Who Is She-Hulk’s Titania?


Titania has become the enemy of Jennifer Walters, after stealing the name ‘She-Hulk’ and using it for her own gain!

But, who is Titania? What are her powers? And which comics does Titania turn up in?

I’ve got all the answers you need!

Who Is Titania?

Titania, aka Mary MacPherran, is a She-Hulk villain. She originally started out as a small and timid young girl who was bullied by her peers until she met Doctor Doom, who offered to give her powers.

What Are Titania’s Powers?

Due to Doom’s experiments, Titania has superhuman strength, stamina and durability, she is also a master combatant, mostly using street fighting techniques.

Titania alternative cover of Old Man Hawkeye issue 12 by Marko Djurdjevic

Is Titania A Villain?

Originally, yes, Titania was a villain, and she has been a villain for most of her powered life. She has been part of the Frightful Four villain team, as well as the Masters Of Evil and the new, more evil, version of the Illuminati, and has been married to Victor Creel (Absorbing Man) for years.

But, she has tried to go straight and become a law-abiding citizen. Sadly though, The Hood got in the way, setting her up to lose her job and join his team instead. While she never trusted him or followed through with his plan, she did end up going back to a life of crime, believing that she could never succeed in living a normal life.

In saying that, she and She-Hulk now have an arrangement where they meet up sometimes to fight to let off steam – they call it their Super Fight Club and have invited others to join in. The truce may not last long, but currently, the two are (reasonably) getting along.

Where Can I Read More About Titania?

For Titania’s origins, check out Secret Wars (1984) by Jim Shooter, then for more modern stories, I would read Dan Slott’s She-Hulk (2005) run, Illuminati (2015) by Joshua Williamson and Gamma Flight (2021) by Al Ewing – just make sure to have read Immortal Hulk by Al Ewing first!


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