13th April Marvel Comic Releases

Marvel is releasing a huge crop of bind ups this week, along with a few single issues too – your pull list will have never been this full!

Single Issues:

Free Comic Book Day 2022: Marvel’s Voices by Nadia Shammas and more

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2022: MARVEL’S VOICES #1 will be a unique introduction to the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed Marvel’s Voices series, which spotlights creators and characters across Marvel’s diverse and ever-evolving universe. The book will include seven Marvel’s Voices stories, spotlighting creators and characters from different cultures, communities, and identities.

If you’re looking for a way into Marvel Comics, then this Free Comic Book Day exclusive issue of Marvel’s Voices is for you – and even better, it’s FREE! One thing to note is though, that this reprints some previous stories (with the exception of Moon Girl, whose story is brand new for this issue), so if you’ve been collecting previous Marvel’s Voices issues, then you can probably skip this.

X-Men 92 – House Of XCII by Steve Foxe

Everyone’s favorite ’90s incarnations of the X-Men have returned…but this time, everything is even all-newer and all-more different! Mutantkind is taking a huge leap forward by founding their own nation on the island of Krakoa, guided by Professor X, Magneto, and a mysterious long-lived woman who knows more than she should. That’s right – the ’90s X-Men are tackling the Krakoan Age thirty years early… and it’s NOT going to go the way you expect!

This is sort of like a What If…? scenario but isn’t under that banner. This idea of this is basically following the 90’s versions of the X-Men, and what would have happened if they had moved onto Krakoa. I’d recommend having at least a small amount of knowledge on Krakoa and the 90’s X-Men continuity before starting this.

Bind Ups:

Avengers by Jason Aaron Volume 2

Vampires, Dark Elves and Frost Giants! Transylvania burns as a battle of the bloodsuckers throws the world into chaos! But the mysterious Shadow Colonel and his Legion of the Unliving have one question on their minds: Where is Dracula? For this deadly mission, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will have to call in an expert: Welcome to the Avengers, Blade! But when the dust settles and a new vampire order is established, who will be the Lord of the Damned? Then, as the War of the Realms rages, Avengers Mountain comes under siege by Malekith’s forces, the Squadron Supreme of America protect Washington, D.C., and Captain Marvel leads the War Avengers in the final battle for Midgard! Plus: Get to know the Iron Fist of One Million BC!

If you’ve bought the paperback bind ups, then you can ignore this, if you’re focusing on the hardcovers, then you’ll need volume 1, which doesn’t have a title.

Black Panther volume 4: Intergalatic Empire Of Wakanda Part Two by Ta-Nehisi Coates

The shocking end of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Panther saga! Has T’Challa learned what it means to be king just in time to lose his kingdom? Weeks ago, the Black Panther disappeared on a deep space mission, leaving behind his country, his family and the woman he loves. Now find out what Wakanda Prime has done without its king – just as T’Challa reaches out for the life he left behind! Can he truly rid himself of the Intergalactic Empire and its despotic ruler N’Jadaka – or will he only lead them straight to Earth? As the big finish approaches, the nation of Wakanda must go to war against its own future! This is the story of a king who sought to be a hero, a hero reduced to a slave – and a slave who advanced into legend!

Another one where if you own the paperbacks, don’t worry about this hardcover. But, if you’re collecting the hardcovers, then the previous volumes are called: A Nation Under Our Feet, Avengers Of The New World and Intergalactic Galactic Empire Of Wakanda Part One.

Cable by Gerry Duggan volume 1

The dawn of rebellion! Cable used to be a grizzled old veteran of dozens of future wars – and someday he will be again. But for now, he’s a young mutant leading a life of adventure on Krakoa! But mutant babies are going missing, and Cable takes that sort of thing personally. Can this younger, less experienced Nathan unravel the mystery in time to save them? Meanwhile, intergalactic knights target Cable’s new sword. And Nathan shares adventures with Deadpool and Domino all over again – for the first time! But as the paradoxes of time travel stack up, Cable’s future comes back to haunt him. Inching towards the startling secret of a lost child, an inevitable reckoning draws ever closer. Some summers seem like they will never end. But one will end too soon! 

