What Is Wakanda In Marvel Comics?

We’ve covered some of the cast of Wakanda Forever, and covered the role of Black Panther, now it’s time to get to know Wakanda itself!

What Is Wakanda?

Wakanda is an African nation in the Marvel Comic Universe, known for being the Black Panther’s home and incredibly technologically advanced country – built using the Vibranium (a scarce metal) mined from the deposits found around the country.

Wakanda has, up until recently, been a very isolationist country. Every attempt at invasion over the centuries has been thwarted with deadly force, and with minimal contact with the outside world.

More recent monarchs have opened the country up by joining the U.N. and allowing outsiders into the country (with explicit permission from the Black Panther).

Where Is Wakanda?

The location of Wakanda has changed a lot over the years. Originally, it was in the Northeast, near Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia, as well as fictional countries like Niganda, Rudyarda and Azania. But a map is shown in a later comic shows Wakanda in the South, nearer Sudan and the Democratic Republic Of The Congo.

Most recently, it has been shown to be near Lake Victoria in the middle of Mohannda in the North, Niganda to the South East, Azania to the South West, and Canaan to the West.

Avengers (2020) panel by Javier Garrón

Any Interesting Facts About Wakanda?

There are loads of interesting things Marvel has put in about Wakanda, things like:

  • Wakanda has the highest literary rate in the world, along with free universities for all its citizens
  • Due to their isolationism, Wakanda’s technology isn’t based on the rest of the world’s tech, meaning it is nearly impossible to hack.
  • Every citizen is given Kimoyo Beads at birth, to help monitor their health, give them access to the Wakandan version of the internet (which allows them to watch broadcasts on any frequency, which can be projected for crowds, or just for themselves), and the ability to communicate with anyone with their own Kimoyo Beads – think of it a bit like a mobile phone.
  • Wakanda doesn’t use fossil fuels, it instead uses more eco-friendly means of powering its cities.
  • Wakandans are fluent in multiple languages – they all speak Wakandan, Yoruba and Hausa, and use Swahili for their names. They can also speak many European languages.

Where Can I Read More About Wakanda?

In every Black Panther comic I’ve mentioned this week, and in basically every Black Panther comic ever written!

There’s obviously nothing focusing strictly on life in Wakanda, but you’ll bits and pieces about the country as you read Black Panther comics.

And that’s my quick guide to Wakanda! If you have questions, leave them down below in the comments and I’ll get you your answers!


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