12th October Marvel Comic Releases

This new comic book day is seeing many new releases!

Single Issues:

Namor Sub-Mariner: Conquered Shores by Christopher Cantwell

A century into the future, not much land remains on Earth. A combination of a worsening climate and a devastating war with the Kree has left the surface of the planet mostly inhospitable, with an ever-dwindling population of air-breathers and a profound lack of super heroes to protect them. Enter NAMOR, who these many years on is no longer King of Atlantis…but ruler of the entire world.

Definitely not one for new readers of Namor – I’ll be doing a guide on the character next month, before the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Wakanda Forever by Stephanie Williams and more

THE BLACK PANTHER IS NO LONGER WELCOME IN WAKANDA! Who is this proud nation without its king? This exciting new miniseries answers that question as each issue spotlights a different fan-favorite Wakandan character. First up: Shuri proves that being without the Black Panther doesn’t mean Wakanda is without heroes to protect it – and that there is a reason she too once wielded the power. Plus, part one of the “History of the Black Panthers” backup story, providing for the first time anywhere a definitive overview of every Wakandan who has ever held the mantle of the Black Panther!

I’d recommend having some prior knowledge of Black Panther, and the characters mentioned in this synopsis. I’ll, again, be doing a tonne of guides before Wakanda Forever comes out next month to help with this.

AXE: Iron Fist by Alyssa Wong

IRON FIST FACES HIS GREATEST CHALLENGE – AN A.X.E. TIE-IN! After the clash between Lin Lie and his brother Lin Feng, Lin Lie – the current Iron Fist, protector of the mystical city of K’un-Lun – must reclaim access to K’un-Lun! But not before he faces a trial unlike any other: SHOU-LAO THE UNDYING?! Wait, what does LOKI have to do with all of this? Find out when IRON FIST and LOKI face JUDGMENT!

A tie-in to A.X.E, again, a guide will be coming up for this event when the bind ups start releasing.

AXE: Eternals by Kieron Gillen

THE THIRD & FINAL STORY-CRITICAL A.X.E. ONE-SHOT! Ajak has come a long way. She’s met her maker. Hell, she’s made her maker. Now can she – or anyone – survive her maker?

Another A.X.E. tie-in, so without repeating myself, keep an eye out for my bind up guide and get to know Ajak here.

Bind Ups:

Black Panther by Ta-Nehisi Coates Omnibus

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ complete, acclaimed story of a king who sought to be a hero…a hero who was reduced to a slave…a slave who became a legend! The award-winning author confronts the Black Panther with dramatic upheaval in his homeland – first with a violent uprising, then the return of ancient gods! Meanwhile, T’Challa’s sister, Shuri, makes a transformative journey through Wakanda’s past, and Storm returns to the Panther’s life! But in the far reaches of space, a new cosmic power emerges: the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda! How did this happen? What does its ruthless Emperor N’Jadaka have planned? And what difference can one nameless-yet-familiar warrior, with no memory of his past, make to the rebellion? The Black Panther – and Wakanda – will never be the same!

The complete collection of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Panther run! This does rely a LOT on having previous knowledge of various Marvel events, let alone knowing the world of Wakanda, so I would not recommend this to new readers. I’ll be doing a guide for this series, including what you need to read in the run-up to this series, in the coming weeks.

Excalibur by Tini Howard volume 2

In the aftermath of X OF SWORDS, Excalibur must uncover the fate of Betsy Braddock!
Can they discern the secret of the woman on the shore? And who is…Queen Elizabeth
III?! As the Krakoan Council makes moves to protect the mutants remaining in the realm of Otherworld, an invisible threat is unleashed on the island – unseen, unheard and almost undetectable. Can the team hunt it down before the all-important Hellfire Gala kicks off? And how will Excalibur’s actions at the Gala change Krakoan diplo forever? As an escort mission reveals deep political unrest among Saturnyne’s Otherworld court, a brutal sacrifice will bear bitter fruit. And when doom returns to Avalon, Excalibur’s sacred duties to Otherworld will be tested to their very limits. Are they heroes to be celebrated? Or witchbreed to be put to the stake? 

Make sure you’re all caught up with Dawn Of X, and X Of Swords before reading this! And keep in mind that if you’re collecting the bind ups named ‘Dawn Of X/Reign of X, etc’ then you do not need to buy this – you only need this specific bind up if you are collecting everything in teams.

