Steven Grant (Moon Knight) Character profile

Moon Knight’s first episode just dropped on Disney Plus today, so it’s time to get to know Steven that bit better!

Name: Steven Grant

Superhero Name: N/A

Created By: Doug Moench and Don Perlin

Steven Grant panel from Moon Knight issue 1 (1980) by Bill Sienkiewicz

Played By: Oscar Isaac

Powers: None

Mini Bio: Steven Grant is an alter for the character/hero Marc Spector/Moon Knight. Marc has a condition known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, meaning he has several personalities, one of whom is Steven.

He first came into being when Marc was a child and has been with him ever since. Steven has amassed a fortune over the years through certain investments and business ventures, making him a millionaire. He owns a mansion and has used his fortune to help Marc create weaponry to help fight crime. Generally, he leaves the crime-fighting to Marc and instead focuses on the business side of their life.

First Comic Appearance: Moon Knight volume 1 (1975) by Doug Moench

Most Common Team-Ups: None

Comic Recommendations: Moon Knight volume 1 (1975) by Doug Moench, Moon Knight (2016) by Jeff Lemire

And that’s all I have on Steven Grant, I will be doing other profiles for Marc, and any other relevant personalities, in the coming weeks, but I wanted to start with Steven, as he’s who we’re mostly following throughout this first episode. I would have made posts for everyone today, but where’s the fun in taking the mystery out of things?


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