Who Is Red Dagger In Marvel Comics?


Kamala and her mother have reached Karachi, and Kamala has been found by the Red Daggers, who have some very interesting information about her family history and her powers!

But, the Red Dagger’s are very, very different in the comics – for starters, they’re not a group, they’re a single person – so what else has changed? And just who are they in the first place?

I’ve got your answers right here!

Who Is Red Dagger?

Red Dagger is a teenage hero from Karachi in Pakistan. His real name is Kareem, and while he has no powers, he does his best to protect the people of Karachi.

What Can Red Dagger Do?

As I said above, Kareem has no powers, but he is an expert marksman and is entirely self-taught (he actually learnt everything via YouTube!).

How Does Red Dagger Meet Kamala?

Kamala and Red Dagger/Kareem have met as their superhero selves, and as their ‘ordinary’ selves too. They first meet as Kamala and Kareem when Kamala goes to stay with family in Karachi – Kareem was also staying with her family, as Kamala’s maternal aunt and Kareem’s mother went to school together and he needed a place to stay while studying for his university exams. The two hit it off right away.

The two met again that same night as Ms Marvel and Red Dagger when there was an emergency – here, the two didn’t click well, as Ms Marvel ran head first into danger without much understanding of what was going on/without communicating with local heroes with more knowledge.

Ms Marvel issue 23 cover by Valerio Schiti and Rachelle Rosenberg

Eventually, Kamala headed home, and a few months later Kareem started attending her school, as he was part of an exchange programme to gain foreign-language credits for his university application. As heroes, the two stopped a runaway train together, and Kareem realised he had feelings for Ms Marvel.

The two kissed, but Kareem realised that Kamala had a lot of things to sort out in her personal life (mainly to do with Bruno), and went back to Karachi. At time of writing, neither character knows of the other’s true identities.

Where Can I Read More About Red Dagger?

There aren’t that many appearances of Red Dagger, but you can find all of his appearances in the G Willow Wilson Ms Marvel run, as well as the Marvel Voices: Identity issue from August 2021.

And that’s everything that is known about Red Dagger right now! If you have any questions, leave them down below and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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