Valkyrie Character Profile

It’s all about the character profiles for Thor today, so let’s get to know Valkyrie a bit better!

Name: Brunnhilde

Superhero Name: Valkyrie

Created By: Roy Thomas and John Buscema

Valkyrie panel from War Of The Realms issue 2 (2019) by Russell Dauterman

Played By: Tessa Thompson

Powers: Superhuman strength, durability, longevity, endurance and speed, skilled fighter, medium for the spirits of the dead, invulnerablity.

Mini Bio: Odin chose Brunnhilde to be his Valkyrie after a war on Earth, so she could bring the souls of warriors to Valhalla, the land of honoured dead for the most devoted worshippers of Asgard. She did this for centuries, alongside her fellow Valkyries, known as the Valkyrior, until Odin forebade them from going to Earth to collect the worthy souls, as he had made a pact with the Celestials to stop interfering with humanity.

This angered Valkyrie, and while she continued to collect the souls of worthy fallen Asgardians, she felt like the job was less meaningful. She ended up working with the team known as the Defenders, lead by Doctor Strange, where she stayed until the group disbanded.

Since then, Valkyrie hasn’t had too many adventures – she was briefly a part of War Of The Realms, and was part of the Secret Avengers, but hasn’t been seen much since.

Interesting trivia: Brunnhilde is bisexual, in fact, she has a brief romance with Becky Barnes in the Exiles comics, and her weapon of choice is a sword named Dragonfang, which was made from the tusk of an extra-dimensional dragon.

First Comic Appearance: The Avengers issue 83 (December 1970)

Most Common Team Ups: Valkyrior, the Avengers and the Defenders

Comic Recommendations: The Avengers (1970) by Roy Thomas, Fearless Defenders (2013) by Cullen Bunn, Asgardians Of The Galaxy (2018) by Cullen Bunn.


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