10th August Marvel Comic Releases

The 10th of August is not just the day I Am Groot comes out, it’s also new comic book day!

Single Issues:

The Avengers And Moon Girl by Mohale Mashigo

Even after a team-up with Miles Morales to scout Brooklyn for her missing T-Rex, Moon Girl is still missing Devil Dinosaur. And now she has a wonky DD clone to try and stabilize for fear of explosive repercussions. But the Avengers have found some rogue dinosaur activity and need her to come with them right away to fix it – from Wakanda to the moon!

I’d make sure you’re caught up with Moon Girl before reading this, specifically Miles Morales And Moon Girl by Mohale Mashigo.

Giant-Size Gwen Stacy by Christos Gage

Gwen’s own miniseries finally gets its ending, and we’re putting it all together!
•  It’s got everything! Gwen! The Green Goblin! Kingpin! The X-Men!!!

This is a reprint of the unfinished 2019 Christos Gage series, which got reshuffled during the COVID pandemic, but it is still worth getting though, as this actually includes the ending to the story!

Ghost Rider Vengeance Forever by Ben Percy

Johnny Blaze, still reeling from his time in Hayden’s Falls, seeks the counsel of a seer – named Necro the Tattooist – who uses his needle to bring dark truths to the surface. What follows is not only a wild tour through Ghost Rider’s lost history, but also a warning about the future and an examination of the troubling weight of legacy.

You’ll definitely need to have read Benjamin Percy’s previous Ghost Rider series – there’s currently no bind up available, but the first issue was released in February this year, so the five single issues should be reasonably easy to find.

Ms Marvel And Wolverine by Jody Houser

When a mysterious threat lands in New York City, MS. MARVEL takes matters into her own embiggened hands! But with Krakoan security/tech compromised, you can bet WOLVERINE and the X-MEN won’t be far behind! The best there is at what he does teams up with one of the Marvel Universe’s most lauded heroes in an oversized action-packed adventure for the ages!
Be here for the start of the saga, and follow through August and September as MOON KNIGHT and VENOM join Kamala Khan for the super hero spectacle of the summer!

The start of a new crossover event, so make sure you’re caught up with all things Ms Marvel, Moon Knight, Wolverine (and the X-Men on Krakoa) and Venom before reading this!

X-Men Legends by Roy Thomas

Before GIANT-SIZE X-MEN brought STORM, WOLVERINE, COLOSSUS, NIGHTCRAWLER and THUNDERBIRD to the team, Roy Thomas redefined the merry mutants in two seminal runs on the book. Now Roy, at long last, returns to the saga of the X-MEN to take us through the period between his run and GSX, for the first time detailing Wolverine’s government missions before his recruitment by PROFESSOR X (including unrevealed detail on his battle with the green goliath in HULK #181/182), an untold episode involving BEAST and a host of missing mutants, and the secret behind Wolverine’s costume!
Kicking off an all-new volume of X-MEN LEGENDS by a host of legendary creators, this is but the first story in a run of new, in-continuity tales covering the length and breadth of X-Men history from the early eras to fan-favorite latter day sagas!
Face front, True Believers! These are the missing links you’ve been looking for!

This is set during the 1975 run of the X-Men, so this will probably have references to storylines from that era.

Bind Ups:

Shang-Chi volume 3: Family Of Origin by Gene Luen Yang

Prepare to learn the secrets of Shang-Chi’s mother! Arrows will fly as the first meeting of Shang-Chi’s parents is revealed – and not the Cupid’s arrows! Who exactly was the woman who gave birth to the legend? And how could someone so virtuous and heroic possibly fall for an evil warlord like Zheng Zu? All will be revealed! In the present, the tides of fortune begin to turn against Shang-Chi as the mastermind who has been gathering all of his foes steps out of the shadows and stands revealed at last! His objective? To destroy everyone in Shang-Chi’s bloodline! Plus: Our hero must face his dark side as he asks himself, “What If?” Collecting SHANG-CHI (2021) #7-12 and material from MARVEL’S VOICES: IDENTITY.

The first two volumes are by the same author and are called Shang-Chi Brothers And Sisters and Shang-Chi Vs The Marvel Universe.

Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil volume 16 by Frank Miller

In issue after issue, Frank Miller redefined the Man Without Fear with work that stands atop the peak of comic book storytelling. When Miller introduced Elektra, readers could not get enough of the assassin from Matt Murdock’s past. In this volume, her saga ratchets up as she and Daredevil fight the unstoppable ninjas of The Hand. Miller also introduces Stick, the gruff mentor who trained a young Murdock and who now must help him regain his radar sense before the Kingpin closes in. Also featuring a deadly reckoning for Ben Urich and a double-sized battle with Bullseye that ends in one of the most scintillating moments in comics history. Plus: A pair of essential WHAT IF? rarities and an Elektra solo mission!

The first 15 volumes are just numbered volumes 1-15!

Last Annihilation by Al Ewing

A new Annihilation event threatens the cosmos! The war to end all wars is here, and the consequences will be grave for the Guardians of the Galaxy, S.W.O.R.D. and the royal couple of the united Kree/Skrull Empire, Hulkling and Wiccan! Five different planets have simultaneously come under threat, and this foe may be too big for even the new Guardians to handle. So it’s a good thing that Cable is back – locked, loaded and ready to steal the ultimate weapon from the deadliest planet in X-history! Meanwhile, the Black Panther enlists the aid of the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda and the legendary M’Baku! But what game is Doctor Doom playing? Not everyone is going to come home.

The Omnibus of every issue that crosses over into the latest Annihilation event! But, there have been several Annihilation’s before – I’ll do a full reading guide in the future so you don’t miss a thing!

Captain America Epic Collection: Sturm Und Drang by J M Dematteis and others

Death…and Deathlok! The living legend takes on the cyborg demolisher as Captain America gets a shocking glimpse of the future, and Deathlok begins a new path in the present! Cap meets the mystical Black Crow – but as an adversary or an ally? Meanwhile, a dark union between Baron Zemo and the deadly Mother Superior – the Red Skull’s diabolical daughter – becomes a nightmare for Steve’s closest friends. Nomad, the Falcon, the Avengers and Superior’s Sisters of Sin all join the fray – leading to one of the all-time-great confrontations between Cap and the Skull! What will it cost Cap to rid the world of his evil archenemy? Plus: The Falcon flies solo, standing up for the residents of Harlem while battling Electro, a Sentinel and more!

The 11th volume in the Captain America Epic Collection, though, as always, not every volume has been published yet. So far, only volumes 1-4, 9 and 11 are available, so you will have a lot of story missing if you try to read through this collection as it is right now. But, if you want to have them in your collection, so you’re ready for the entire collection to be out, the previous volumes are called Captain America Lives Again, The Coming Of… The Falcon, Bucky Reborn, Hero Or Hoax, Dawn’s Early Light and Monsters And Men.

And that’s everything that’s coming out this week! What’s going on your pull list? I’m picking up the next Shang-Chi!

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