Marc Spector Character Profile


Name: Marc Spector

Superhero Name: Moon Knight

Created By: Doug Moench and Don Perlin

Marc Spector training panel from Moon Knight volume 5 (2008) by Mark Texeira

Played By: Oscar Isaac

Powers: Due to his connection with the God Khonshu, Marc’s mind has been enhanced. It’s not clear just how enhanced his brain is, but it is strong enough to resist psychic attacks. Marc also is technically immortal, as Khonshu brings him back to life every time he dies. Marc is also an expert in martial arts and weaponry, he is multilingual, and when he is under the light of the full moon, he can lift up to two tons in weight.

Mini Bio: Marc was raised in Chicago with his parents and his brother Randall. His father was a rabbi who had managed to escape Hitler in World War II, but he and his family still faced discrimination years later. Randall was bullied at school due to his father being a rabbi, and Marc always defended him, which brought disapproval from their father, who wanted his sons to focus on education, not violence.

As a child, Marc found out that a close family friend was really a serial killer whose victims were Jewish, and he tried to stop him. The man disappeared without a trace, but the trauma caused Marc to develop Dissociative Identity Disorder, which brought in his two main alters, Steven Grant and Jake Lockley.

Concerned about this, Marc’s parents sent him to a psychiatric hospital. He was only allowed out to attend his father’s funeral, and when he heard Khonshu’s voice, he ran away. From there Marc joined the Marines and served for three years. He was discharged when his D.I.D. was discovered. From there he joined the CIA, and after he left the agency, he became a mercenary with his friend, Frenchie Duchamp.

While on a mission in Eygpt, Marc was fatally wounded, and he was laid in front of the idol of Khonshu, where his spirit interacted with the god. The two came to a deal – Khonshu would bring Marc back to life, in exchange for Marc’s services.

Since then, Marc has worked as a vigilante and as an Avenger on occasion, he mostly stays out of more cosmic events but has been known to help out when he is needed. What sets him apart from the rest of the Avengers is the fact that he does not pull his punches, and he is known for his use of violence in a fight. He has brutally maimed and killed his enemies in the past, and once, famously ripped the face off of an enemy.

First Comic Appearance: Werewolf By Night issue 32 (1975)

Most Common Team Ups: Avengers, Defenders, Midnight Sons, US Marines.

Comic Recommendations: Werewolf By Night (1975) by Doug Moench, Moon Knight (2016) by Jeff Lemire


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