Nakia Character Profile

Name: Nakia

Supervillain Name: Malice

Created By: Christopher Priest

Nakia panel from Black Panther Annual (2018) by Mike Perkins

Played By: Lupita Nyong’o

Powers: Expert in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat, with increased strength, speed and agility after being nursed back to health by Killmonger.

Mini Bio: Nakia was born to the Q’Noma tribe in Wakanda, and was one of the girls picked to become a member of the Dora Milaje – the protectors of the Black Panther. As she was one of those picked, she was raised in the Royal Palace Of Wakanda with the rest of the team, which meant that she spent a lot of time around King T’Challa.

She became obsessed with him, convinced that they would marry, despite the new ruling that the Dora Milaje were to be purely bodyguards, not potential wives to the King. She grew jealous of T’Challa’s girlfriend, Monica Lynn, and actually ejected her from the ship they were flying, and then tried to make out that Monica was dead. T’Challa saw through the lie and dismissed Nakia from the Dora Milaje, leaving her to be shunned by the rest of Wakanda.

In shame, Nakia fled Wakanda but was captured by a villain named Achebe, who tortured her and left her for dead. Another villain, Killmonger, found Nakia in her weakened state, and using arcane methods brought her back to life, which gave her increased strength and speed. She took on the name Malice, after Killmonger’s previous protege, and vowed revenge against T’Challa and his loved ones.

To do this, Nakia developed a large array of weapons, and used a herb called Jufeiro to make men obsessed with her. The herb did not work on T’Challa, as he had managed to neutralise its effects on himself. The same could not be said for Nakia herself, who suffered severe cellular deterioration after prolonged use.

The last time Nakia was seen, she was attempting to steal a weapon from A.I.M. to use in a final act of revenge, but was stopped by Spider-Man, Okoye and the rest of the Dora Milaje.

Interesting trivia: Nakia used to be friends with Okoye and they used to be partners in the Dora Milaje, before she turned evil.

First Comic Appearance: Black Panther (November 1998)

Most Common Team Ups: Okoye, Dora Milaje, Killmonger

Comic Recommendations: Black Panther (1998) by Christopher Priest, Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever (2018) by Nnedi Okorafor


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