Who Are Intelligencia In She-Hulk?


Titania may have been (mostly, probably) dealt with, but a new mysterious group has stepped up to the plate as the enemy of She-Hulk – Intelligencia!

Now, we know that they’re a website with a subsection dedicated to hating She-Hulk, and they seem to have some kind of scientific leaning, considering the shot of the lab at the end. But who are they? Who could be behind all this? And what do they want?

I’ve got your answers in this post!

Who Are Intelligencia?

Intelligencia was originally a group formed by the Earth’s most sinister villains, created for criminal genius’ to swap ideas and information between themselves. But it evolved into more of a supervillain group that joined forces to defeat the Hulk during a rampage.

What Does Intelligencia Want?

What does any supervillain team want? To defeat our heroes and fulfill their villainous dreams! In all honesty though, the team originally came together to steal the surviving parts of the Library Of Alexandria from Wakanda, Atlantis and Olympia, and ended up trying to defeat the Hulk and rule the world.

Fall Of The Hulks Alpha issue 1 cover by Ed McGuinness

Who Is A Part Of Intelligencia?

The team members of Intelligencia change, as all teams do in comics, but in the past it has included Doctor Doom, M.O.D.O.K., Klaw and The Leader. They also successfully convinced General Ross to become Red Hulk (think Bruce Banner’s Hulk, but red, and Ross has to consciously change, instead of the transformation being instinctual), Ross then ended up going on missions for the group while a Life Model Decoy went about Ross’ every day life, to keep up the ruse that they were separate people.

Where Can I Read More About Intelligencia?

Intelligencia haven’t been in that many comics so far, but their debut was in Fall Of The Hulks: Alpha issue 1 (2009) by Jeff Parker, and they continued to pop up throughout that series. I’d also recommend She-Hulks (2010) by Harrison Wilcox, where Jen is hunting down the members of the team who are on the run. But, be warned with these two, as this all ties into World War Hulk and Greg Pak’s Hulk run, so a lot of the storyline intertwines with that event.

And that’s everything you need to know about Intelligencia! I hope this helped, and if you have any questions, please leave them down below and I’ll get right on with answering them!


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