19th October Marvel Comic Releases

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for a round-up of Marvel’s new releases for the week!

Single Issues:

Crypts Of Shadows by Chris Cooper and others

The heroes of the Marvel Universe spend most of their time in the bright sun, flying high above it all…but every once in a while, they venture into the darkness that lurks in the hidden corners of the world. There lurk the creatures, the monsters, the vampires…the ones who prey on innocence and goodness. Join us, and some of your favorite heroes, for tales of fangs, claws and silent, stalking swamp creatures to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve!

The perfect Halloween read! But be sure you’re aware of all the characters involved – I have guides for Moon Knight, Werewolf By Night and Elsa Bloodstone to get you started!

Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man by Taboo B. Earl

What is reality and what is dream? What is science and what is magic? At the intersection of all of this stands the Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Peter Parker goes to Los Angeles and what he finds there are definitely not angels. The demons waiting for Peter are going to test him like never before. One demon in particular, a very famous one for Marvel and X fans in particular, might just eat Spider-Man alive.

Not one for new Spidey fans, and not for those who don’t like horror either! Also, there is a famous X-Men villain involved (though they haven’t been announced yet) so be prepared to look them up too if you’re not familiar with all things X-Men!

Bind Ups:

Young Avengers by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung Omnibus

Acclaimed TV veteran Allan Heinberg and superstar artist Jim Cheung’s complete YOUNG AVENGERS collaborations – in a single Omnibus for the first time! When the original Avengers disband, costumed teens Patriot, Asgardian, Hulkling, Iron Lad, Hawkeye and Stature unite to fill the gap. Their first order of business: surviving the wrath of Kang the Conqueror! Second? Weathering the disapproval of the adult Avengers! But when their teammate Billy’s magical powers spiral out of control, the Young Avengers set out to find the one person who might help: the Scarlet Witch, who might be Billy’s mother…and whose own uncontrollable powers caused the Avengers’ dissolution! Once the young heroes find her, nothing will ever be the same! 

Every Young Avengers comic in one edition! So if you want to know more about Billy and Tommy, a variant of Kang, Kate Bishop, and a bumper crop of other characters, teaming up together, this is for you!

Trials Of X volume 1 by Leah Williams and others

Murder and mayhem in the Reign of X! The Scarlet Witch has been murdered – and as X-Factor investigates the shocking crime, all clues point to Magneto! Meanwhile, the fallout from the Hellfire Gala continues for S.W.O.R.D. as Doctor Doom sticks around for a meeting of monarchs with matters of galactic import to discuss – including the Last Annihilation! The New Mutants are reeling from their own devastating loss as a great evil continues to cast its shadow. And when new problems present themselves in Ireland, the Marauders bring in Banshee for some assistance – and he’ll soon be screaming into battle!

The latest in the current X-Men saga, so look out for the next part of my X-Men reading guide in the coming months.

Incredible Hulk Epic Collection: And Now… The Wolverine by Peter David

Hulk is the strongest! Why? Because it’s hard not to be when you go from strength to strength with artists Herb Trimpe and Sal Buscema! Trimpe defined INCREDIBLE HULK in an artistic tenure stretching from 1968 to 1975. And not only did the series gain a great talent when Sal Buscema took over the reins, but also one that – unbelievably – would have a tenure longer than even Trimpe’s! Add to that Len Wein writing some of his greatest Hulk stories – including the first appearance of Wolverine – and you’d better believe it’s good to be green! The adventures collected here include Hulk smashing his way through the Mole Man, the Gremlin, the Shaper of Worlds, Doc Samson, the Abomination and, of course, the never-ending military machinations of General “Thunderbolt” Ross!

Previous volumes are Man Or Monster?, The Hulk Must Die, The Leader Lives, In The Hands Of Hydra, Who Will Judge The Hulk? and Crisis On Counter-Earth.

Illuminati by Brian Michael Bendis

The Illuminati will see you now! They are an elite group of the planet’s most powerful and influential heroes, who meet in secret to guide Earth through its greatest crises. Nobody knows they exist – and that’s the way they want it! Join Iron Man, Professor X, Black Bolt, the Sub-Mariner and Mister Fantastic as they take on the threats no one else can handle – and learn hidden secrets that will forever alter the way they (and you) look at the Marvel Universe! From the Kree/Skrull War and the coming of the Beyonder to a secret investigation of the Infinity Gems, this shadowy cabal has been manipulating events behind the scenes for years. But as the Skrulls’ Secret Invasion looms, can the isolated Illuminati keep themselves from fracturing under the pressure of paranoia? 

Some of this ties into previous events, but still a good read for all things Illuminati!

