason Aaron Thor run, and Black Vortex was also a part of the Brian Michael Bendis X-Men run. But for at least the first half, you can read this Guardians run with no problems.

Guardians Of The Galaxy (2017) by Gerry Duggan

A new era of cosmic adventure begins – with the Guardians caught between the Collector and the Grandmaster! And that’s bad news when Groot can’t grow any bigger than baby-sized, Drax has sworn off violence, and Gamora is hiding something! Can the gang get it together before they find themselves in the middle of a war between the Nova Corps and the shadowy Fraternity of Raptors? Hydra’s Secret Empire brings the Guardians back to Earth – but who will blast back off with them as their newest member? And the hunt for the Infinity Stones begins – a search that involves our ragtag renegades becoming…Novas?! But no Infinity quest can be complete without Adam Warlock!

If you love the characterisation of the Guardians in the MCU, this is definitely the comic to go for! It does lead into the Infinity Wars event and does reference a lot of different moments throughout Marvel Comic history, but I read this back when I was starting my comic journey and was fine reading it, so you should be fine too (though, if you have any questions, drop them in the comments down below and I’ll do my best to give an explanation/put up a new guide to help out!).

And that’s my quick guide to the two best places to start with Guardians Of The Galaxy comics! I’ll go into more detail on these characters when their movie comes out next year, but I hope that this will help you until then!


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