She-Hulk By Dan Slott Reading Guide

I’ve mentioned Dan Slott’s She-Hulk run multiple times in recent weeks, so here’s the full reading guide for the run!

Dan Slott’s She-Hulk ran for nine volumes, which tied into Civil War, World War Hulk and Secret Invasion, so I’d have those bind ups on hand as well when setting out to read it!

I should also mention that the writers changed in book 5, with Greg Pak writing Jen’s next appearance in World War Hulk and the rest being written by Peter David!

The Bind Up Version:

Single Green Female

Superhuman Law

Time Trials (which actually features the TVA)

Laws Of Attraction

Planet Without A Hulk

World War Hulk (technically not part of the series, but Jen plays a massive part in the storyline)

Jaded (writer now changed to Peter David)

Here Today…

Secret Invasion

Lady Liberators

This will give you the full run, but if you also have the options of:

Complete Collections:

The She-Hulk Omnibus – which contains absolutely everything published in this run.


The Complete Collection volumes 1 and 2 – these will probably work out cheaper than the Omnibus, and be far easier to hold/put on your shelves!

I’d post the covers, but they’re exactly the same as the cover for Single Green Female!

And that’s the whole reading order! I hope you enjoy it – I will say that it does contain some 2005-era sexism, a lot of nakedness/sex references, the death of a child, threats of death, the death of a child, mentions of war, human experimentation, body horror and a lot of violence, so be careful if you are triggered by any of those things!

If you want another She-Hulk run reading order, please do let me know and I’ll get right on it!


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