Ms Marvel Character Profile

Ms Marvel has officially started airing on Disney+, so it’s time to get to know her better!

Here’s a character profile on her comic counterpart, along with a few comic recommendations to read!

Name: Kamala Khan

Superhero Name: Ms Marvel

Created By: G Willow Wilson and Sana Amanat

Ms Marvel issue 15 cover by Nelson Blake II

Played By: Iman Vellani

Powers: Superhuman strength and durability, shapeshifting, size alteration, regenerative healing.

Mini Bio: Kamala Khan was raised in Jersy City by Yusuf and Muneeba Khan, alongside her older brother, Aamir. Her family were immigrants from Pakistan and were all practising Muslims.

During her childhood, Kamala became friends with another practising Muslim girl, Nakia, and an Italian boy called Bruno, all three growing closer due to their shared interests, and that they were all from immigrant families. But, Kamala still felt outcasted, as she was seen as odd and was often mocked by her peers for her heritage, her strict parents and her nerdy interests (one such interest being superheroes, specifically, Captain Marvel).

One night, Kamala snuck out of the house to go to a party and was mocked once more by classmates, so she decided to leave. But, as she was leaving, she was caught in Terrigen Mist. While in the Mist, Kamala saw a vision of her favourite superheroes – Captain Marvel, Iron Man and Captain America, who asked her what she wanted. Kamala said that she wanted to be more like Captain Marvel, who she described as ‘beautiful, awesome and butt-kicking and less complicated.’ Then, as the Mists cleared, Kamala realised that she had been transformed into Carol Danvers, in her old Ms Marvel costume.

Panicking, Kamala raced off, finding herself back at the party, where she saved a fellow classmate, Zoe, from drowning, and realised that there was a lot more to being Captain Marvel than just looking like her.

Changing back into herself, Kamala managed to gain control of her powers and started trying to be a hero, which gained her a fair amount of notoriety, as well as respect from the superhero community. Since her debut, Kamala has worked with the Avengers (including Captain Marvel), formed the teenage supergroup, the Champions, and helped save the universe several times over.

Interesting trivia: Kamala makes an appearance as an adult in Tom Taylor’s Wolverine series, where she is President Of The United States. She is also a prolific fan fiction writer for Avengers, Captain Marvel and the X-Men, she also has stated that she ships Spider-Man (who is an adult in the comics, I should point out) and Captain Marvel, she is also part of a guild called the Iron Legion on a World Of Warcraft style game, World of Battlecraft. One of her superhero best friends is Miles Morales, aka Spider-Man.

First Comic Appearance: Captain Marvel issue 14 (2013)

Most Common Team Ups: Avengers, Champions, New Avengers, Secret Warriors

Comic Recommendations: Ms Marvel (2014) by G Willow Wilson, The Magnificent Ms Marvel (2019) by Saladin Ahmed, Ms Marvel: Beyond The Limit (2022) Samira Ahmed, Champions (2016) by Mark Waid


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