Comic Book Easter Eggs In Moon Knight Part Two


Disney Plus’ Moon Knight series is still a little thin on the ground in terms of easter eggs to the comic books, but there are a few things to point out!

Episode 4

Screenshot of the red sarcophagus in Moon Knight episode 4

The third Sarcophagus

Not entirely a reference, more like one massive hint at one person – Jake Lockley, Marc and Steven‘s third alter. Jake is a taxi driver in the comics and works a bit like a ‘man on the street’ who gets the information Moon Knight needs to fight crime. While he isn’t referred to by Marc or Steven, and it seems likely that neither of them know of Jake’s existence, it is almost certainly Jake inside.

Episode 5

Layla’s dad after Bushman attacks in episode 5

Layla’s dad

Speaking of that day in Eygpt, it’s also revealed that Marc was there at the archaeological dig when Layla’s father was murdered, which again, is a big part of the origins of Moon Knight.

Marc crawling towards the statue of Khonshu

Marc becomes Moon Knight

And in this scene, Marc’s origin is complete, with him nearly dying in front of a statue of Khonshu, making a bargain with the god, and becoming Moon Knight. The scene happens a bit differently in the comics, but the basics are essentially the same.

Bushman panel from the Moon Knight comics


In this episode, Marc mentions Bushman, who was his partner after he left the army. This is taken straight from the comics, as Bushman is the man Marc worked with until that fateful day in Egypt…

Marc and Doctor Harrow in his office

The Putnam Psychiatric Hospital

In Jeff Lemire’s run, Putnam Psychiatric is where Marc has supposedly lived since he was a child after his parents noticed he was showing signs of DID. To be fair, this entire episode is one massive reference to that comic run, so I’ll just leave my blog post here for you to read through, instead of repeating myself.

QR code on a door in the psychiatric ward

Another QR code.

This code takes you straight to Moon Knight issue 1 from 1980, which is Marc’s origin story.

Marc and Randall as children, being followed by an adult Steven

Randall Spector

In the episode, it shows the heartbreaking reality that Marc blames himself for his younger brother, Randall’s, drowning. But in the comics, Randall lives to adulthood and becomes Shadow Knight, one of Moon Knight’s greatest enemies. Sadly, Marc ends up deliberately killing his brother in the Shadowland: Moon Knight issue 3 in 2010.

Tomb Buster poster on Marc’s childhood bedroom wall

The Tomb Buster poster

If you look closely at the bottom of the Tomb Buster poster, you will see that the film was made by Timely Atlas Studios and written by Doug Perlin. Timely and Atlas Comics were the old names of the company that became Marvel Comics, and Doug Perlin is a mix of Doug Moench and Don Perlin, who created Moon Knight.

Episode 6

Marc talking to Steven and Jake in the Jeff Lemire run

Marc refuses to leave Steven

Another scene which feels very similar to the Jeff Lemire run, which was actually all about Marc accepting his alters and their roles in his life. This scene in particular feels very reminiscent of the panel posted above.

Layla spreading her costume’s wings in episode 6

The Scarlet Scarab

Layla may not have a comic counterpart, but there is an Eygptian superhero known as the Scarlet Scarab, who swore to protect Eygpt. In this episode, Layla becomes the avatar of Tarawet and gets powers, and says she is an Eygptian superhero when asked by the young woman she saves. Also, her father called Layla his ‘little scarab,’ could it be such a stretch to think that Marvel may be giving Layla the mantel of Scarlet Scarab?

Panel of Khonshu sitting in his white suit in the Moon Knight comics

Khonshu gets a new suit

For the first five episodes, Khonshu has been seen to be wearing an older version of the Moon Knight suit, but in the end credit scene, he’s shown to be wearing a brand new white suit. This matches his comic counterpart more, who rarely wears anything else.

Front view of Mr Knight’s limo in the comics

The Spector car

Another thing ripped straight from the comics, this car is an exact copy of Mr Knight’s limo in the 2014 Moon Knight run, even the licence plates are the same!

Jake Lockley pointing a gun at Harrow in episode 6

Jake Lockley

And finally, the big reveal came at last – Jake Lockley arrived as the driver of the car, seemingly doing Khonshu’s bidding without Marc or Steven’s knowledge!

To say the least, Marc and Steven are not going to be happy when they find out in later appearances (nothing has been confirmed in terms of Moon Knight appearing in a film/getting a second series as of yet, but we can live in hope!).

And that’s all the easter eggs I could find in Moon Knight episodes 4-6! What was your favourite? Do you want me to go through every reference to Jake throughout the series? Let me know in the comments below!

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