6th April Marvel Comic Releases

Another week, another New Comic Book Day, and there’s a LOT being released today!

Single Issues:

X-Men Red by Al Ewing

The mutants of Arakko spent millennia scarred by war – but on what was once called Mars, they’re learning to live in peace. STORM knows the red planet needs something greater than a queen. But ABIGAIL BRAND has other plans, along with an unstable VULCAN on her side and CABLE keeping his own secrets. Welcome to X-MEN RED. It’s a new world…and someone has to fight for it.

As always, make sure you’re caught up with all things X-Men (part two, part three) before reading this. I’d also recommend having a basic knowledge of Abigail Brand as well (to be honest, there isn’t much to know, further than the fact that’s she’s S.W.O.R.D.’s answer to Nick Fury).

X-Force Annual by Nadia Shammas


X-FORCE operates on the fringes of Krakoan society, undertaking the covert ops and dirty jobs the X-MEN can’t handle. So who better a  target for enemies of mutantkind? ORCHIS makes their deadly move, as WOLVERINE, DOMINO and KID OMEGA are lured into a death trap designed to alter the mutants’ destiny! The next wave of X-FORCE adventures begins – and possibly ENDS – here!

Same advice as above!

Marauders by Steve Orlando


Captain Pryde and the Marauders are rededicating themselves to rescuing mutants, wherever they may be, and no matter how dangerous the odds against them are. But Captain Pryde’s crew is not yet complete! Against her better judgment, Pryde comes face-to-face with the final Marauder: Cassandra Nova! One of the most infamous villains in mutant history might be the Marauders’ only chance to unravel a mystery stretching two billion years into the past!

Again, same advice.

Deadpool: Bad Blood by Rob Leifeld, Chris Sims and Chad Bowers

Deadpool’s smash-hit, first-ever original graphic novel – now serialized in comics form! Wade Wilson has been shooting, stabbing and otherwise annoying people for a long time. He’s made a lot of enemies. But one he just can’t quite place is the brutal Thumper, who keeps showing up out of the blue to pound him into jelly. What is Deadpool’s past connection to this beefy face masher? Wade has as much of a clue as you do! So he decides to call in some help from an old friend: Domino! Superstar co-creator of the Merc with a Mouth, Rob Liefeld, tells his greatest Deadpool tale yet!

This is a reprint of the 2017 Deadpool run, so if you collected it when it was originally released, you don’t need to get this.

Spider-Punk by Cody Ziglar

•  HOBIE BROWN is THE ANARCHIC SPIDER-PUNK – set to protect EARTH-138 with his ax in hand and his chaotic band of punk rockin’ heroes backing him!
•  NORMAN OSBORN is dead, but will the chaos he’s created be too much for Spider-Punk and gang to handle?
•  Feel the vibes as CODY ZIGLAR (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and JUSTIN MASON bring you the jams when “BANNED IN DC” begins here!

Spider-Punk’s first solo series! His previous appearance was the Spider-Geddon event.

Captain Marvel Annual by Torunn Gronbekk

Captain Marvel…behind bars?! Carol has gotten herself into an intergalactic scale of trouble with the K’rasky military and now she’s locked up in their city-like prison…with the Starjammers. Will they be able to blast their way out? Or will they be lost to the authoritarian labyrinth of K’rasky law?

I’d recommend having a lot of previous Captain Marvel knowledge for this, as well as at least a basic understanding of who the Starjammers are too.

Bind Ups:

Avengers Tech-On by Jim Zub

Here come the Iron Avengers! When the Red Skull unleashes a strange new force that strips heroes of their powers and threatens the entire world, the Avengers must turn to Tony Stark’s experimental new technology to save us all. Sleek, high-tech power suits bristling with energy and amped-up attack capabilities face off against super villains enhanced to match! Venom is super-sized, super-charged and out of control, Loki is imbued with Infinity Shard energy, an army of Ultrons descends on Japan and a Kaiju-scale Scream symbiote goes on the rampage! It’s mechs and mayhem in the mighty Marvel manner!

This isn’t in the main Avengers continuity if I remember rightly, so you should be able to dive right into this!