If you’re collecting Dawn Of X, then you don’t need to buy this, but if you’re going for individual teams/characters, then please note that this is missing issues five and six, which are collected in the X Of Swords bind up.

Captain America by Ta-Nehisi Coates volume 2

Ta-Nehisi Coates continues to put the Sentinel of Liberty through the wringer! Framed for a crime he did not commit and pursued by a dogged Nick Fury, Steve Rogers takes on the Power Elite and their insidious minions – with help from the Daughters of Liberty! Disgraced and hunted, Steve has been forced underground – but he’s not down and out yet. And the hour is drawing nigh when he will once again pick up the shield and don the stars and stripes! But which of Steve’s closest allies will do the same with the armor of the Iron Patriot? And who will be the new Agent 13? But even as Captain America returns, so too does his greatest enemy – and now Steve Rogers must marshal his forces to face the reborn Red Skull!

You’ll want to read Secret Empire and Volume 1 in this series first.

Captain Britain Omnibus by Chris Claremont

Follow the United Kingdom’s greatest champion from the streets of London to the mystic realm of Otherworld! Brian Braddock, hand-picked for greatness by the sorcerer Merlyn, has made the fateful choice between the sword of might and the amulet of right – and become a hero! Now, thrill to a complete collection of Captain Britain’s iconic UK adventures – from questing alongside the Black Knight to battling Jim Jaspers and the Fury to prevent Earth from becoming a crooked world! But when Brian suffers a crisis of faith, will his sister Betsy inherit the mantle? Featuring the Special Executive, the Warpies, the Captain Britain Corps, Meggan and more!

This isn’t an origin story, so this is not going to be the best place to start for new readers of Captain Britain.

Captain Marvel volume 7: Last Of The Marvels by Kelly Thompson


Vacation – all she never wanted! Carol Danvers and Jim Rhodes have rekindled their relationship (and their travel plans!) just in time to get a distress call from Carol’s half sister – Lauri-Ell, the Kree Accuser – that sends the couple on a bit of a detour. And for a trip to outer space, they’ll need to pack much more than just their swimsuits! An old darkness has re-emerged – one that almost brought the Avengers to their knees not so long ago. A twisted Captain Marvel is once again terrorizing the galaxy! And this time it’s not Carol Danvers… we’re almost sure. But where is Vox Supreme? Prepare for a thrilling fight to save the legacy of Captain Marvel – featuring the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Carol’s fellow Marvels!

Previous volumes are Re-Entry, Falling Star, The Last Avenger, Accused, The New World and Strange Magic. This also ties into War Of The Realms, so be prepared to read that too.

Doctor Strange by Jason Aaron Omnibus

Only Doctor Strange can protect our world from the darkness beyond – but every spell he casts comes with a cost! Now witness the full toll taken on Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme courtesy of the comic book wizardry of Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo! Dark forces are destroying everything mystical in the Multiverse, and their sights are set on this dimension. The Empirikul are coming. Magic’s days are numbered. Doctor Strange – and his fellow practitioners of the mystic arts – are not ready! And as Strange finds himself at the weakest he’s ever been, his greatest foes return from the shadows ready to strike – starting with his oldest rival, Baron Mordo! Can Stephen survive his lethal rogues’ gallery? Plus: The spellbinding debut of the Sorcerers Supreme!

Collects the entire Jason Aaron Doctor Strange run, and as long as you have a bit of basic Doctor Strange knowledge, you can dive right into this!

Marvel’s Voices: Identity by Gene Luen Yang and others

Celebrate the greatest Asian characters and creators from across the Marvel Universe! Some of the best super heroes in comics get the spotlight in action-packed and heartfelt tales – including Shang-Chi, Ms. Marvel, Jubilee, Silk, Wave, Wong and Jimmy Woo! These amazing and legendary heroes star in stories from new and established Asian creators that will surely expand “the world outside your window!” Plus: Thrill to the start of brand-new storytelling eras for both Silk and Shang-Chi, revisit classic tales featuring the brilliant mind of Amadeus Cho, join Kamala Khan in welcoming a new hero to Jersey City and prepare for a very different look at the X-Men!

