All The Comic Book Easter Eggs In She-Hulk Part Three


Spoilers incoming in




You have been warned!

But it’s time for my final She-Hulk post for this year – a final wrap-up of the easter eggs (part two) in the last three episodes of the show!

Episode 7

Slott Tow Truck

Slott’s Tow Truck is a brilliant reference to Dan Slott – the writer of the She-Hulk comic the show is based on! And the episode itself is actually written by Zeb Wells – another prolific Marvel Comic writer!

Man Bull

One of Blonsky‘s clients is Man Bull, who is one of Daredevil’s minor villains, who started out as a henchmen and became a test subject of boss.


Another client is El Águila, a mutant who can generate electric blasts, as long as he had something to channel the energy through.


There have been two Porcupine’s in Marvel Comics, and both have started out as villains and attempted to turn to the side of good. The first died in battle, the second is now helping Spider-Woman with parenting.


A very, very minor vampire character from the 1990’s, who generally appears alongside Blade.

Episode 8

Leap Frog

Yes, this guy is just as pathetic in the comics as he is in the show. He even breaks his legs in a similar way in one of the comics.

Jen suits up

Jen’s super suit is very similar to her comic book suit!


We were all waiting for it – the return of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil! I explore more of Jen and Matt’s relationship in the comics in this blog post here.

Red Hulk mention

During Jen’s big fourth wall break at the end of episode 8, she mentions a Red Hulk, and this is actually a Marvel Comic character – Red Hulk is General Ross, aka the guy who brought forward the Sokovia Accords, tried to find Natasha in Black Widow, etc. He was created by Intelligencia, the bad guys of the She-Hulk show and his daughter, Betty Ross (as in, Bruce’s girlfriend from the comics/original Hulk films) is also Red She-Hulk. Neither character turned up in the show (RIP William Hurt), but it was a nice shout-out to the characters all the same!

Nikki’s Make-Up Claws

Nikki was probably just hurrying Jen up so they could get her ready for the gala, but she put her make-up brushes in a very particular position in her hands to do it. Specifically, the make-up brushes looked like claws, and not just any claws – Wolverine’s claws! After that mention at the beginning of the show, and the announcement that Hugh Jackman is coming back to play Wolverine in Deadpool 3, I like to think that this is a reference to everyone’s favourite mutant!

Episode 9

The Fourth Wall Break To End All Fourth Wall Breaks

Not only did Jen talk to the audience, she broke out of her show and went to talk to the writers of the show. This wouldn’t actually be a first for Jen, she once famously tried to get out of her comic in 1989 to get to her writer, so he’d change the storyline!


Less of a comic easter egg, and more of an MCU easter egg, but I can’t ignore it – the She-Hulk show made the biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe Godfather Kevin Feige joke by making him into a robot who controls the MCU! The robot even has one of Kevin Feige’s signature hats on!

The Scarlet Witch Comic

K.E.V.I.N. is doing his homework, in the form of reading comics, there’s a lot to see on the shelves in his office, but I’m pointing out the Scarlet Witch one because I love her.

Another QR Code

At this point, I think it’s just standard MCU practice to place a QR code in every Disney Plus episode they post, so if you want to check out a free comic, scan that code on the door!

The X-Men Line

Jen asks what we’re all thinking – where are the X-Men? Technically it’s not an easter egg for comics, but as I’m a massive X-Men fan who also turns into Gollum whenever a mutant is mentioned, I’m adding it to this post too.


And finally, Bruce dropped a bombshell on his return to earth – he has a SON called Skaar! I cover everything you need about the character in my earlier post here.

And that’s it for my She-Hulk content for this season! I hope you enjoyed it and learnt a thing or two along the way. Tell me, what was your favourite easter egg of the series? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below!

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