7th September Marvel Comic Releases

Another reasonably short release week for Marvel, but it’s featuring one of my most anticipated releases of the year!

Single Issues:

All-Out Avengers by Derek Landy

An alien attack. A missing piece of wormhole tech. A city warped, its citizens transformed into hideous creatures loyal to an Empress from the far side of the universe. And a certain Captain Marvel, looking to her fellow Avengers with murderous intent… Plunge into the action and take a deep breath because you will not be allowed up for air as a thrilling new series kicks off in the strongest, strangest way possible.

Kicking off with that most anticipated release – Derek Landy‘s All-Out Avengers! As far as I know, this doesn’t tie into anything bigger, just Derek Landy’s Black Order comic, so as long as you have that to hand, you should be able to dive right into the action!

Spider-Man 2099 Exodus Omega by Steve Orlando

•  The final battle for the Celestial Garden begins! Spider-Man vs. Norman Osborn! The X-Men vs. the Cabal! Two armies, two deadly enemies…and the keys to 2099’s future up for grabs!
•  It’s a brawl for all: A brave new tomorrow for 2099 starts here!

Make sure you’ve read Spider-Man 2099 Exodus Alpha and everything in between first – I’ll do a full reading guide when the bind ups start coming out.

X-Men And Moon Girl by Mohale Mashigo

The High Evolutionary is a dino-napper! With Captain Marvel’s help, Lunella tracks him all the way to the Moon itself to get him back, and stop the High Evolutionary from setting an army of dino-clones loose on Earth. But even when they’re reunited, something’s wrong – her connection with DD has been broken. Now Moon Girl must team up with Wolverine and chase the High Evolutionary to Counter-Earth in search of answers… or risk losing her best friend for good.

The latest in Moon Girl’s recent team-ups, again, I’ll do a full reading guide when the bind ups come out.

Bind Ups:

The Thing: The Next Big Thing by Walter Mosley

Renowned storyteller Walter Mosley brings his signature style to Yancy Street’s favorite son! This sweeping saga of the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing will range from the urban sprawl of Manhattan’s back alleys to the farthest reaches of the cosmos! A lonely evening and a chance encounter (or is it?) send Ben Grimm embarking on an unexpected sojourn – where he must battle foes both old and new! But as the Thing fights and fights to rescue his newfound love, Amaryllis, from the seemingly unstoppable Brusque, there’s more going on than meets the eye! Featuring characters drawn from all throughout the Marvel Universe, “The Next Big Thing” is here to remind audiences why the Thing is one of the most popular and beloved characters in the history of comics! 

I’d make sure you know about the Thing and his Fantastic Four family before reading this.

She-Hulk By Charles Soule Complete Collection

Writer Charles Soule brings his legal expertise to Jennifer Walters, attorney at law – A.K.A. the Sensational She-Hulk! With a solo law practice, a new paralegal who is far more than she seems and a mounting number of enemies, Jen might have bitten off more than she can chew! Especially with clients like Kristoff Vernard, son of Doctor Doom – and Captain America himself! Meanwhile, She-Hulk and Hellcat must uncover the deeply buried conspiracy found in the mysterious Blue File! And when someone important to Jen is killed, she won’t let it stand – but who can she trust? Giant-Man lends a big hand – and She-Hulk takes on Matt Murdock in the Marvel trial of the century! Plus: Titania! Deadpool! And will She-Hulk’s holiday party spell the end of her practice?

With She-Hulk coming out on Disney Plus, this is the perfect timing for this release! If you were looking for a complete She-Hulk run to read in one go, this bind up is ideal for you!

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur: Place In The World by Brandon Montclare

Bad dreams and great team-ups! Moon Girl and  Devil Dinosaur must fight to stay out of the Dream Dimension, a place at the edge of our subconscious where all manner of monsters dwell! What fearsome fiends lurk within the mind of a 65-million-yearold thunder lizard – or worse yet, a 9-year-old super-genius?! Doctor Strange and Sleepwalker are about to find out! Then Lunella meets the original kid super hero, Spider-Man! And if that isn’t amazing enough, wait until the War of the Realms breaks out – and our heroes share a mythical adventure in Asgard! Next, the Lafayettes face a family crisis that threatens time and space! And – at last – it’s the battle of the biggest brains in the Marvel Universe…and it will be fantastic! Is Reed Richards smarter than a fourth-grader? 

This is a reprint of Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur’s core series, so if you have those volumes already, feel free to ignore this. But if you want to collect these versions (or give them to your kids), the previous volumes are called: The Beginning, Full Moon and Bad Buzz.

Mighty Marvel Masterworks Incredible Hulk volume 2: Lair Of The Leader by Stan lee

Every great Marvel hero has a great nemesis, and Marvel’s greenest hero has the greenest nemesis: the Leader! For every ounce of strength the Hulk possesses, the Leader packs an intellectual punch to match. Now, in the Hulk’s second Mighty Marvel Masterworks, witness the jade giant descend into the lair of the Leader and his horrible Humanoids! Brought to you by creative titans Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, it’s a saga from the peak of the Marvel Age of Comics – and more fun than you can shake a tank at! Dr. Robert Bruce Banner will also tangle with General Thunderbolt Ross and compete for the love of Betty Ross against Major Glenn Talbot! 

The first volume in this Incredible Hulk series is called Green Goliath.

How To Read Comics The Marvel Way by Christopher Hastings and others

Presenting a universal gateway into the House of Ideas! Comic books can sometimes be like a foreign language to the uninitiated – with their own unique storytelling tools, visual shorthand and narrative conventions. Many clever cartoonists and scribes have shared their theories on the grammar of comics, but it’s never been done in the Mighty Marvel Manner! Get ready, because Mysterio has trapped Spider-Man inside a comic book – and Spidey’s going to help you navigate through the gutters, balloons, panels, pencils and more! Plus: See how top talents speak the “language of comics” in action-packed adventures featuring Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur! 

The perfect way to understand how to read comics, so if you want to get into the genre, but are confused as to how to read them – get this and you’ll have all the answers (though also subscribe to The Comic Book Sanctum, as I deal with reader orders/new releases/explanations and everything else you could need)!

And that’s everything coming out this week! What’s going on your pull list? For me, it’s definitely All-Out Avengers! Tell me down yours down in the comments!

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