A new bind up of Asian Marvel characters, written by Asian writers and drawn by Asian artists! So if you want to find some more Asian characters, authors or artists, then this is definitely a must-have!

Marvel Masterworks: Defenders volume 8 by Ed Hannigan and more

One of the most offbeat storylines of the ’70s is completed: At last…the Omega Saga! Then, prepare for the return of the original Defenders! Hulk, Doctor Strange and Sub-Mariner journey to Tunnelworld, a secret realm ravaged by war. Led by the winged Aeroika, the trio prepares for battle against the Unnamable – but one of their own has already been compromised! Meanwhile, the ladies of the Defenders have things handled with Fem-Force and Mutant Force – until the Mandrill makes the scene! Nighthawk is in trouble with the FBI, while Patsy Walker’s life is turned upside down by tragedy. Plus: Atlanteans have stolen Wakandan tech, and Black Panther is not going to put up with that! It’s Namor vs. T’Challa in a battle royal!

The previous volumes are simply numbered 1-7.

Marvel Masterworks: Uncanny X-Men volume 14 by Chris Claremont

In his very first work for Marvel in the U.S., iconic artist Alan Davis delivers on a double-sized NEW MUTANTS Annual that introduces Psylocke to the world of the X-Men! But she’s arrived just as Sabretooth and the Marauders go on the hunt for Morlocks – and they don’t mind slaying any X-Men who get in the way! The “Mutant Massacre” event shocked readers and set a high-water mark for X-Men storytelling. Plus: Longshot joins the X-Men as they – and the New Mutants – take on Mojo in an Arthur Adams-drawn Annual! Meanwhile, Kitty Pryde is slowly disintegrating, leading the X-Men to make a deal with Doctor Doom to save her. Needless to say, the Fantastic Four have something to say about that!

The previous volumes are called volumes 1-13.

New Mutants by Vita Ayala volume 2

New Mutants no more?! At the Hellfire Gala, the New Mutants have the chance to take a break from training the youth of Krakoa – an opportunity to get dressed up and get down! But not everyone is on their best behaviour – and someone is about to vanish without a trace. In the heart of the Wild Hunt, schemers are dreaming, deceptions are coming to light and the dead are walking. As the New Mutants gear up for their biggest battle yet – and start to turn on each other in the process – mayhem is in the making on the moon! Something is creeping in the long lunar shadows of the Summer House, and our young heroes will soon come face-to-face with it. When Amahl Farouk executes his master plan, will it be the end of the New Mutants?

The same advice applies as it did for Cable above, so if you’ve been collecting the Dawn Of X/Reign of X volumes, ignore this release, but if you’ve been getting individual characters and teams, then it depends on whether you want to read this team or not.

Moon Knight Omnibus volume 1 by Doug Moench and more

Discover the many faces of the Moon Knight! Mercenary. Werewolf hunter. Millionaire playboy. Cab driver. Super hero? Moon Knight is many things to many people, and he has the multiple personalities to match! Follow Marc Spector, the earthly Fist of Khonshu, as he battles to find his place in the Marvel Universe – and builds the strangest rogues’ gallery in all of comics. Prepare yourself for the deadly Bushmaster! Arsenal, the one-man army! Stained Glass Scarlet, the nun with a crossbow! And more! 

A bind up of Moon Knight’s earliest appearances, so if you’ve been wanting to start his comics watching the Disney Plus tv show, then this is the one to read!

