16th March Marvel Comic Releases

Another week, another new comic book day, another selection of new releases to go through!

Single Issues:

Carnage by Ram V.


RAM V has carved a perfect home for himself in the symbiote corner of the Marvel U, and in this all-new ongoing series starring Venom’s most notorious offspring, that corner is about to get a little bit bigger…and bloodier!

After the revelations of CARNAGE FOREVER, and in a year that’s set to be a celebration of all things CARNAGE, this is one symbiote story you cannot afford to miss!

You definitely need to know a fair bit about Carnage before going into this. As it says, you also need to have read Carnage Forever, but I’d also recommend going through Donny Cates’ Venom, Carnage and King In Black run.

Demon Days: Blood Fued by Peach Momoko


At the end of the road, Mariko Yashida finally meets the one who’s been hunting her: a silver-clad swordswoman named Ogin, who’s also Mariko’s sister! Will Mariko have to cross blades with her own flesh and blood, or will Ogin’s giant, green bodyguard smash Mariko to pieces first? The stakes are high and the emotions are higher in this epic conclusion to the DEMON DAYS SAGA by STORMBREAKER PEACH MOMOKO!

As this is the final part in this saga, you’ll need to have read the rest of Peach Momoko’s Demon Days Saga.

Eternals: The Heretic by Kieron Gillen

Thanos is now ruler of the Eternals! But believe it or not…he’s actually not the worst leader that the Eternals’ society has ever seen. No, that honor belongs to someone even more horrific. Thanos is evil, yes, but who was the original evil from whom all Eternal evils descend? Meet Uranos, the Undying. And may the Celestials have mercy on your souls.

The next part in Kieron Gillen’s Eternals run, I’ll have a guide up once a few bind ups have started being published, for those who are confused with the reading order! For now, check out my guide to the Eternals and good starting places for the team!

Reckoning War: Trial Of The Watcher by Dan Slott

• In all of the Multiverse, there is only one “What If” world that Uatu has avoided watching – one “What If” that he never wished to see.
•  And now it will be revealed – The story that could damn him for all time… and a revelation that could change everything in this universe.
•  Guest starring the Fantastic Four, Galactus and the Silver Surfer.

Part of Dan Slott’s Reckoning War, so make sure you’re all caught up with that before reading this (as well as making sure you know who The Watcher is!).

Bind Ups:

Women Of Marvel by Mariko Tamaki and more

Who runs the world? You already know! Now, celebrate the Women of Marvel as an astonishing array of writers and artists from across the comic book and entertainment fields unite to make theirs Marvel – in stories featuring super hero sensations from She-Hulk to Gamora, Jean Grey to Rogue and Medusa to…Peggy Carter, Captain America?! And we didn’t forget to bring on the bad girls – including Mystique, Hela and Lady Deathstrike! Even some of the guys are allowed to join the fun! The acclaimed WOMEN OF MARVEL one-shot is collected together with Marvel’s first-ever series made completely by women
creators, 2010’s GIRL COMICS – plus a gallery of Jen Bartel’s gorgeous Women’s History Month variant covers! 

If you’re a fan of the women of Marvel, then this is a must read!

Reign Of X Volume 10 by Leah Williams and more

New beginnings in the Reign of X! X-Factor’s Boneyard HQ is haunted, and the answer to their problem can be found…in the Mojoverse?! Meanwhile, as preparations for the Hellfire Gala come to a head, Ororo’s eyes are pointed toward a future that takes her off the seas and over the horizon! Looking after Krakoa’s considerable fortunes, Monet St. Croix and Warren Worthington are CXOs of X-Corp. Which of the brightest minds in mutantkind will they recruit? And in the new Eden of Krakoa, Nightcrawler searches for serpents in the garden and fights for the souls of mutantkind!

The next part in the Reign Of X series, so make sure you’re all caught up with all things Dawn Of X (part two) first!

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus Volume 1

Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman revamps and redefines Marvel’s First Family in a sweeping saga across time, space and reality! And it all begins when Mister Fantastic decides to solve everything! As the team contends with Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign, an older Franklin arrives from the future with an ominous warning! And as the Fantastic Four fight the War of the Four Cities, Reed Richards assembles a band of genius youngsters. But when Nathaniel Richards returns, Galactus rises and a new Annihilation Wave threatens to invade from the Negative Zone, tragedy suddenly strikes. Grieving, the surviving members of the Fantastic Four dissolve the team – but from its ashes will rise the Future Foundation! Guest-starring Spider-Man, Doctor Doom, Namor and the Inhumans!

An omnibus of a fan favourite Fantastic Four run, which also ties into Dark Reign (part two), and gives appearances from Kang The Conqueror and a lot of others! Some people have used this as their first Fantastic Four comic, but there’s a fair amount of knowledge required to read this, so I’ll let you be the judge!

Hawkeye Kate Bishop: Team Spirit by Kelly Thompson and The McElroys

Marvel Boy is back in Kate Bishop’s life, and his timing couldn’t be worse! Will his arrival throw a wrench into Kate’s less-than-well-oiled team of West Coast Avengers? Probably! Meanwhile, something foul is afoot in the City of Angels, courtesy of the newly formed Masters of Evil West Coast! Kate and your other favorite Hawkeye must lead the fight to save the “chosen one” – America Chavez! Then, with Earth under siege, Kate joins new allies – Miles “Spider-Man” Morales, Wonder Man, Balder the Brave, Sebastian Druid and Death Locket – for a journey into mystery through the War of the Realms! But can they save Earth’s only hope: Thor’s kid sister?! Prepare to suffer the slings and arrows of a truly legendary adventure in babysitting!

I’d definitely want to read all the characters mentioned before reading this, or at least having basic knowledge of them. I’d also recommend reading West Coast Avengers first.

Death Of Doctor Strange by Jed MacKay

The final saga of Doctor Strange! He is the Master of the Mystic Arts. Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. A one-man barrier protecting our world from all the nightmares, demons and warlords out there in dimensions beyond our comprehension. So what happens when Doctor Strange is murdered? As his friends mourn – and his enemies rage at having been deprived of the killing blow – dark forces set their sights on an unprotected Earth. The Avengers, the Fantastic Four…all of our mightiest heroes are woefully out of their depth. Now, as the world’s remaining magicians race to protect our world from an unimaginable sorcerous threat, one very surprising investigator must unravel the mystery of Doctor Strange’s murder. But can he do it before his own time runs out?

Published sooner than I expected, but here’s the bind up of Death Of Doctor Strange! I’d recommend having prior knowledge of Doctor Strange and everyone else mentioned in the synopsis first (I’d also recommend knowing at least a bit about Clea Strange too!), just to give you the full impact of this story!

Death Of Doctor Strange Companion by Alex Paknadel and more

Doctor Strange is dead! And without Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme to hold back the darkness at the edges of reality, the world is suddenly under siege from all kinds of mystical threats. Now, as an unexpected investigator races against the clock to solve Doctor Strange’s murder, it’s up to the rest of the heroes of the Marvel Universe – from Spider-Man to Blade to White Fox to Elsa Bloodstone, plus the students of the Strange Academy and an uncanny alliance between the X-Men and Black Knight – to pick up the shattered pieces! Can they combat magical incursions and keep the Earth safe while the mystery is unraveled? 

An expansion on the Death Of Doctor Strange and how it affects the rest of the Marvel Universe, so I’d recommend the same advice as above!

And that’s everything coming out this week! What’s on your pull list? I’m definitely leaning towards The Death Of Doctor Strange and its Companion!

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