5 Black Marvel Comic Authors To Read

We’re heading towards the end of Black History Month, and I wanted to highlight some Black comic authors that you should all be reading!

Eve Ewing

Champions: Outlawed by Eve Ewing

I will scream about Eve Ewing’s comic work until the cows come home because I adore it so much! So far, she’s only written for Ironheart and Champions so far, but her work is brilliantly heartfelt, and made me love the characters within minutes!

Vita Ayala

Children Of The Atom by Vita Ayala

Vita has been making a name for themselves in the comic world for a while, but they’re probably most known for their X-Men work. Recently, they’ve been working on the New Mutants and Children Of The Atom, and have also worked on Heroes Reborn, Champions and Wolverine: Red, White And Black, and all of it has been brilliant. New Mutants has been one of my favourite parts of Dawn Of X, and I cannot wait to see more of their work!

Robert Morales

Truth: Red, White And Black by Robert Morales

I’ve spoken a lot on my social media accounts about Truth: Red, White And Black, and I’ve mentioned it a bit when talking about Isaiah Bradley, but I don’t think I’ve spoken about this comic enough. Isaiah’s story is so important – especially considering parts of his story are based on real-life events. It is a very, very tough read, and I would recommend looking up trigger warnings before reading it, but this work is masterfully done.

David Walker

Nighthawk by David Walker

David Walker has written for a wide variety of Marvel comics – he’s worked on Luke Cage, Deadpool, the Occupy Avengers run and Nighthawk, and comes very highly recommended. If you’re looking for a Marvel comic that focuses on police brutality, Nighthawk is definitely the one to read!

Roxane Gay

World Of Wakanda by Roxane Gay

Roxane Gay has only written one Marvel comic, but I have to mention it here. It’s called World Of Wakanda, and focuses on Ayo and Aneka, two of the Dora Milaje, who are lovers who try to change the traditions of their country. I’ll put a small disclaimer here and say that this was not my favourite comic in the world, but I had to shout out Roxane anyway because I know a lot of people do love this story. What I do love of hers though, is the non-Marvel comic The Banks, which is an absolutely fantastic contemporary about a family who heists against rich people!

And that’s my top 5 Black Marvel Comic Authors – who’s your favourite? Do you want me to do another list like this? Tell me down below in the comics!

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