Christine Palmer Character Profile

We’ve done Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch and America Chavez, it’s time to get to know Christine Palmer!

Now, there isn’t much to be said about Christine, as she’s a more minor character in Marvel Comics, but there’s enough for a small character profile!

Name: Christine Palmer

Superhero Name: Christine Palmer, sometimes Night Nurse

Created By: Jean Thomas and Win Mortimer

Christine panel from Nightcrawler issue 1 (2004)

Played By: Rachel McAdams

Powers: None

Mini Bio: Christine Palmer is one of the trio known as Night Nurse, who work as night shift staff at the Metro General Hospital and then went on to start helping to patch up heroes after they fight crime in New York.

As for specifics for Christine, not a lot is known about her, all that is really known about her is that she was brought up in a Midwestern suburb in America and that she grew up rich. She left for New York to become a nurse against her father’s wishes, and soon became friends with two other nurses named Linda Carter and Georgia Jenkins.

After a short time working in the private sector, she returned to Metro-General, where she met Storm and Nightcrawler. From that encounter, she decided to help patch up other heroes after their battles.

First Comic Appearance: Night Nurse (1972)

Most Common Team Ups: Night Nurse team

Comic Recommendations: Night Nurse (1972) by Jean Thomas and Win Mortimer, and Nightcrawler (2004) by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

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