Daredevil: Devil’s Reign Reading Order

I’m not covering all the SDCC news right now, but that doesn’t mean I won’t still talk about Daredevil, especially after I promised a reading order for his latest event, Devil’s Reign, earlier this month!

Devil’s Reign focuses on what happens when Daredevil has to team up with the rest of the Marvel heroes based in New York to deal with Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, as his reign as New York mayor turns a bit too villainous.

I’ll start with the pre-reading, which gives you the background as to just how Fisk became mayor, and what Daredevil has been up to in the lead-up.

The Pre-Reading

Back In Black

Daredevil by Charles Soule omnibus cover

Back in black and on his home turf, Daredevil begins again in New York City as a new enemy emerges. Meanwhile his alter ego, Matt Murdock, is on a new side of the law in the District Attorney’s office. Fighting crime in the shadows, prosecuting bad guys in the light, it’s a whole new chapter for our man without fear.

The first thing to read has to be Daredevil Back In Black by Charles Soule. This gives you a sort of ‘reset’ for Matt, post-Secret Wars (and don’t worry, I’ll be doing a lot on Secret Wars when the film comes out!) and gives you the storyline where Kingpin becomes Mayor of New York. The titles of this run are:



Dark Art



Mayor Fisk

Mayor Murdock

Weapon Lost

The Death Of Daredevil – both this one and Weapon Lost ties into Hunt For Wolverine!

It is also available as an Omnibus that is simply called Daredevil by Charles Soule Omnibus.

And then after the Soule run, you’ll need to read

Daredevil by Chip Zdarksy

Daredevil Know Fear by Chip Zdarsky cover

Matt Murdock has clawed his way through physical therapy, but his near death experience that nearly left him crippled has left its mark on him. Reacquainted with pain and fear, the devil is back in hell’s kitchen, but is the man who returned to the rooftops the same man who fell off them? Find out, in CHIP ZDARSKY’S new era of DAREDEVIL!

Chip Zdarsky is the writer of the Devil’s Reign event, and his run on Daredevil is full of foreshadowing and build-up to the event, so it’s best to read this first.

The titles of this run are:

Know Fear

No Devils, Only God

Through Hell

End Of Hell


Doing Time


As a side note, you can also get this run in three omnibus editions called To Heaven Through Hell volumes 1-3.

And then it is also a good idea to read:

King In Black: Thunderbolts

King In Black: Thunderbolts by Gerry Duggan and more

A King In Black tie-in, which gives you an idea of Kingpin’s plans!

The Main Event

As always with Marvel events, you can just read the main bind up and get the main story, and the tie-ins are optional add-ons!

So, here are the complete Devil’s Reign titles:

Devil’s Reign

Devil’s Reign cover

The story that’s been building for years is finally here! Wilson Fisk has risen from Kingpin of Crime to mayor of the biggest city in America. Now he’s going to bring his full criminal and political power to bear on the super heroes who call NYC home! The man who once destroyed Daredevil has targeted the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and more. Fisk has an army of super villains at his command — including Crossbones, Taskmaster, Typhoid Mary, Shocker, Whiplash, Rhino and Kraven — and that’s just his opening salvo. Wait until you meet his Thunderbolts! But Mayor Fisk isn’t the only one with ambitions…and you know what they say about honor among thieves. From the blockbuster creative team of DAREDEVIL comes the final act in Wilson Fisk’s master plan!

Devil’s Reign: X-Men

Devil’s Reign: X-men

The Queen’s reign! Emma Frost has many skeletons in her closet, but only one of them is currently Mayor of New York City. Now, in the midst of the chaos of DEVIL’S REIGN, the truth about the White Queen’s secret past with the Kingpin of Crime may be about to come to light! As Wilson Fisk makes his play, will his old ally Emma Frost stand in his way…or protect the secrets they share?

Devil’s Reign: Villains For Hire

Devil’s Reign: Villains For Hire

In the wake of Mayor Wilson Fisk’s declaration of war in the pages of DEVIL’S REIGN, New York City is on a razor’s edge. And there’s only one force fighting for the rule of law in the chaos: Fisk’s Thunderbolts! They may strike like lightning…but is what they’re delivering truly justice?

Devil’s Reign: Superior Four

Devil’s Reign: Superior Four

The Fantastic are no more. Long live…the Superior! Otto Octavius has acquired a taste for the infinite. Now, empowered by Wilson Fisk, Doctor Octopus finds himself faced with a tantalizing, unprecedented opportunity to scour the Multiverse, and amass an army of…himself! A hand-picked army of Doc Ock variants to march on our reality, proving Otto’s supremacy once and for all — and it all begins with his Superior Four!

Daredevil: Women Without Fear

Daredevil: Woman Without Fear

The next pulse-pounding chapter in Chip Zdarsky’s sprawling saga of New York City’s Guardian Devil, starring Elektra Natchios in her new role as Daredevil — and spinning directly out of the shocking revelations in the pages of DEVIL’S REIGN! Elektra is the world’s deadliest assassin — but she’s taken a vow never to kill again. And now someone has put themself directly in her path, with potentially deadly consequences! What else would you expect from the greatest hunter in the Marvel Universe?

The Aftermath

And finally, we come to the final story in the Devil’s Reign saga!

Daredevil: The Red Fist Saga

Daredevil: The Red Fist Saga

After the Reign…comes the dawn! In the wake of Wilson Fisk’s violent and visceral last act, it’s a new era for New York and the Man Without Fear! With a groundbreaking creative team returning to usher in an all-new chapter, Matt Murdock has no choice but to leave behind everything he’s ever known — and Elektra is the last vestige of his former life. Everything Matt thought he knew about what it meant to be Daredevil is about to change! Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto continue their epic saga, tackling the journeys of both Matt Murdock and Elektra as they each deal with the brutal cost of taking on the Daredevil mantle. With new enemies and radical changes to the fabric of the DD mythos, Hell’s Kitchen is going to be darker than ever!

And that is the end of the Devil’s Reign event! I hope this was helpful for you, and if you have any questions, please do let me know in the comments below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!


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