Hulk Vs Thor: Banner Of War by Donny Cates

A cataclysmic crossover destined to be a smash hit! Hulk and Thor have both undergone massive changes recently, but one thing remains constant: their heated rivalry! When mysterious circumstances bring them into conflict once more, will the God of Thunder be able to triumph against a Bruce Banner who can now control his rage? And will Iron Man regret coming between these two titans – even with his new Celestial Hulkbuster armor?! Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of both characters, writer Donny Cates pits the stars of his two titles against one another in his biggest blockbuster yet – and that’s saying something! Key mysteries from HULK and THOR will be revealed, and this clash will have shocking consequences for the future of both characters!

You’ll want to read Donny Cates’ Thor and Hulk runs before reading this.

Fantastic Four Epic Collection: The Mystery Of The Black Panther by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby unveil yet another unmatched Marvel milestone: the debut of the world’s first African super hero, the Black Panther – and his kingdom of Wakanda! And that’s just the start of it all as the Thing goes toe-to-toe with the Silver Surfer, the Human Torch takes on his 1940s namesake and the FF must face Doctor Doom – who’s armed with the Silver Surfer’s Power Cosmic! Plus: Experience another instant classic with the first appearances of Blastaar, the alien Kree, Ronan the Accuser, Sentry 459 and that spaghetti-headed wonder, the Supreme Intelligence! And if all that wasn’t enough, the utopian scientists of the Enclave unleash the golden being called Him – the man who will one day become known as Adam Warlock! 

If you’re looking to read T’Challa’s first appearance before Black Panther: Wakanda Forever comes out, this is the comic for you! For context for the Fantastic Fours storyline, you’ll need: The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine, The Master Plan of Doctor Doom and The Coming Of Galactus.

Dark Ages by Tom Taylor

This is what the Watcher has been watching for. A danger older than the planet threatens everything. The age of technology is about to end – and for once, the heroes who have saved Earth time and again find themselves almost completely powerless in the face of it. X-Men and Avengers will assemble. Spiderpeople and the Fantastic Four will come together. Heroes for Hire will fight alongside Champions. But none of it will be enough. The lights are about to go out. The world outside our window…is about to end. And after darkness comes Apocalypse! Nothing can prepare you for an all-new saga of the Marvel Universe as you’ve never seen it before – from acclaimed talents Tom Taylor and Iban Coello!

I’ll do a reading guide for Dark Ages in the coming weeks!

Black Panther: The early Years Omnibus volume 1 by Don McGregor, Stan Lee, Roy Thomas and more

For the first time ever, the complete classic adventures of the Black Panther are collected in this, the first a line of Omnibus editions! In the 1960s, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created one of the most iconic super heroes ever conceived, the regal king of the Wakandans – the Black Panther. Roy Thomas, joined by top artists including John Buscema, brought the Panther into the ranks of the Avengers and delved into his origins and backstory. Then, Don McGregor launched T’Challa’s first solo series. His “Panther’s Rage” was an adventure so huge it ranged across the savannah, into the deepest jungles and over snow-topped mountains. Complete with original letters pages and an extensive trove of bonus material, this Omnibus is a must for every Marvel fan.

There is no better starting point for Black Panther if you’re looking to go right back to the beginning of the character (I also have you covered if you want more modern jumping-off points).

Black Panther by Ta-Nehisi Coates Omnibus

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ complete, acclaimed story of a king who sought to be a hero…a hero who was reduced to a slave…a slave who became a legend! The award-winning author confronts the Black Panther with dramatic upheaval in his homeland – first with a violent uprising, then the return of ancient gods! Meanwhile, T’Challa’s sister, Shuri, makes a transformative journey through Wakanda’s past, and Storm returns to the Panther’s life! But in the far reaches of space, a new cosmic power emerges: the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda! How did this happen? What does its ruthless Emperor N’Jadaka have planned? And what difference can one nameless-yet-familiar warrior, with no memory of his past, make to the rebellion? The Black Panther – and Wakanda – will never be the same!

This ties into previous events in the Marvel Universe – I’ll be doing a full reading guide for this run in the next few weeks – subscribe to this blog if you don’t want to miss it!

Avengers by Jason Aaron volume 3

Ghost Riders at war – and Starbrand reborn! Robbie Reyes wants to finally get rid of the flame-headed monster that lurks inside him. So it’s time to do the common-sense thing: perform an exorcism on his car. The only problem is that Johnny Blaze, the original Ghost Rider and current king of Hell, has plans of his own! Now, it’s Ghost Rider vs. Ghost Rider in a wild race through the deepest depths of the underworld, while the Avengers fight for their lives against their own Celestial headquarters…possessed by a hell-damned soul! Then, when a mysterious new wielder of the Starbrand unleashes cosmic chaos, some of the mightiest figures from beyond the stars come searching. The Avengers must suit up and head into space, but can they keep the Starbrand out of the wrong hands? 

Previous volumes are just named volumes 1 and 2.

And that’s everything coming out this week! What’s going on your pull list? For me, it has to be Dark Ages, Trials Of X and Crypt Of Shadows!

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