Who Is Elsa Bloodstone, And What Is The Bloodstone To Her?

Werewolf By Night introduced us to some awesome, spooky characters, and they don’t come more spooky than Elsa Bloodstone!

Here’s a quick guide as to who she is, and why she is connected to the Bloodstone, further than having the same name!

Who Is Elsa Bloodstone?

Elsa Bloodstone is a monster hunter in the Marvel Comic Universe. She is the daughter of the immortal monster hunter Ullyses Bloodstone, who raised her in England with her mother, Elise.

Ullyses was a harsh and strict parent, determined to make his daughter the best monster hunter she could be by pitting her against monsters from a very young age. He was cruel and never gave her slack, to the point of punishing Elsa for being even ten seconds too long on a kill.

Elise disapproved of this, and when she tried to stop her husband, he claimed that she was insane and had her sent to a psychiatric ward.

As Elsa grew up, her father grew weaker and eventually died when his powers failed him. Elsa stayed in the mansion her father owned in Boston, and became a monster hunter in her own right, though has refused to ever continue the Bloodstone family line.

Secret Wars: Marvel Zombies cover by Greg Land and Nolan Woodard

Does Elsa Bloodstone Have Powers?

Elsa has some level of innate power, in the sense that she is immune to vampire bites, but that power, and any other power she has, is tied to the Bloodstone gem, which she wears as a choker. The gem gives her enhanced speed, strength and healing, and is able to shoot energy blasts so powerful they can blow away giant monsters. She is now also immortal thanks to the gem.

Outside of that, Elsa is a very highly trained martial artist and has access to various occult books, such as the Darkhold, the Scrolls Of Chthon, and the Le Fay Testimonies, as well as to occult objects, and normal weaponry such as handguns.

Does Elsa Ever Team Up With Anyone?

Elsa is generally a lone wolf, but she has teamed up with Werewolf By Night in the Legion Of Monsters, as well as the Midnight Sons and Deadpool.

What Is The Bloodstone?

The Bloodstone is part of a meteorite that landed on Earth during the Hyborian Age around 8000 BC. A human got hit with a fragment of this meteorite, which embedded itself in his chest, that man was Ullyses Bloodstone, aka, Elsa’s father.

Elsa’s hand infected by the Bloodstone panel by Kevin Libranda

The stone gives increased speed, strength, longevity, reflexes, stamina, psychic power, and in some cases, increase magical abilities. The power given depends on how strong the sense of revenge is in the wielder.

Where Can I Read More About Elsa Bloodstone?

Her first appearance was in Bloodstone issue 1 (2001) by Dan Abnett. From there, you can read about her Legion Of Monsters team up in Legion Of Monsters (2011)by Kieron Gillen. If zombies are more your thing, then there’s Battleworld: Marvel Zombies (2015) by Simon Spurrier, though be warned, this one ties into Secret Wars.

Elsa also appears in volume 2 of A Force (2016) by Kelly Thompson, if you’re looking for an all-female team up. And then you can’t go wrong with Monsters Unleashed (2017) by Cullen Bunn!

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