Mighty Marvel Masterworks Mighty Thor Volume 2: The Invasion Of Asgard by Stan Lee

The stories that built the Marvel Universe, from the brilliant minds of legendary creators – now available in an accessible new format the whole family can enjoy! As Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Asgardian saga kicks into high gear, witness the evolution of Thor and the introduction of more of his classic cast of characters! In this volume, you’ll behold the return of Zarrko the Tomorrow Man, the Cobra and Mister Hyde – while witnessing the debuts of the Enchantress, the Executioner and the Grey Gargoyle! And to top it all off, Thor battles the mutant master of magnetism, Magneto – and renews rivalries with his trickster brother, Loki, alongside Doctor Strange! Plus: Titanic “Tales of Asgard” reveal the untold history of the Norse gods! 

The first volume in this kid friendly series is called The Vengeance Of Loki!.

Secret Invasion: Meet The Skrulls by Robbie Thompson

The Warners are your typical American family. Dad works at Stark Enterprises. Mom works in a senator’s office. The girls are students at Stamford High. The only thing that makes them different is…they’re shape-shifting alien Skrulls who have infiltrated our society to pave the way for invasion! But what could leave them as a house divided? And will the mysterious Man in the Hat be their exterminator – or their salvation? Plus: Meet the Skrulls all over again in the aliens classic first encounter with the Fantastic Four, as well as more momentous events in Skrull history – including the Super Skrull’s debut, the Kree/Skrull War and the final fate of their Throneworld! 

If you want to know more about the Skrulls, or know their origins, or even just know why the Kree/Skrull war is happening before Secret Invasion airs, this is the bind up for you, as it answers all those questions!

Moon Knight Legacy Complete Collection by Max Bemis

A new day is dawning – and with it comes an enemy unlike any Marc Spector has ever faced! Moon Knight has always been a protector from the shadows, but the Sun King is out to extinguish those shadows with blinding light and fire. Meanwhile, a man called The Truth is driving people to suicide. Thank goodness Marc has his personalities under control! (He does have them under control, right?) The Sun King and Bushman hit Marc where it hurts the most, Jake Lockley’s dark secret is revealed and Marc Spector’s true origin is uncovered! But what traumatic event from his past will shape Moon Knight’s future? As psychotic killers, the horrific Collective and Moon Knight’s oldest nemesis all threaten to eclipse him, Marc must face his demons if his legacy is to survive!

Not for new fans of Moon Knight after the first episode of the new Disney Plus show – I’ve got a character profile with a few recommendations up so far, but I’ll have more and more up in the coming weeks!

Venom Volume 1: Recursion by Al Ewing

One blockbuster era gives way to another! Symbiotic writing team Al Ewing and Ram V join superstar artist Bryan Hitch to unleash their vision of Venom! Together, they will push Eddie and Dylan Brock to their limits – and as everything Dylan has come to know and love unravels around him, he begins to realize the terrible truth about his new “other.” The Venom symbiote is not a harmless pet, no matter how much it pretends to be one. It’s an alien. A dangerous, violent, often bloodthirsty alien. Whatever bond it had with Dylan’s father, Eddie – as special as it may have been – is now gone. And Dylan might be gone soon too. Because the villainous Life Foundation is back, led by the insidious Carlton Drake – and they have the new Venom square in their sights! 

This follows on from Donny Cates’ Venom, so you should probably read those first.

Thor Epic Collection: War Of The Gods by Len Wein and Steve Englehart

Volume #8 in the Thor Epic Collections
Writer Len Wein lifts Mjolnir aloft and rallies forth the armies of Asgard! When the Time-Twisters seek to destroy Earth, Thor embarks on an adventure with Zarrko the Tomorrow Man. It’s a battle through time (with dinosaurs!) that will astonish you to the end! Then, Thor fights the Firelord in the jungles of Latin America, and only Jane Foster can save him! The Warriors Three ramble off on a solo adventure, while Thor returns to Asgard to face the one and only Mangog! Their battle will rage across the length and breadth of the Fabled Realm – and take Thor to Hel in a quest to save Odin! Also featuring new “Tales of Asgard,” Thor vs. Ulik the Troll and a giant-sized Annual epic with Hercules!

The previous seven volumes are: The God Of Thunder, When Titans Clash, The Wrath Of Odin, To Wake The Mangog, The Fall Of Asgard, Into The Dark Nebula and Ulik Unchained.

And that’s everything coming out this week! What’s on your pull list? For me, I’m looking into Spider-Punk and Meet The Skrulls!

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