Marvel-Verse: Shuri by Nnedi Okorafor and Vita Ayala

Shuri, princess of Wakanda, has one of the bravest souls and most brilliant minds in the Marvel-Verse – and these are the tales that prove it! She’s happiest in a lab, surrounded by gadgets. But when her brother T’Challa goes missing, will Shuri step up for the sake of Wakanda? Shuri’s search takes her to New York City, where a wild adventure awaits alongside two of America’s finest young heroes, Miles Morales and Kamala Khan! Then, it’s a hightech, high-octane race against the X-Men’s engineer Forge and several other gearheads – but Shuri always plays to win! And when one of the Black Panther’s advisors suffers an injury, a wicked curse sends T’Challa and Shuri on an epic quest where nothing is as it seems! 

Collecting some of Shuri’s stories – but this is only really meant to give you a taste of her character, so don’t expect the full run in this bind up!

Moon Girl: Endangered Species by Mohale Mashigo

Join Moon Girl in her biggest adventure yet! Pint-sized genius Lunella Lafayette takes on the Marvel Universe alongside some of its greatest heroes: Miles Morales, the Avengers and the X-Men. Because when Lunella’s trusty T. Rex, Devil Dinosaur, goes missing, it may take all their helping hands to find him! Miles sure knows his way around Brooklyn. But when the Avengers detect rogue dinosaur activity in an unlikely place, they’ll need Lunella’s help – and that means Moon Girl is on her way to the moon! But where will the search take her next? And how will the X-Men come to her aid? 

I recommend having a bit of knowledge of everyone mentioned in this synopsis before reading this!

Ms Marvel: Generations by G Willow Wilson

Ms. Marvel’s powers are back in order! But that doesn’t mean things will get any simpler in Kamala Khan’s life. Her past is about to collide with her future as shocking revelations change everything! It’s a good thing Kamala’s closest friends – Bruno, Nakia and Zoe – are there for her as an era comes to an end! Then a time-traveling Kamala shares an encounter with Carol Danvers – back when Carol herself was Ms. Marvel! And the team-ups don’t end there: When a science demonstration goes awry, Kamala gets tangled up in a crazy body-swapping caper with Spider-Man! And the sudden reappearance of Mar-Vell, the first Kree Captain Marvel, draws Carol and Kamala back together in the present day for an out-of-this-world adventure! 

Previous volumes are called Ms Marvel volumes 1-5, without any subtitles, just to be confusing.

Venom Epic Collection: Carnage Unleashed by Mike Lackey and others

Separation anxiety for Eddie Brock and Venom! The sinister symbiote finds himself caught in the web of Spider-Man’s clone, the Scarlet Spider! But when the battle leads to Eddie and his other being separated, can they find a way to escape captivity and reunite – or will the Life Foundation symbiotes stand in their way? Venom will need to be back at full strength when a hit video game provides Cletus Kasady with the opportunity to unleash Carnage once more! And when killer vigilante Sin-Eater strikes, Eddie’s ex-wife is caught in the crossfire. To survive, must she become the bride of Venom? 

Previous volumes are called Symbiosis and Lethal Protector. As always with Epic Collections, there are a few volumes missing, specifically volumes 3 and 4 haven’t been released yet, so there will be a large gap in Eddie and Venom’s story if you read this straight after Lethal Protector!

X-Cellent volume 1: New Blood, New World by Peter Milligan

They were cherished by their adoring fans. They were reviled by the harsh press. They lived, they loved, they fought, and they died…a lot…all for the sake of fame. They were the X-Statix, a team of mutant celebrities fighting for a brighter world and an even brighter spotlight! But they’re old news now, because there’s a new mutant team that will live harder, love harder, fight harder and die a whole lot harder than those has-beens! Peter Milligan, Michael Allred and Laura Allred return to introduce the best new super hero team you didn’t know you needed! Meet…the X-Cellent! But as the long-thought-dead Zeitgeist recruits new members for his smash-hit mutant phenomenon, will they turn out to be team players – or the latest in a long line of adversaries?

You’ll want knowledge of the X-Men and the original X-Statix team before this.

And that’s everything coming out this week! What’s going on your pull list? The new Wakanda series is definitely going on mine!

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