Introducing Marvel: Black, White And Blood

Over the last year or so, Marvel has been releasing mini-series with their darker characters as the stars, under the name of ‘Black, White And Blood,’ and I’ve just realised that I’ve never actually covered the series.

So, now that we’re in the lead-up to Halloween night, there is no better time than to go into it, because the same suggests, this series gets bloody

What is Black, White And Blood?

Black, White And Blood is a new Marvel series, where each title focuses on a different, dark hero or villain of the Marvel Universe. Each one has a series of short stories inside, written and drawn by different authors and artists. The reason why it’s called Black, White And Blood is pretty simple – everything is drawn in the colours of black, white and red!

Is The Series Suitable For Anyone Under 18?

I always say that it depends on the person – I was watching things like Blade and Underworld at 12 and had no problems. But, everyone is different, what I will say is that this series is violent, so if you, at any age, aren’t good with blood, maybe give this one a miss.

Moon Knight: Blood, White And Blood cover by Chris Bachalo, Dotun Akande & Jorge Fornés

Who Has Had A Black, White And Blood Series?

The series started with Wolverine, and because of its success, Carnage, Elektra, Deadpool and Moon Knight have all had their own time in the bloody spotlight!

Do I Need Prior Character Knowledge To Read Black, White And Blood?

Sadly, this is not something you can easily just jump into – a lot of these stories require knowledge of the title character and their villains, so I wouldn’t say you can dive right in. But, each character stands alone, so if you know about Moon Knight, but don’t know much about Wolverine, you can still read the Moon Knight run with no problem.

And that’s a quick rundown of Black, White And Blood! If you have any questions, leave them down below and I’ll try my best to answer them!

Happy Halloween everyone!


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