Marvel Comic Couples You May Not Know About

It was Valentines Day this last Monday, so today I thought I’d celebrate by giving you some information on some Marvel Comic couples you may not know about!

Carol and Rhodey

Panel from Captain Marvel issue 22 by Lee Garbett

Carol and Rhodey’s relationship is a recently new addition to the comic canon, and it created a big moment in Civil War II. Their relationship is also a central part of the latest Captain Marvel series until they broke up due to the mission they were involved in.

As for the MCU, I doubt that the two will get together, due to the age difference between Don Cheadle and Brie Larson.

For more of their comic relationship, I’d recommend reading Civil War II by Brian Michael Bendis.

Wiccan and Hulking

Panel from Empyre issue 4 by Valerio Schiti

You’ll know Billy from WandaVision (he’s one of Wanda and Visions twins!), but he’s most known in the comics as the Young Avenger, Wiccan! Hulking, aka Teddy Altman, is his fellow Young Avenger, and the two have been together since the first issue.

They’ve had a few ups and downs over the years, but most recently, they got married during the Empyre storyline. They had a rushed, secret wedding before Empyre really kicked off, and then a second, more public, royal wedding in front of the Alliance.

It’s unclear if their relationship will be brought into the MCU in the future, but with Hulkling’s heritage and the incoming Secret Wars TV show, it is likely that the character’s will at least meet.

To read more about their relationship, I recommend reading Young Avengers by Allen Heinberg.

Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller

X-Men issue 40 cover by Andy Kubert and Matthew Ryan

If you’re a fan of the show Legion (starring Dan Stevens), you’ll know this story already. But, if you don’t, let me give you a brief overview. Charles Xavier met Gabrielle Haller after World War II, when she was a catatonic patient in a psychiatric ward, and Charles was there, hoping to help people using his powers. He woke her from her catatonic state, and during her recovery, they fell in love.

Sadly, the relationship didn’t last long, and the two ended the relationship amicably. But, what Charles did not know at the time of the split, was that Gabrielle was pregnant with his child at the time. The child was a son, named David Haller, who later became the extremely powerful mutant Legion.

If you want to read more about their romance, I recommend Legion Quest by Scott Lobdell.

And that’s my comic couples you may not know about! Who were you most surprised by? Let me know down in the comments!

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