She-Hulk And Daredevil Team Up Comic Recommendation


We saw Matt Murdock the really good lawyer in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but in She-Hulk, we see the return of his superhero side, Daredevil, the Devil Of Hell’s Kitchen himself! And, surprising no one at all, Matt and Jennifer get along like a house on fire, just like they do in the comics.

But, weirdly, the two have only ever really interacted in one comic run, and that run is:

Charles Soule’s 2014 She Hulk run.

She-Hulk issue 10 cover by Kevin Wada

This is Matt and Jen’s most famous, and biggest, interaction they’ve had in Marvel Comic history. Here, like in the episode, the two are on opposing sides of the courtroom. But in this comic Matt is defending Captain America, while Jennifer tries to prove him guilty of murder!

Don’t worry though – it was all at Steve Rogers’ request, and it does all resolve without Steve serving jail time. The same can’t be said for the villain of the story, who Matt and Jen take on together as Daredevil and She-Hulk after the court case!

And that is literally it in terms of Matt and Jen’s team-ups.

Admittedly, there have been a couple of other interactions, but each one has been brief.

For example, Matt and Jen also have a short conversation in War Of The Realms, which lasts literally one page.

Panel from Avengers issue 20 (2019)

Then, they also have a brief conversation in Devil’s Reign, while discussing how to take down Wilson Fisk.

Panel from Devil’s Reign issue 3 (2022)

Outside of that, the two have spoken in alternate or altered, realities, such as the House Of M reality, and a reality where no one remembers that superheroes exist (Marvel Knights 20th by Donny Cates).

Panel from House Of M issue 5 (2005)

It’s weird to think that these two prominent lawyers with superpowers have barely spoken to each other in Marvel Comics, but I guess that’s just luck of the draw. All I can say, is that while we don’t see it often, Matt and Jen are good friends on screen and on page!

And hopefully, soon we’ll get some more team-ups between Matt and Jen in comics and in the MCU, given the popularity of this She-Hulk episode!

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