Spider-Girl Complete Colleciton volume 4 by Sean McKeever and others

The return of the Soldiers of the Serpent! Spider-Girl has battled them before and come out ahead. But this time, the group has united behind an enigmatic, powerful leader – and May Parker’s spider-powers might not be enough to save her this time. Meanwhile, May’s romantic life takes a sudden left turn, a crisis brews at Midtown High, the Scarlet Spider returns and a new gang war breaks out in New York City! The rivalry between the Kingpin and challenger Canis has heated up – can Spider-Girl end the violence before the death of a classic Marvel villain? Elsewhere, more deadly foes are popping up, all guided by a mysterious agenda! To them, Spider-Girl is just a troublemaker – but the Black Tarantula thinks she’s destined for more! Guest-starring Darkdevil and Kaine the corrupted clone!

You’ll need the previous three volumes, which are numbered 1-3, for Spider-Girl’s backstory!

Thor by Jason Aaron volume 5

As Jason Aaron’s staggering saga draws to a close, the effects of Malekith’s raging War of the Realms are felt far and wide! Loki spends some quality time with his dear old dad, Laufey – and, sent on a vital mission, will Cul the Serpent redeem himself at last? Centuries ago, a moment of destiny arrives for young Thor – for the War of the Realms even reaches into the past! But when the epic war comes to its inevitable conclusion, what is left for the God of Thunder in the here and now? And in the far future, King Thor must once again reckon with All-Black the Necrosword – now in the hands of his murderous brother, Loki! It’s time for one last, cataclysmic showdown as the end of all things draws near!

Volumes 1-4 cover the entire series in hardcover, and I have a guide for the paperback versions, so you can figure out which set you want to read.

War Of The Realms Omnibus by Jason Aaron

The Ten Realms have all fallen to Malekith and his army – except one. Now, at last, Midgard burns! All hell breaks loose as Malekith and his allies begin their assault on Earth – and with Thor trapped in the land of the Frost Giants, Earth’s forces are overwhelmed! What can possibly stop the diabolical Dark Elf and his army? Spider-Man, Captain America, the Punisher, Ghost Rider, Blade, Hulk and more join the fray as Jason Aaron’s epic THOR saga reaches a crescendo that explodes across the Marvel Universe! 

My War Of The Realms guide is also up, which can help you figure out which version (hardcover or paperback) you need.

Wolverine by Benjamin Percy volume 1

The best is back! Wolverine has been through a lot. He’s been a hero and a killer. An X-Man and an Avenger. He’s been to hell and back. Now as the nation of Krakoa brings together all mutantkind, can Wolverine finally be…happy? Or, now that he finally has everything he ever wanted, does he suddenly have everything to lose? Old enemies cause new problems, including Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike, Sabretooth and Dr. Cornelius – but Logan must make an unlikely alliance when he faces the relentless evil that is Dracula! And the Flower Cartel has enlisted the deadliest foe of all: Wolverine himself?! Plus: A mysterious foe is making moves against the former members of Team X, leaving bodies in their wake – which leads to a difficult reunion between Logan and his old ally Maverick!

Again, if you have been collecting Dawn Of X, then you won’t need this. If you’re doing teams, then be warned that this collects issues 1-5 and 8-12, issues 6 and 7 are in X Of Swords.

Wolverine Weapon X by Barry Windsor-Smith

WOLVERINE: WEAPON X is the character-defining origin of the man known only as Logan. Written, illustrated and colored by auteur creator and master storyteller Barry Windsor-Smith, it is undeniably one of the greatest Wolverine stories ever told. After being taken hostage by an experimental Canadian military science outfit, Logan is transformed into Weapon X, an unstoppable killing machine with an indestructible Adamantium skeleton and razor-sharp claws. But Weapon X cannot be contained by his captors – and trapped in their lab with the monster they have made, they will face his feral wrath! It’s a psychedelic horror story in the mold of Frankenstein, newly restored from original art and print sources for this stunning oversized edition!

Not the full origin of Wolverine, but at least the all-important back story as to how he became Weapon X and got his infamous claws.

And that’s everything that’s coming out this week! Who else is putting Marvel’s Voices on their TBR? Tell me down in the comments below!

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