All The Comic Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Part Two

Happy New Year everyone – let’s celebrate with all the comic easter eggs in Hawkeye episodes 4-6! If you haven’t read my post of Hawkeye easter eggs for episodes 1-3, then it’s right here.

And obviously, spoilers for Hawkeye episode 4-6!

Episode 4

Clint’s Coin Trick

Clint and Kate practice the coin trick in episode 4

This is a reference to, you guessed it, Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye run! Clint’s older brother Barney taught him the trick in the comic, while in the show, Clint teaches Kate.

Boomerang Arrows

Kate discussing boomerang arrows in episode 4

Clint and Kate have a similar conversation in the Matt Fraction Hawkeye run, only the opinions are the opposite way round.

Kate’s T-Shirt

Kate in Hawkeye the tv and the Matt Fraction Hawkeye run wearing the same t-shirt design

Another comic reference – Kate’s t-shirt design is lifted straight out of the comics.

Wendy The Police Officer

Wendy Conrad holding her Bombshell bag in episode 4

Wendy Conrad the police officer is Bombshell Hawkeye Issue #3 from 1983.

Yelena’s mask

Yelena wearing her mask in episode 4

Yelena‘s mask is a near-exact copy of the mask of Yelena’s stealth gear in the comics.

Episode 5

Kingpin Orders Echo‘s Dad Killed

Maya as a child with her father

Part of Echo’s origin story is that Kingpin orders her dad killed, making her think Daredevil did it. This was then changed for the show, so Clint was the killer, though the hit was still ordered by Kingpin.

Handing The Arrow To Each Other

Kate handing Clint an arrow in the street in episode 5

Clint and Kate handing arrows to each other is another iconic shot from the comics.

Eleanor Is Evil

Eleanor and Kingpin on CCTV in episode 5

Eleanor is alined with Kingpin in the show, in the comics she’s alined with various villains, including Madam Masque

Episode 6

Fisk’s Outfit

Fisk in his comic accurate costume in episode 6

While we’re used to Fisk being in black suits, in Hawkeye episode 6, he takes a more comic accurate suit. Specifically, the suit he’s wearing, and the cane he’s using, is taken from Mark Waid’s Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business.

More Trick Arrows

Arrow panels in Hawkeye comics

Even more comic references with trick arrows!

Kate Gets Her Comic Accurate Costume

Kate’s new costume

The live-action version is missing the holes at the hips, but it’s still rather accurate to the comics!

Clint’s Comic Accurate Costume

Clint’s comic costume

Clint also gets a comic accurate upgrade, and this time there appears to be no changes!

Maya Attacks Kingpin

Panel where Maya shoots Kingpin

Maya shooting Kingpin is another comic adaption. In Daredevil 1998, Maya finds out that Kingpin ordered the hit on her father and shoots him. But, he doesn’t die – he is only blinded temporarily. I suspect the same thing will be happening in MCU canon – Marvel aren’t about to kill Kingpin after just getting him back!

Laura Is Mockingbird

Laura’s agent 19 watch in episode 6

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot, the back of the watch Clint’s been looking for this whole series shows the number 19 under the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo. Number 19 is an agent number in the comics, and is specifically the number of Mockingbird, aka Bobbi Morse, aka Clint’s comic wife! Now, Laura clearly isn’t Bobbi (she’s a character from Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and is quite frankly a badass), but it’s entirely possible that the MCU is changing Mockingbird from a singular person to a mantel that’s passed down. Either way, Laura Barton used to be the hero Mockingbird, which is where she met Clint and the two fell in love, just as Clint and Bobbi do in the comics.

And that’s all the comic easter eggs in Hawkeye episode 4-6! What was your favourite, tell me down below!


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