Three Gay/Lesbian Marvel Characters

June the 1st marks the first day of Pride Month, so today we are talking about three gay/lesbian Marvel characters!

America Chavez

America Chavez on the cover of Marvel Voices: Pride (2021) by Phil Jimenez

America Chavez has said that she identifies as a lesbian, and was dating paramedic Lisa Halloran until the two broke up before America went to college. She also became a superhero to honour her mothers, Elena and Amalia.


Panel from Black Panther volume 6 (2016) by Brian Stelfreeze

Ayo is a member of the Dora Milaje and was last seen in the MCU in Falcon And The Winter Soldier. She is a well-known member of the team, mainly for the fact that she rebelled against the Dora, and Queen Ramonda, to save her partner, Aneka, from being sentenced to death. The two created their own team of Dora Milaje while on the run, and eventually managed to convince King T’Challa to create a more democratic Wakanda.


Korg in Hulk volume 2 (2012) by Carlo Pagulayan

While Korg, of Thor: Ragnorok and Love And Thunder, has never confirmed his sexuality, he has been in a male/male relationship. Specifically, he was in a relationship with Hiroim, a Shadow Priest and personal guard to the Emperor Of Sakaar. The two fell in love while being on a team called the Warbound, and Korg hoped that they would one day have children, though it sadly never came to pass.

And that’s my three gay/lesbian Marvel characters for you to check out this Pride Month! If you want more recommendations, I also have posts up for asexual and bisexual characters, and you can also check out the Marvel Voices run for LGBT+ characters, written by LGBT+ authors!

Happy Pride Month everyone!

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