All The Comic Book Easter Eggs In She-Hulk Part Two

We’re now up to episode 6 of She-Hulk, so it’s time to do another easter egg round-up! Here are all the easter eggs in episodes 4-6!

Episode 4

Jen’s to do list

Jen’s To Do List

On Jen‘s computer you can see her plans for the day, and there are some interesting names on the list. Names like Kraft and Soule, Lee and Bryne. And those names are obviously references to the Marvel writers: David Anthony Kraft, Charles Soule, Stan Lee and John Byrne.

Mary MacPherran on the She-Hulk legal documents

Titania’s Real Name

Mary MacPherran is the real name of Titania, the influencer who’s suing Jennifer over the name She-Hulk!

The Book Of Vishanit in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

The Book Of Vishanti

Wong mentions the Book Of Vishanti when talking to Jen, which is a reference to the book Doctor Strange and America Chavez are trying to get in Multiverse Of Madness! It’s also a major book for sorcerers in the Marvel Comic Universe!

Jen’s date called her incredible

Incredible She-Hulk

Jen’s date calls her incredible, which is a reference to Bruce, her cousin, aka The Incredible Hulk! This is a name usually used in titles for Hulk comics, while Jen’s titles usually refer to her as The Savage She-Hulk.

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

Jen’s Date’s Book

Jen’s doctor date passed the time while she was fighting demons by reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, and I’m sure that book wasn’t picked by accident, as Roxane Gay has written a Marvel comic! She wrote The World Of Wakanda in 2016, which follows Dora Milaje members Ayo and Aneka, who are going to be turning up in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!

Madisynn signing a deal with Jake

Mephisto Making A Deal?

Madisynn and Wongers is everyone’s new favourite chaotic duo, but who’s interesting about her is her tale of the other dimension Donny Blaze sent her to. She escaped by signing a deal with a dude called Jake and giving him drops of her blood. Could she have signed a deal with Mephisto, the Marvel version of the Devil? Or could it just be a throwaway line? We will hopefully soon see!

Episode 5

Luke Jacobson, the costume maker

A Detective’s Assistant turned Costume Designer

Luke Jacobson isn’t a costume designer for the heroes, he’s a reworked character from the comics! Jacobson is very different there though, he’s nothing to do with costumes, he’s an assistant to a detective called Dakota North.

What’s interesting as well, is that his assistant, named Eugene Patilio, is a superhero called Frog-Man in the comics!

Daredevil’s helmet

The Daredevil Helmet

The easter egg that broke the internet – Daredevil’s helmet in the hat box at the costume designers! He’s not mentioned by name, just referred to as a client, but I think we all recognise the iconic Devil Of Hell’s Kitchen horns anywhere!

Pug’s shoe collection

Pug’s Superhero Shoes

This screenshot is a gift that keeps on giving, as it’s FILLED with references to superheroes! As we can see, each set of shoes is based on a different hero, and the heroes I’ve noticed so far are: Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Storm, Captain America, Scarlet Spider, America Chavez, Moon Knight, Black Panther, Electro, Juggernaut, Silver Surfer, Hawkeye and Deadpool!

Episode 6

Mr Immortal, the man incapable of confrontation

The Immortal Man

Another powered person has turned up – Mr Immortal! In the comics, he’s part of a different branch of humanity’s evolution called Homo Superior, so he’s not a mutant, or a mutate, but he’s still a powered being. Essentially, he’s immortal, and sadly, he’s a depressed alcoholic, traumatised by the number of people he’s lost over the years.

Baroness Blood from Marvel Comics

The First MCU Vampire?

Mr Immortal also said something very intriguing in this episode – he mentions being married previously to Baroness Cromwell. Now, this could be a reference to Lady Cromwell, a 17th-century British aristocrat, or it could be a reference to Lily Cromwell – a woman bit by a vampire who then took on the name Baroness Blood. Could she have bitten Mr Immortal, creating his immortality, or is he homo superior, or did he lie entirely about his first wife?

The Intelligencia website

Intelligencia, The New Bad Guys

We have a new villain for She-Hulk, Intelligencia! In the comics, they’re a team of supervillains who Jen has taken down before, and it looks like she’ll have to do it again. Whether the team takes a similar form of genius villains or just She-Hulk hating scientists, we’ll have to wait and see!

What is interesting though, is that one of the heads of Intelligencia in the comics is The Leader, a Hulk villain we actually last saw in The Incredible Hulk movie from 2008, and we know that he is coming back as a villain in Captain America: New World Order. Could The Leader be introduced in She-Hulk, before his big move in Captain America?

And that’s all the easter eggs in the fourth to the sixth episodes of She-Hulk, what was your favourite? Did you see any other heroes in Pug’s shoe collection? Let me know in the comments!

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