What Is Atlantis In Marvel Comics?

We now know about all the key players in Wakanda, we know about Wakanda itself, so it’s time to cover Namor‘s home – Atlantis!

What Is Atlantis?

Atlantis, like in the original tales, is an underwater city which resides in the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and North America. It was originally an above-sea level land, but 20,000 years ago it sank beneath the ocean during a battle between the Celestials and the Deviants. The people of Atlantis have been known to move around the ocean and rebuild the city in safer areas after attacks, which happen fairly frequently.

Who Lives In Atlantis?

Around 12,000 Atlantians, a people whose origins are lost to time. Known also as Homo Mermani, the people who live in Atlantis can breathe underwater, possess superhuman strength and speed, are immune to radiation and have senses perfectly adapted to living underwater.

They are ruled by the Atlantian Royal Family, and their current king is Namor, a half-human, half-Atlantian who was also born with mutant powers. Namor is also the only Atlantian to not have blue skin.

Panel from Nick Fury (2017) by ACO

What Is Atlantis Like?

Atlantis is not a technologically advanced place like Wakanda, as living underwater has made making technological advancements difficult. For example, they can’t burn fossil fuels and rely mostly on old weaponry, such as swords, from sunken human ships. With the help of the Deviants though, there has been some advancement in the last century – for example, Atlantis built their first warships around World War II.

Outside of technology, Atlantians are a hunter/gatherer society, living off seaweed and raw fish. They value storytelling and dancing together, and revere the Greek God Neptune, who once lived among them.

In the MCU, however, their culture will be based more off of Aztec culture and will be called Talokan instead of Atlantis. But I can’t say more than that, as I have not seen the film yet!

Why Is It Called Talokan In The MCU?

Probably to avoid confusion with the DC character Aquaman, who is also the king of Atlantis in his world.

And that’s all there is to say about Atlantis really – the country hasn’t really been shown much in Marvel Comics, but hopefully, its involvement in the MCU will bring it, and the Atlantians, to the fore in the comics next year!

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