Who Is Marvel’s Abomination?


We got our first look into Jennifer Walter‘s new work as a superhero lawyer – she’s got to represent Emil Blonsky, aka Abomination!

But just who is Abomination? We know he’s one of the Hulk’s villains, we also know that he’s been cage fighting with Wong, as seen in Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings, but is he who he says he is? Is he in prison under false pretences?

Let’s look at his comic book counterpart and get to know him a bit better, maybe figure out what’s going on!

Who Is Emil Blonsky?

Emil Blonksy is an ex-KGB operative who infiltrated the US Air Force Base Bruce Banner was working in as he was trying to get rid of his Hulk-self. He has served as a villain for Bruce ever since his first appearance, usually being sent by General Ross to kill Bruce/Hulk.

How Did Emil Become Abomination?

Emil became Abomination during his first meeting with Bruce – he was caught in an explosion of Gamma Rays, which Bruce was using to try and kill the Hulk. It didn’t work on Bruce and instead transformed Emil into Abomination, a lizard-like creature even stronger than Hulk.

What Are Abomination’s Powers?

Abomination has very similar powers to the Hulk, with a few differences. For starters, Abomination is twice as strong as Hulk (though his strength does not grow with rage, which means that if Hulk gets angry enough, he can overpower Abomination), he is also immune to being shot with bullets and rockets, can heal quickly (though not as quickly as Hulk), can breathe underwater and can preserve his own life in suspended animation.

Abomination cover from Hulk (April 2014) by Jerome Opeña

Where Can I Read More About Abomination?

The best place to start with Abomination is Tales To Astonish (1967) issue 90 by Stan Lee and Gil Kane, as that’s the character’s first appearance. From there, Incredible Hulk Masterworks volumes 7 and 11 by Roy Thomas and Len Wein give you his next appearances.

For more recent works, She-Hulk volume 5 by Dan Slott gives another update to the character as he’s taken in for a secret project called Project Achilles by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Is Abomination Really A Villain?

As always, the MCU likes to change things around and not follow the comics exactly, so it’s anyone’s guess – to be honest, it also depends on the comic you’re reading when it comes to whether Abomination is a villain or not.

In most comics, Abomination is acting as a villain character, but half the time, he seems to be manipulated by General Ross or has been experimented on without his consent. So the question is more ‘would Abomination be doing villainous things without being pushed into it’ rather than ‘is Abomination a villain,’ which is something Jennifer is also trying to establish.

So really, only time will tell if the MCU Abomination is actually evil, or if he’s been forced into doing villainous things like he is suggesting! I mean, at the very least, Wong seems to trust him enough to fight him, so that has to mean something!

What do you think? I’m personally going down that idea that while the man is a bit morally grey, he’s been forced into his villainous deeds. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


    • It would definitely make sense if it was! He’d make a great ‘Hulk’ type figure for the Thunderbolts, to match with John Walker, the ‘Captain America’, and Yelena the ‘Black Widow’!


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