All The Comic Book Easter Eggs In Ms Marvel Part Two


Today was the day the first series of Ms Marvel ended, so it’s time to wrap up all the comic book references and easter eggs in these last three episodes!

Also, fun fact – today marks two years of the Comic Book Sanctum, so I’d like to take a moment to thank every single person who has subscribed to this blog, or even just clicked on it and read an article or two. This blog means a lot to me, and it means the world to see that others find it useful – and if you have any suggestions on what you want me to cover in the future, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below! This blog is about serving you, it’s only fair that I focus on the things you want me to focus on!

Episode 4

Kamala and her grandmother

Kamala goes to Karachi

Kamala going to see family in Karachi is a storyline from the original G Willow Wilson comic run! In the comics though, Kamala does not go with her mother, she goes alone.

Red Dagger in episode 4

The Red Dagger Society

Kamala runs into the Red Dagger in episode 4, just as she does in the comics, only in the show they’re a society, in the comics, Red Dagger is a singular hero!

Kamala’s disguise in Karachi

Najma’s outfit

Najma’s Karachi outfit is very similar to the disguise Kamala wears while in Karachi in the comics.

The QR code on top of the stall in Karachi

A QR code to a free comic

On the cart is a QR code, and like with Moon Knight, it brings up a free comic on Marvel Unlimited! This time it takes you to the comic where Kamala goes to Karachi!

Episode 5

Kamran’s bioluminescence in the comics

Kamran gets his powers

Kamran has bioluminescent powers in the comics, and he finally gains them here in this episode! Essentially these powers mean that he glows blue and can shock people/make things explode by channelling the energy in his body.

Clandestine turning to stone

Terragenesis deaths

When the Clandestine’s are hit by the portal’s power, they turn to stone and then crumble, which looks remarkably similar to what happens to humans who are hit with Terrigen mist – the thing that activates Inhuman powers. We have also seen this once before in the MCU, specifically in Agents Of SHIELD, when Tripp dies and Daisy becomes Quake!

Kamala’s broken necklace

Kamala’s necklace

Kamala’s necklace breaks during the fight with the Clandestines, and it breaks into a very familiar shape – the shape of Kamala’s logo!

Episode 6

Cover of Ms Marvel volume 1: No Normal by Sara Pichelli

No Normal

The final episode title is ‘No Normal’ which is the name of Kamala’s first ever bind up.

Kamala embiggens


Kamala finally says her classic line and reveals her classic power – embiggening!

Zoe, Bruno and Nakia

Zoe joins the gang

Zoe starts off as a bully to Kamala and her friends but ends up joining the group after Kamala saves her life, and now it seems like she’s done the exact same thing in the comics!

G Willow Wilson herself!

G Willow Wilson appears!

Wondering who that woman was commenting on Ms Marvel’s heroics on social media? It was Kamala’s creator herself – G Willow Wilson!

Kamala’s new suit

Kamala suits up

Like everyone else in the MCU, Kamala now has her full costume – and it’s comic accurate too!

Kamala’s name origins in the comics

The origin of Kamala’s name

The conversation between Kamala and her dad is very accurate to a conversation she has with him in the comics about the origins of her name.

Ms Marvel takes a rest on a lamp post

Kamala sits on the lamp post

One of Ms Marvel’s most famous panels is of her sitting on a lamp post, and it’s one of the final shots we see of her in the series!

Captain Marvel appears in Kamala’s bedroom

Captain Marvel shows up!

The long awaited Captain Marvel cameo finally happened in the end credit scene of the episode! And I’m counting it as an easter egg because Carol Danvers turns up in Kamala’s origin issues when Kamala uses her polymorph powers to shapeshift into her idol! In the end credit scene, it looks like Kamala and Carol have swapped places more than Kamala shapeshifting into her, but we’ll soon find out in The Marvels next year!

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