Who Is Skaar In Marvel Comics?


Spoilers incoming in…




Okay, we have the reason why Bruce went to Sakaar at the beginning of the She-Hulk series – he went to get his SON, Skaar!

But, just how did that happen? And who is he? And what does this mean for Bruce’s future in the MCU?

I have all your answers, and my own theories, for you in this post!

Who Is Skaar?

Skaar is the son of Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk. He was born on the planet Sakaar, and was raised in the swamps by Old Sam, a sorcerer, who taught him to speak and fight.

Child Skaar by Ron Garney

Who Is Skaar’s Mother?

Skaar’s mother is Caiera The Oldstrong – a member of the Shadow People of Sakaar. She was enslaved by the King of Sakaar, and later made his bodyguard. When Hulk arrived on Sakaar, she oversaw his training and enslavement, until he broke free, where the two battled against each other. Caiera also had the Old Power – a rare ability of the Shadow People, which gave her the ability to manipulate the stone and earth of Sakaar, which she used to save Skaar from death during battle.

When Was Skaar Born?

Skaar was born during the Hulk’s time on Sakaar – his parents had fallen in love when Caiera The Oldstrong switched sides in the war, helping Hulk kill the King of Sakaar and install Hulk as the new King. The two married in a private ceremony, and soon after fell pregnant with Skaar.

But, a warp core exploded on Sakaar, killing Caiera, and nearly killing Skaar too. The only reason he survived was because she protected him using the Old Power. Hulk was unaware of this though, believing both mother and child were dead.

Cover by Alex Garney

What Are Skaar’s Powers?

Outisde of the Old Power, which his mother transferred to him before she died, Skaar also has very similar abilities to his father, The Hulk. So he has super strength, enhanced stamina, fast healing (and he seems to have stopped aging, on top of that!), enhanced senses, and can transform into a human boy, who appears to be around twelve years old. He can also survive in the vacuum of space and does not need air, food, water or sleep.

What Does This Mean For Bruce Banner In The MCU?

Probably something very similar to Thor, who is now the father of Love – he’s now a superhero dad!

But, this could actually lead to a big Hulk story, and seeing as She-Hulk told K.E.V.I.N. to save all the Hulk stuff ‘for the movie’, it looks likely that we could be getting a World War Hulk movie! We’ve had the Planet Hulk, with Gladiator Hulk on Sakaar, in Thor: Ragnarok, and that storyline leads into World War Hulk.

World War hulk is actually started because Bruce thinks Caiera and Skaar are dead because of Reed Richards and the rest of the Illuminati – we’ve now got Skaar, we’ve got the Illuminati (or at least we had a multiversal version of them), could we be seeing Bruce go from being Smart Hulk to the enormous rage monster Incredible Hulk in a movie sometime soon?

Only time will tell – but it’s looking more and more likely!

Bruce and Skaar by John Romita Jnr, Klaus Janson and Dean White

Where Can I Read More About Skaar?

You’ll definitely want to read World War Hulk (2008) by Greg Pak, followed by Skaar, Son Of Hulk (2008) also by Greg Pak. He also teams up with a de-powered Bruce in The Incredible Hulk (2011), again by Greg Pak.

His next solo was Skaar: King Of The Savage Land (2011) by Rob Williams, before joining Jeff Parker’s Dark Avengers (2012). His most recent appearances have been in Hulk (2014) by Gerry Duggan and Gamma Flight (2021) by Al Ewing and Crystal Frasier.

And that’s your primer for Skaar, I hope this was useful, and if you have any questions, leave them down below and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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