Comic Book Easter Eggs In Moon Knight Part One


We’re officially at the halfway mark with the Moon Knight series, so it’s time to do a round-up of Easter Eggs!

There are surprisingly not as many as last year’s Disney Plus shows – For example, WandaVision had so many I’m sure I’m STILL missing some, a year later – but Moon Knight seems to be keeping it a little bit more low-key.

But, there are still a few very, very interesting little references throughout, so I’m going to go through them all here:

Episode 1

Steven explaining Egyptian burials to a child in episode 1

The QR codes. The QR code on the wall leads to Werewolf By Night issue 32, which marks Moon Knight’s first comic appearance – and Werewolf By Night is getting his own Halloween special later this year, so I’d get reading this issue quick!

Marc’s phone with missed calls from Layla and Duchamp

Duchamp. While Steven is scrolling through Marc’s phone, there’s a missed call from someone named Duchamp, who is one of Marc’s closest friends in the comics.

Episode 2

Mr Knight after being hit by a car during the bus fight

The Bus number. The numbers and letters on top of the bus also point to the same Werewolf By Night issue in episode 1.

The storage locker, number 43, with a QR code

The second QR code. The QR code on the storage locker leads to another comic, this time Werewolf By Night issue 33, Marc’s second Marvel Comics appearance.

Steven’s first Mr Knight suit up

Mr Knight’s appearance. Mr Knight, or at least, his costume appears in this episode too. Mr Knight is another one of Marc’s alters, and is known for his work with the police, as well as his subtly (though he isn’t afraid to get as violent as Marc!). Currently, it looks as though Marvel may be taking the route of having Stephen suit up as Mr Knight, but we shall see where this goes in the future. Also, if you were wondering, yes this suit is comic accurate.

Episode 3

Anton Mogart as played by Gaspard Ulliel

Midnight Man. Anton Mogart, aka the Midnight Man, makes an appearance in episode 3, played by the late Gaspard Ulliel. Midnight Man is one of Marc’s lesser-known villains – he gained Marc’s attention after stealing artworks, jewels and other pieces of great value from around the world. He got his name from stealing everything only at midnight.

Marc asking Steven what he did

Jake making himself known. Jake Lockley has officially been hinted at. During this episode, Marc and Steven both say that they did not kill/maim their attackers, and both have no memory of committing the act. That means that there is likely a third alter, just as there is in the comics, and that alter is Jake Lockley – a taxi driver who has proven to have more violent tendencies than Marc or Steven. Considering neither named character can remember killing the attackers, it’s likely that Jake was fronting at the time.

Marc’s cape flared out in the shape of a half moon

The moon-shaped cape. Episode 3 showed Marc’s cape to be in the shape of the half-moon, which has been taken straight out of many Moon Knight comics. Again, this costume is entirely comic accurate.

Marc mentioning the Overvoid

The Overvoid. In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it mention, while Marc/Khonshu is talking to the other Gods and their avatars, he says the words ‘Return from the opulence of the Overvoid before you lose this realm.’ What is interesting about this, is that the Overvoid is a place in Marvel Comics – it is the space outside of the multiverse, a never-ending expanse of nothingness. The Overvoid has sentience and is a white space on which stories are printed. Currently, I’ll leave that explanation there, but if this comes up again, I’ll do an entire post on it.

Layla under purple lighting

Layla’s dad. Judging by Arthur Harrow’s speech during the confrontation, Marc may have been present, if not the cause, of Layla’s dad’s death, and this would actually be lifted from the comics. Marc became Moon Knight after being killed by a man named Bushman, who killed the archaeologist on the dig they were overseeing, and Marc was killed because he tried to stop Bushman from killing the archaeologist in question. Now, we haven’t heard of Bushman so far, but, that isn’t to say that we won’t be seeing him… or maybe Arthur could have been the one to kill Layla’s dad, who seems to have been some kind of archaeologist, and he’s trying to blame Marc to drive the two apart.

And that’s all the Easter Eggs so far in Moon Knight? What’s been your favourite so far? I’ve loved all the QR codes personally! Tell me yours down in the comments!


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