24th August Marvel Comic Releases

We only have one new single issue, and six new bind ups on this week’s new comic book day!

Single Issue:

Damage Control by Adam F Goldberg and Hans Rodionoff

Marvel’s Unsung Heroes finally get sung! After the mega-powered battles and Hulk-level catastrophes, Damage Control is always there to clean up the mess and get things back to normal. But Damage Control is much more than just a glorified cleanup crew, and this new series will pull back the curtain and reveal the secret inner workings that were previously only available to people with Clearance Level Eight. And we’ll witness it all through the eyes of Gus: a fresh-faced, eager newcomer to the company who has no idea how chaotic his life is about to become.
ADAM F. GOLDBERG (TV’s The Goldbergs) and HANS RODIONOFF team up with WILL ROBSON to take you into the secret labyrinth of Damage Control, where it’s totally common to run into familiar faces like Moon Knight! Nightcrawler! She-Hulk! And more!
Plus: A second story by DAMAGE CONTROL creator Dwayne McDuffie’s McSpouse, Charlotte Fullerton, as the Damage Control crew must clean
up after the Infinity Gauntlet!

This is the latest Damage Control series, and while it looks like you’ll need some knowledge of the Marvel Comic Universe (good job I’ve already got She-Hulk and Moon Knight covered!), it seems like this is an introduction to the team!

Bind Ups:

Wolverine Black White And Blood by Gerry Duggan

The best there is by the best there are – in brutal black-and-white, with a liberal splash of blood red! Legendary creators, modern superstars, rising talents and fresh voices unite to tell savage tales of your favorite X-Man! Logan. Weapon X. Patch. Wolverine. He’s gone by many names and lived many different lives. This exploration of his storied history takes you from Japan to Madripoor to the Savage Land, from a revelatory return to the Weapon X program to a high-stakes mission with X-Force! Logan is joined by old allies such as Kate Pryde and Nick Fury and heads into bloody battle against foes familiar and surprising – including Arcade, the Reavers, Cosmic Ghost Rider and the deadliest of them all: Sabretooth! And it’s all in glorious black-and-white – with blood all over!

Certainly not one for the kids, but definitely one to read if you’re a fan of Wolverine! Though make sure you know about the characters mentioned in the synopsis first!

Silver Surfer Rebirth by Ron Marz

Ron Marz and Ron Lim return to the Sentinel of the Spaceways with a new tale of cosmic adventure set during their classic 1990s SILVER SURFER run! When the Reality Gem is stolen from safekeeping by an unknown antagonist, the resulting chaos attracts the attention of Thanos – and the Mad Titan seeks the aid of the Surfer to recover the gem! As reality fractures around them, Norrin must do the unthinkable and ally himself with his bitter enemy. The unlikely duo will cross paths with familiar faces – including Nebula, Jack of Hearts, Galactus and the original (and long-dead) Kree Captain Mar-Vell! But will even the awesome power of the Silver Surfer and Thanos be enough to restore order to the Marvel Universe? Or will doing so mean a galaxy where the Surfer never existed?

Again, I’d make sure that you know about the characters mentioned, and that you have also read the 1990s Silver Surfer run by the same authors as this one!

Reign Of X volume 13 by Gerry Duggan and more

The Hellfire Gala is out of this world as the Reign of X evolves! Mutantkind has a
homeland at last, but now they’re claiming their own planet. It’s time for fireworks,
and the highlight of the show is the newly terraformed Mars! It even has its own
S.W.O.R.D. station to protect it – but as “Planet Arakko” enters the galactic stage,
who will be its queen? X-Corp has a board to staff – which means CXOs Monet and
Angel must network on the dance floor, shaking hands and mending fences. The
New Mutants are dressed up for getting down – but not everyone is on their best
behavior, and someone may face their last dance! Meanwhile, Wolverine and XForce keep the peace…with help from Deadpool?!

My Reign Of X reading guide is already up!

Fantastic Four Epic Collection: Annihilus Revealed by Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway

FANTASTIC FOUR enters a new era as Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway take the reins! And Thomas begins where it all began – with the Mole Man! – this time paired with Kala, Queen of the Netherworld, and topped off with a retelling of the FF’s origin. The drama remains at its peak as the Human Torch’s relationship with Crystal runs head-on into Quicksilver! Meanwhile, the Frightful Four launches a surprise attack that pushes Reed and Sue to the breaking point. In the aftermath, Medusa will become the FF’s newest member! Then it’s into the Negative Zone for the origin of Annihilus! Also featuring a new look for the Torch, classic battles with Thundra and the Hulk, the return of Doctor Doom and the world’s creepiest babysitter, Agatha Harkness! 

I’d check out Agatha Harkness first, as well as make sure I was caught up on the previous volumes: The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine, The Master Plan Of Doctor Doom, The Coming Of Galactus, The Mystery Of The Black Panther, The Name Is Doom, At War With Atlantis and Battle Of The Behemoth’s!

Eternals volume 2: Hail Thanos by Kieron Gillen

The Eternals have learned the truth of their existence. Their society is in shambles. Who can lead them? Who is the visionary that can raise them up from the ashes? Hail Thanos…the Mad Titan…Eternal Prime?! After warring with the Deviants for a million years, our disheartened Eternals have had enough. They want to end the endless war, to live in peace side by side. Unfortunately, the Deviants have other ideas. And so the Eternals undertake a pilgrimage to Avengers Mountain, the massive structure that was once one of their Celestial gods. But the Avengers are done with the Eternals’ secrets, and they demand explanations! And when Ajak makes contact with her Celestial god, will the answers she receives help guide the Eternals or send them further into disarray?

The previous volume is called Only Death Is Eternal.

Doctor Strange Epic Collection: Infinity War by Roy Thomas

From here to Infinity! As Earth’s heroes reckon with Thanos and his universe-altering Infinity Gauntlet, Doctor Strange takes on vital mystical missions to bolster their forces – but will his greatest threat be Doctor Doom or the inscrutable Adam Warlock? Stephen is attacked by his old friend the Silver Surfer and his old foe Nightmare – before the full horror of the gathered Lords of Fear is unleashed! Then, the Doctor enlists in the Infinity War – and crosses paths with Galactus! An urgent quest leads Strange and his allies into encounters with the godlike entities Agamotto and Cyttorak – and don’t forget Cyttorak’s champion, the unstoppable Juggernaut! Plus: Wolverine, Spider-Man, the Scarlet Witch, a reunion of the dynamic Defenders and more! 

Previous volumes are: Master Of The Mystic Arts, A Separate Reality, Alone Against Eternity, The Reality War, Triumph And Torment and The Vampiric Verses. Volumes 6 and 7 are currently not published, so you’ll be missing a few issues between Vampiric Verses and Infinity War.

And that’s everything coming out this week! What are you putting on your pull list? I’m grabbing Wolverine and Reign Of X 13 for sure – tell me your picks below!

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