All The Comic Book Easter Eggs In Ms Marvel Part One

Ms Marvel is officially halfway through airing (Is anyone else in denial because they’re enjoying themselves so much?), but I’m about to give you the best excuse to go back and rewatch the first three episodes by giving you all the comic book easter eggs so far!

These first three episodes were FILLED with references, so I’m not going to introduce this blog any further and just get right into it!

Episode 1

Kamala’s dad telling Amir to eat breakfast in volume 1 of G Willow Wilson’s Ms Marvel un

Amir, praying and breakfast.

In a line taken directly from the comics, Kamala’s father tells her brother Amir to stop praying and eat some breakfast, and this was practically taken word for word from the original G Willow Wilson comic.

Kamala’s cocaine lin in the original Ms Marvel comics by G Willow Wilson

The partying and cocaine line

Again, this is another line ripped straight from the comics! The context is a little different, as Kamala is asking to go to a party, not Avenger Con.

The plaque outside Kamala’s school

G Willow Wilson’s name on the school

Original writer for Ms Marvel, G Willow Wilson, gets a shout-out in the form of a plaque outside Kamala’s school. In fact, everyone named on that plaque is someone who worked on the original comic!

Kamala and Bruno on top of Circle Q, in front of an Edison Electric sign

Edison Electric

At the top of Circle Q, while Kamala and Bruno are talking, you can see a sign for Edison Electric, which is an easter egg for a Ms Marvel villain! The villain is called The Inventor, who helped create a talking cockatiel after trying to clone Thomas Edison. It’s odd, but just run with it and it’ll be a good time!

Kamala’s cockatiel drawing in the opening titles of Ms Marvel

The Cockatiel

Speaking of the cockatiel, we actually see a drawing of the character in the intro to the show!

Circle Q’s neon lights

Circle Q

Circle Q is less an easter egg, and more of a set-piece taken right out of the comics. Generally, Circle Q is the go-to place for the characters to meet up/fights to take place/various other things. If a writer needs something to happen, 90% of the time, it will happen at Circle Q!

I won’t get into everything at Avenger Con, as there are about 1000 references a second, so let’s move on to episode 2…

Episode 2

Kamala’s infamous hat from the comics

Kamala’s hat

At the party Kamala is wearing the same hat she wears throughout the comics, it’s only shown briefly, but it’s a nice nod to Kamala’s comics!

Kamala thinks she’s drunk before she transforms in the comics

Kamala’s tricked into drinking

Kamala is tricked into drinking vodka in the comics at the seaside party before she gets her powers. In fact, she thinks she’s drunk, hence why she feels weird as she becomes an Inhuman.

Amir’s fiance, Tyesha, in episode 2

Amir’s fiance

Amir’s fiance Tyesha is a minor Ms Marvel character in the comics and the show – the two get married and have a son named Malik.

Kamran talking to Kamala in episode 2


One of Kamala’s first villains is one of her first love interests – Kamran! In the comics, he’s an Inhuman too, but he wants to help overthrow the Inhuman Royal Family, instead of being a hero.

Ms Marvel title sequence

The title sequence art

The art featured in the end credit scenes is actually taken straight from the comics. A lot of the art comes from various covers, with some panels thrown in.

Amir explaining the Khan family history

Kamala’s family history

A lot of the family history of Kamala’s father is taken from the comics. Some of the details have been changed, especially Kamala’s mother’s family history, but the reasons why they left are the same.

Episode 3

The line, as said in the show

Good is a thing you do

Kamala tells herself this in the first volume of Ms Marvel by G Willow Wilson!

Kamala’s mask, as made by Bruno

Kamala’s mask

Bruno gives Kamala a mask, and this is her exact comic mask – we could be seeing Kamala suit up and become Ms Marvel sooner than we think!

Kamala and Bruno after he injures his arm

Bruno’s injury

This could just be a minor injury, not a storyline taken from the comics, but Bruno does end up in the crossfire during one of Kamala’s fights and ends up with a near-paralysed arm and leg, which stops him from inventing. He then moves to Wakanda for a year, to recover and to get away from Kamala, his feelings for her, and being the man in the chair for a superhero. I’m mentioning this here because a) Bruno now has an arm injury, and b) he’s gotten into Cal Tech – it’s not Wakanda, but it would still involve Bruno moving far, far away from Kamala for a while.

The ClanDestine team in the comics


Najma mentions to Kamala that another name for Djinn in the Noor universe is Clandestine, and the ClanDestine is actually a team in Marvel Comics! They’re a villain team from the 90s who got their powers from a Djinn.

And that’s all the comic easter eggs in Ms Marvel so far! What’s your favourite? Mine is the title sequence art!

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